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Psychic reading online have been an integral part of society for ages now. It is natural for human beings to find reason in times of uncertainty and move towards the logical outcomes pointed out by psychic readers. Our ancestors did it, and so do we. It’s only that the modes of contact and communication with psychic readers have changed.

Today, we have online psychics who are readily available to concerned individuals. Regardless of if your concerns are about your job, your professional pursuits, your love life, or your future, good online psychics hear you out and give you the best possible solutions.

Many times, online psychics just confirm what you already know by providing you with a completely new perspective on things. The solutions area is always in front of us, visible to us at all times. All these online psychics do is help break these solutions down for us and help us see them in reality.

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Many people might find it difficult to open up in front of an online psychic reader or share their problems with someone over a virtual connection. You may even have problems with the authenticity of certain sites and would factor in the chance of online psychic scams and fraudsters. Additionally, there are high chances that you might even be duped by an algorithm that delivers generic answers and does not guide you towards the best possible course of action.

Online psychics should help build a sense of understanding within you and generate a better connection with your surroundings. Good psychic readers can help you connect with the cosmic energies surrounding you and deliver the information that you feel you already know, but need authentication. With the visibility of information that is hidden to you, psychic readers can help advise you to glory, instead of letting you down.

If you find yourself in a situation where it is hard to separate the actual online psychic readers from the fraudsters, don’t worry. We have the perfect guide to save you from the doubts and the menacing grip of fake psychic readers.

We help you out by listing down some of the best websites for psychic reading online. Our detailed reviews include the best deals, key features and some of the other reasons why each of these authentic platforms is loved so much by people. We have also interacted with these psychic readers online to be absolutely sure that they are the best fit for you.

Top Online Psychic Readers For 2021

Finding good online psychic readers over the internet is no mean feat. You need to scroll through a number of options and make sure that the reader you deal with isn’t a fraud. To that end, our team has gone through all possible psychics online to mention them for you here. This has allowed us to unearth four of the best in business.

You can find a brief introduction to our top picks below;
1. Kasamba – Overall best rated platform for Psychic Advice, first 3 minutes + 75% discount for New Customers
2. Psychic Source – Ideal for Psychic Advice on Love and Romance, the first 3 minutes + 50% discount for New Customers
3. Keen – Best Place for Spiritual Guidance and Live Readings, Introductory offer:10-minute trial readings for $1.99 only
4. Purple Garden – Rated as the best for transparency, $10 free credit with any purchase for new users

Kasamba: The Best Online Psychic Readings Platform

Kasamba is ranked as one of the most preferred and popular psychic websites online and should be your go-to choice for professional and career-related advice. Kasamba has been in business for over 20 years now and has over 4 million satisfied subscribers that have benefited from the precise psychic readings online offered by the platform.

The platform provides spiritual readings that help light up your way in professional pursuits and open up careers and job opportunities that were previously closed to you. Additionally, the spiritual guidance provided on the platform can help open up doors towards love, new relationships and compatibility with others. Psychic readings online, especially on Kasamba, are performed both live and through emails and chats.

The platform has a host of readers available on it, with each reader screened for preciseness and given a label beside their name. The label helps you determine the exact nature of the reading done by the reader and how you can benefit from it.

Kasamba includes a number of exciting categories within its offerings including aura readings, love readings, relationship readings, fortune telling, crystal readings, astrology readings, palm readings, dream analysis, psychic mediums, and much more.

Each online reader and expert on Kasamba carries their own well crafted profile. The profile acts as their introduction to most users and helps build their persona. The profile contains details related to the years of experience that readers have within the field and how they can be trusted for certain labels and types of readings.

Since Kasamba has a strict screening and selection procedure, psychic specialists present on the platform go through years of accurate psychic readings and much more to be where they are. The readers have experience working with people from diverse backgrounds and can help guide all individuals to their spiritual calling in life.

As a whole, Kasamba offers you a full blend of everything you require from a psychic reading platform. The platform is versatile, accessible and fully affordable. You can use it to open new doors in your professional pursuits, as you battle the complexities of careers and jobs around you. Users also get the liberty to scrutinize and finalize each psychic expert present on the platform. Users on the platform can visit the specific pages assigned to each psychic reader and understand the benefits they have to offer.

Another good thing about Kasamba is the review rating assigned to each psychic expert on the platform. The expert rating is developed through extensive reviews and gives new users an insight into how psychic readers have performed and whether they can be trusted. The reviews and testimonials left by other users before them will help give new users the perspective they need for a decent reading.

Top Kasamba Features

Kasamba comes with a number of exciting features that are listed down below;

  • Kasamba helps give you clear advice on professional and career related pursuits. Additionally, the platform also comes with expert psychics that can help you in matters of the heart and love and relationship.
  • Kasamba has been operational for over 20 years now. The platform has operated purely online and was first formed in the year 1999. It has serviced more than 4 million subscribers ever since then.
  • The platform comes with local and international advisors with mystic cosmic abilities.
  • The platform provides support around the clock with 24/7 psychic reading online available online.
  • One on one style of consultation that allows certain users to talk about their unique experiences.
  • The platform comes with secure registrations and the chats are confidential for everyone involved.
  • The induction system for new psychic readers is well-vetted and coherent. It eventually scares all fake readers away and creates a setting of real psychic readers.
  • The platform provides 50 percent off on all first time psychic reading online for new clients
  • The first 3 minutes of your first psychic reading trial are free, and you won’t be charged a penny.
  • Inexpensive readings start at a little under $1/minute
  • Kasamba comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee if users aren’t satisfied.
  • Users can download a mobile-friendly application if they aren’t satisfied with the service being provided to them.
  • New users get 3 free minutes of service on their first experience with 70 percent discount for everyone.

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Psychic Source: Ideal For Advice On Love And Life

Psychic Source is one of the most prominent and leading psychic reading websites available on the internet today. The website is a one stop shop solution for all people interested in delving into the details of their relationship and uncovering patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed.

While Psychic Source is home to a wide variety of readers and online psychics, it is best known for the advice offered on love and relationships. You can head to the online website and the expert online psychics present on it for clarity in matters of the heart. People struggling with their relationships can gain some much needed cosmic insight and find out how their love levels up in the grand scheme of things.

Psychic Source has been happily serving people for over 30 years now. The website is now part of a large network of happy, satisfied and vibrant clients, located pretty much all over the globe. The online psychic platform includes some 200 experts that are screened after days of verification to test their mythical connection and to see their client dealing.

The online world of convenience allows Psychic Source to employ a unique model that is made up of different sources of interaction between readers and users. There are various forms of engagement, including live chat readings, live video psychic readings and phone readings. This platform is recommended by us to everyone looking for answers to their questions and directions during pivotal scenarios facing them in life. People who have interacted with the readers at Psychic Source believe they are experts in handling matters of the heart and finding solutions to problems that would otherwise be hard to gain clear direction in.

Psychic Source has been around in the circuit since the early 90s and is known for the unparalleled standards it has set when it comes to taking care of users and clients. The mediums employed for communication are in line with the requirements of most clients and the level of interaction they are most satisfied with.

The formats offered by readers on the platform include angel card readings, love readings, crystal gazing readings, love tarot readings, cartomancy readings, dream interpretations, numerology readings, lost object readings, past life hallucination readings and spiritual readings.

Psychic Source also offers a broad spectrum of experts including love psychics, intuitive psychics, psychic mediums, career psychics, clairvoyants, clairudients, and clairsentients. These experts come from different backgrounds and are screened for legitimacy before they are included in the panel.

Perhