Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites for Free And Accurate Tarot Readers


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Tarot card reading is a spiritual practice that requires authentic mystic and spiritual skills. Moreover, the accuracy of a tarot reading solely depends upon the level of one’s expertise, which is why it is best to be careful when choosing an online psychic tarot reader.

Life is a chain of unpredictable events, where you never know what might happen from one second to the next. The inconsistency makes it incredibly challenging to fight the waves lurking on every blind turn. Whether you’re worried about your career, family status, love life, or an entirely different matter, an online tarot reading can be a game-changer for your present and future endeavors.

On the whole, we can classify people into two distinct categories. The first bracket consists of individuals who believe in spiritual guidance. They consider tarot reading as a medium to converse on another level with the universe through mystic powers. On the other hand, the second group is more or less labeled as ‘cynics.’ These naysayers associate tarot card reading with terms like black magic and occult rituals.

Therefore, if you’re here in search of the best tarot reading sites online, it’s safe to assume you are someone who has complete faith in divine intervention, hence belonging in the first category. It might also be true that you don’t mind viewing the world through an eccentric telescope since it’s one of those things in your life that has helped you overcome a great many obstructions and hurdles in life. So, knowing which platform to turn to for accurate predictions is crucial whether you’re seeking love tarot reading to find your happily ever after or want to thrive in your career by enriching your journey with psychic guidance.

To help you out, we’ve articulated this guidepost so you could get a head start in this unpredictable game of life with reliable online tarot card reading services by your side.

However, before we go over our top three suggestions in detail, let us offer a brief overview to state what makes these websites our priority choices, to begin with:

Best 3 Sites to Receive Free and Accurate Tarot Card Reading Online

Kasamba – The #1 Choice for a Tarot Reading by Psychic Experts (First 3 consultation minutes are free of cost + get 70% off on the leftover session)

Psychic Source – An Excellent Choice for Interactive Tarot Card Readings (The first 3 consultation minutes are free of cost + get each ten-minute interval afterward for $10 only.)

Keen Psychics – A Budget-Friendly Pick for Accurate Tarot Readings Online (For new clients: The first 10 minutes of consultation are treated as a trial run, charged at $1.99 only)

If you still aren’t sold about which service to choose for turning your life around with online tarot card reading, don’t dwell on it yet. We understand this decision is best taken after acute consideration and not to be made in a hurry. Therefore, to help you make the best choice among our delineated three suggestions, refer to the section below that reflects the benefits each service provides to those seeking answers.

Kasamba – A Trusted Platform to Unravel Your Future with 100% Confidence

Kasamba has been playing a leading role in the world of online tarot card reading for several decades now. Case in point, many experienced tarot card readers working here have been associated with the said platform for many long years. Some of these experts are even closing on their forty years of providing undeterred mystic services, which further proves how Kasamba has made an unchallenged mark in the industry.

The expertise offered at Kasamba is also the most pronounced one among the clients, thanks to their all-accessible and modern modes of communication. You get to utilize their psychic services from anywhere around the world via phone, chat, email, and video consultations in a matter of clicks.

Furthermore, clients appreciate the privacy offered on this platform with encrypted log-in details and an easy registration process that ensures 100% confidentiality. Therefore, when a consumer is most worried about keeping their identity under wraps, this is the place they lean toward to connect with a psychic expert. You’re welcome to maintain your anonymity using only your initials and astrological details to get authentic live tarot readings.

Most importantly, the platform strives to hire only the best tarot card readers by setting up a rigorous screening process for all candidates. This process ensures all mystic advisors registered on Kasamba are certified practitioners and come with years of experience and credible referrals. Ultimately, you can expect nothing but their A-game during each virtual and audio session.

Kasamba Price Plan for Online Tarot Reading

Kasamba offers a special deal to new customers by providing the first three minutes of consultation free of cost. The rest of the session is charged at $1 per minute. However, the newcomer package deal also includes a 70% discount on the initial session that comes into effect after benefitting from the standard free minutes.

Still, you should note that the base price per minute might also vary from psychic to psychic. For instance, some premium psychics charge extra dollars for their experience and high ratings. Therefore, it’s best to read the customer reviews to ensure you’re picking the right tarot card reader that’s worth your money. The best part is that you can demand a full refund if the psychic of your choice doesn’t meet your expectations.

The Best Features About Kasamba

  • Clients get the opportunity to connect with a global network of tarot card readers online.
  • You can choose any mode of communication for an online tarot reading, including phone psychics, chat, email, and real-time video consultations.
  • 24/7 customer support service is available to clients
  • Free horoscope reading every day.
  • The first three minutes of tarot reading are free of cost for new clients.
  • New clients also get 70% off on their first complete session.
  • Clients have the option to ask for a full refund if their psychic’s skills don’t meet their expectations.

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Psychic Source – Your Online Confidante to Get Clarity In Life

Psychic Source initially entered the field of mystics as a free tarot card reading online service. They catered to an endless chain of clients who would call in and ask for financial advice, love tarot reading, and other life-related daily predictions.

Now, years later, Psychic Source has unsurprisingly managed to maintain its successful streak, offering multiple physic services to thousands of customers. Their experienced team of psychics promises 100% privacy to clients so they can open up about their life struggles and insecurities on this platform with complete confidentiality.

Practicing a strict recruitment policy also works in their favor since this is primarily what has led their organization to acquire a solid customer base. By entertaining only those professionals with credible references and genuine skills, Psychic Source has created a reputation for bagging the top-tier practitioners in the field of mysticism and online tarot reading.

Moreover, the customer support representatives available 24/7 to assist online clients can be blindly trusted to resolve all issues, including answering registration queries and invoice inquiries and tending to technical glitches. The ‘Psychic Tool’ present on their website adds to clients’ further convenience since it matches them to the best psychics according to their unique expectations.

Consequently, several consumers save time and energy when they have a reliable and customizable feature to depend upon that can connect them with authentic mystic advisors in a few clicks. Plus, the cashback and refund policy for unsatisfied clients takes the cake since this option isn’t usually available on most online psychic sites except for the few top-rankers.

Psychic Source Price Plan for Online Tarot Reading

Psychic Source offers tarot reading online free service to new users for the first three minutes. Once you’ve connected with your choice of psychic, the rest of the session is charged at $1.99 for every ten-minute interval. Not to mention, newcomers benefit from discount deals for their initial session, which costs them significantly less comparatively.

Psychic Source also keeps its loyal customers happy by offering them seasonal deals, value packages, and exclusive discount offers. It’s still best to know that the sessions after your first consultation can cost you more than other psychic sites. However, if you want the most accurate tarot readings online, this is a downside you must deal with.

The Best Features About Psychic Source

  • Psychic Source offers an extended network of globally recognized tarot card readers and spiritual advisors.
  • Clients can receive detailed tarot card readings online, including dream interpretation and spiritual life advice.
  • Anyone can sign up for a free tarot reading online via phone, chat, and video consultation.
  • 24/7 customer support service is available to clients to discuss real-time issues or address registration queries.
  • New clients benefit from free tarot readings for the first three minutes.
  • After the initial free session, you are charged $1.99 for each ten-minute interval.
  • New clients are given discount deals on their complete first consultation session.
  • The platform is known for delivering safe and verified methods to clients for making transactions and registering online.

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Keen – An Interactive Space to Tend to All Life Matters

We might be discussing Keen Psychics in third place, but don’t let the ranking deceive you into thinking it’s not as good a platform as the rest. This is the best overall choice if you’re not updated about the technical aspects of tarot card reading online or are worried about the pricing structure. In short, the user-friendly interface this platform provides makes your transition into the online and virtual sector go a lot smoother than other top psychic hotlines.

Using this well-known platform, you can receive online tarot readings through different mediums, including phone calls, chats, and even email messages. Keen also offers multiple other mystics services other than tarot reading when or if you require further consultation. Simply put, you can utilize their psychic platform to receive spiritual guidance from the most experienced and intuitive empaths and gifted psychics, who can help you tend to all matters of life.

It goes with saying that each psychic you encounter on Keen has to go through a proper recruitment process and screening to secure a room in the expert psychics’ network. Furthermore, you can head to their blogs section to understand each type of reading before your appointment. There’s also this unique Life Questions category on their online portal that sets you up with tarot readers who can answer all your troubling and life-altering questions with 100% confidence.

In addition to everything we’ve already delineated, Keen Psychics is the go-to platform for several querents who want online tarot reading services that fall within their budget range. So, whether you’re looking for affordable price plans or authentic testimonials that support psychics’ credibility, you wouldn’t be disappointed either way when opting for this platform.

Keen Psychics Price Plan for Online Tarot Reading

Keen Psychics offers a special deal to new clients looking for a free tarot card reading online. The first ten minutes are treated as a trial session, costing $1.99, while the interested clients who want to carry on with their session can ask for a discount for the remaining interval afterward.

This trial package also applies to other types of psychic readings. However, there could be noticeable price differences as per the psychic’s expertise, skill, and client’s rating. The only downside you might encounter with this price structure is that the international processing fee is usually higher for psychic readings according to each country’s code.

The Best Features About Keen Psychics

  • It’s an inexpensive online tarot card reading service.
  • Keen’s user-friendly interface ensures more straightforward virtual consultations for first-timers.
  • 24/7 customer support is available to clients with self-help options, including a search bar and expertise filter option.
  • Multiple modes of communication are available, including phone, chat, and email messages.
  • Free online horoscope every day.
  • All new clients get the first ten minutes for $1.99 when receiving tarot reading online.
  • The first session can be upgraded upon the client’s request, in which they can avail discount offers for the remaining session.
  • The platform ensures a secure and anonymous payment method.

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What Makes an Online Tarot Card Reading Service More Reliable?

Earlier, it was common for people to travel long miles to reach a renowned psychic and receive a reliable tarot reading. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, now we have the option to ask for spiritual guidance from the comfort of our homes through online mediums. Therefore, instead of searching for “Psychics near me” and struggling to find one with a satisfactory reputation (who might be available a long way from your home), a free session is just a click away.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you prefer a free tarot reading online or an in-person consultation where you’re physically present with the tarot reader. However, you should know there are multiple reasons why several people go for the prior option these days. Once you’re aware of these reasons, you might likely understand how you can benefit way more by taking this route as well.

1- Doorstep Service

As stated earlier, it’s unlikely to find a well-known tarot reader near your area when you require accurate readings. Not to mention, even if you find a local one through word of mouth, it’s entirely possible they don’t have an online presence that you can check for detailed client reviews. When that’s the case, you may have no way of knowing whether the tarot card reader in discussion is a genuine mystic advisor or is only there to rob you of your money.

On the other hand, online psychics depend upon reviews and digital reputation to get more clients their way. Therefore, they can’t have thriving compliments on their profile if they don’t have the necessary skills. Figuring out whether they’re the real deal or not becomes significantly easier this way.

2- Thorough Screening

Furthermore, when choosing reliable sources to find a genuine tarot card reading online service, you don’t have to worry about encountering fake psychics. That’s because renowned online platforms ensure all psychics pass their initial screening test upon getting hired and have a solid portfolio with credible references.

3- More Experience, Less Cost

It’s also worth mentioning that online psychics usually carry more experience in the mystic field. Contrary to physical psychics that you may find working for no more than five to ten years, online mystic advisors have vast experience under their belts. Many of them working on the same platform from the beginning might even have as long as four decades’ worth of experience in tarot reading online.

Moreover, the best thing about online psychics is that even though they have more skills to deliver accurate readings, they typically charge much less for their services comparatively.

4- Online Reviews and Comparisons

Not to forget, you can compare reviews and rates for any tarot reader online until you’re satisfied with their level of experience and testimonials. After initial screening and online evaluation, there’s no further reason left not to trust these tarot readers who can offer you the best possible advice and readings.

5- 24/7 Availability

Lastly, along with a global chain of psychics offering experience, multiple areas of expertise, and budget-friendly session charges, you also get their online services 24/7. Therefore, you don’t have to think about scheduling an appointment at a specific time because of restrictive timing. Instead, you can find your perfect match at any given time according to your availability.

Having said that, as long as you’re informed about genuine psychic and tarot reading sites, you wouldn’t encounter any issue finding an honest mystic advisor who can offer you the most accurate readings.

What Is Precisely A Tarot Reading And How Does It Work?

This supernatural art of tarot card reading primarily falls under a large umbrella of cartomancy. Tarot Card Reading is one of the most prevalent forms of cartomancy that is performed with the help of a deck of 78 divine cards divided into 56 minor Arcana Cards and 22 major Arcana cards. However, tarot card reading has forever been incorrectly viewed as a method that can assist a person in getting the exact future predictions.

Tarot cards reading is not the means through which you can equate to the eventuality or speculate what endures in the approaching time. What it shows people are the powers and divine forces that they are dispensing with at the moment. All kinds of tarot card readings and methods are based on the astronomical forces that encompass us. They embrace us, like our aura, and vary depending upon our temper and the circumstance with which we are dealing at the particular moment.

When a person is accentuated, the impact will be immediately exhibited through the powers. Similarly, when a person is feeling happy or is in a light mood, the forces will reflect that feeling. These perceptions need to be deciphered accurately to assess one’s prevailing cerebral state. It further assists in resolving the source of the intricacy that has been bothering them.

Tarot cards are a surpassing way to communicate and understand the implications of these divine energies. Each tarot card that the experts hold has its distinct energy and a person always chooses a card that calls them. These divine tarot cards match with a person’s energy and urge the person to pick it up. Once a person chooses a tarot reading card, the expert will decipher its meaning as every card in the deck holds a distinctive story to tell. The figures of the tarot cards are based on antiquated narratives that hold mysteries and teachings covered in them.

Only the most skilled and gifted tarot card readers can discern the precise meaning behind these tarot cards and understandably deliver their meanings. Tarot card reading does not foretell the future. It helps a person interpret their prevailing circumstance. Based on the forces that encompass individuals at the moment, they can assist them in putting some light on the route that is most suitable for them.

As mentioned earlier, a tarot card deck normally includes 78 divine cards, which can be additionally classified into 22 Major Arcana tarot cards and 56 Minor Arcana tarot cards. As their names indicate, the major arcana cards must only be employed for significant life-changing choices, such as professional transitions, life teachings, individual growth and so on. The minor arcana cards, on the contrary, are employed for somewhat more minor choices, which do not constitute a compelling influence on one’s life.

These minor arcana tarot reading cards are further classified into 4 different decks:

  • The Suit of Wands – This deck of tarot cards depicts creativity, enthusiasm and impulse and are employed when a person’s occupation, goals and relationships are being considered.
  • The Suit of Pentacles – Also recognized as the deck of coins, this tarot reading deck is employed for monetary choices and questions, such as where to invest funds, whether the prevailing investments will yield profits, acquiring assets such as vehicles or homes and so on.
  • The Suit of Cups – This tarot card reading deck depicts all the choices and perspectives of life that are equated and profoundly affected by a person’s sentiments. It involves love life, relations with colleagues, family members, siblings, friends, coworkers etc. Any difficulties such as slipping apart from your partner, establishing fresh relationships, and so on are handled by this deck.
  • The Suit of Swords – As the name implies, this tarot card reading deck is linked to all the choices which symbolize courage and straightforwardness. Any action which demands experience, talent, decision-making, reasoning and level-headedness is dispensed with by this deck of tarot reading cards.

Once the right deck of tarot cards is chosen by the expert, the tarot cards are laid face down, and the patron is asked to pick one card from them. Once a person picks the card that calls them, the expert then interprets its exact meaning. If the chosen card is from the minor arcana deck, it normally signifies a transient difficulty that will not bequeath a radical and long-lasting impact on the person. However, a card from the major arcana dec implies that an influential life-altering determination or transformation is anticipating to happen.

What Is A Love Tarot Card Reading?

A love tarot reading can primarily be defined as a sub-division of tarot card reading that particularly deals with the issues faced by a person in their love or married life.  A plenitude of individuals across the globe has been encountering problems when it comes to love. Either they cannot attain contentment with their current companion or they are in quest of a companion. With the help of a love tarot card reading, these individuals can get assistance to comprehend which is the most dependable route to fancy so that they can get the love intended for them.

There are diverse ways through which a love tarot card reading can take place. One of them incorporates performing this with a three-card spread. In this process, you need to pick three cards from the Suit. These three cards will symbolise the love that a person has encountered in their life till now, the love that they hold in your life at the very moment, and the love that is fast approaching in their life. In addition, another process includes a six-card love tarot reading spread. It can furnish additional aspects concerning one’s love life as well as consultation regarding how a person can magnify their experience.

Can Free Tarot Card Readings Online Be Trusted?

Free tarot readings are distinct from free trials administered by numerous leading tarot reading online platforms. While these free trials are unquestionably dependable, free tarot readings are slightly more of a gamble. A person might end up with immeasurable results however, there are higher odds of receiving incorrect and machine-generated answers in utterly free tarot reading online.

In addition, numerous free tarot card reading platforms arrive from pre-arranged algorithms of web portals and extend general readings, regardless of the data that the patrons provide. This makes it challenging to believe in these readings. Free services are additionally supported by chatbots rather than real human experts, and hence, their explanations are robotic and computerized.

Also, countless free tarot reading platforms contract novice tarot card readers instead of experts, further lowering the quality of the tarot readings. If a person is just attempting to comprehend how tarot card readings operate or what they necessitate, and need a simplistic initial encounter, they can choose these free tarot card readings. However, if you are looking for prudish, exact and precise answers to your problems, it is always a more reliable and dependable alternative to pick paid tarot card reading sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Safe Is It to Consult with Online Tarot Readers?

For the most part, people new to receiving tarot reading are somewhat hesitant to opt for online services at first. Since they’ve always pictured the image of a tarot reader sitting on the opposite end of the table swiveling over tarot cards, they wonder whether online psychics are nothing but a sham. Case in point, the lack of information pushes a significant portion of clients in the direction of in-person psychics even if they would have preferred to get a tarot reading online due to better convenience.

However, the truth of the matter is that there’s a greater chance of getting scammed by opting for conventional psychics. That’s because most in-person psychics don’t have a substantial online presence that you can review, which is essential when you’re looking for credibility. On the contrary, you’ll see an online psychic’s profile overflowing with testimonials so that clients can get a better understanding of their expertise before getting in touch with them. This also minimizes the chances of scams since unworthy or fake tarot card readers can’t have that many good reviews under their name upon delivering poor performance.

Online psychic service providers always screen each psychic before adding them to their experienced team of tarot experts to prevent scams.

Furthermore, things can’t get safer than when you’re opting for secure payment methods where you can leave your anonymity intact when reaching out to a psychic. This primarily benefits people who don’t want to unveil their identity unnecessarily by stepping into a psychic’s place in person. After all, the lack of confidence could be a deal-breaker for several people when they’re seeking spiritual guidance for sensitive matters.

Lastly, we have to mention that it’s advisable to avoid physical proximity now that we’re dealing with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, going for online tarot reading services is best when that’s a reliable option available to us 24/7.

Q2: How Can I Check for Credibility for an Online Tarot Card Reading Service?

You can always look for a few prominent signs when searching for an authentic tarot card reader online.

First of all, like we mentioned earlier, online tarot reading sites set up each psychic’s profile so you can review it before contacting them. These profiles include their experience, expertise, and testimonials. Therefore, examining and comparing psychics with several excellent reviews under their name makes it easier to evaluate your options and make the final call.

Moreover, all reliable online sites offer a trial or free session to clients upon their initial consultation with a new psychic. This allows you to evaluate their skills without putting a dent in your wallets. On the contrary, websites selling fake services online don’t offer this facility since their only priority is to make the most money out of their clients.

Not to mention, you can also check for a tarot reader’s credibility by reviewing their expertise. Most psychics with true mystic powers prefer using their spiritual knowledge in specific fields rather than juggling multiple mediums. Therefore, suppose you want to receive a love tarot reading to clarify your love life and put things into context. In that case, it’s best to look for a psychic who is primarily known for such specific readings rather than going for an all-rounder. You should remember that even psychics with decades of experience under their belt don’t prefer using their knowledge in a plethora of areas since it distracts their minds.

Q3: What are the Top Alternatives to Tarot Card Reading Online?

Are you looking for mystic advisors that offer services other than online tarot card reading? If so, you should know your options and understand what those entail before choosing a psychic of your preference. In short, a significant part of receiving accurate psychic readings while ensuring 100% satisfaction is to realize which medium fits your criteria the best.

While there are several types of online psychics you can lean toward to sort out your life, our top suggestions include:

1- Astrology – This psychic medium involves studying celestial objects, in which mystic advisors focus on their relative positions and movement to gain insights about one’s present and future affairs.

2- Numerology – This field is often confused with astrology due to its relevance in deep readings. However, numerology primarily involves studying numerical values, which gives psychics ideas about one’s future life based on different attributes.

3- Crystal Reading – Crystal psychics focus on those energies that a person might be surrounded by in their future. This leads the spiritual advisors to guide you on how to work around the positive as well as the negative auras to acquire the best results.

4- Palmistry – Also referred to as palm reading, this well-known psychic field is linked to a person’s past, present, and future life. Clients often utilize this type of psychic reading when they need accurate information about their future careers or love life.

Q4: What Can I Do to Ensure I Get the Most Out of My Online Tarot Reading Session?

Most people think it’s best to ask tarot readers every possible question in their minds in one session to get the most out of it. However, this is not as wise a decision as one might initially imagine. In point of fact, bombarding a psychic with questions without covering one base at a time only ends up working against your favor since it doesn’t give them the necessary time to guide you through all your problems independently.

Also, asking too many open-ended or time-specific questions is not the right way to start online tarot reading sessions. That’s because while mystic advisors can offer you insightful knowledge about your future, tarot readers can’t provide accurate dates, figures, or timelines about any event. Instead, their primary purpose is to prepare you for the upcoming future since they can identify the nature of problems that you might be dealing with in your life.

Wrapping It Up

Online tarot reading is an accessible medium for anyone experiencing hiccups in life. Case in point, you can easily connect with gifted psychics, asking for spiritual guidance, dream interpretation, or even get ideas about upcoming events of life to prepare yourself in advance.

You can use our shortlisted online psychic sites to receive the most accurate and reliable tarot card readings from the safe confinement of your homes. We hope the mystical and spiritual force be with you as you turn to the next page and chapter of your life!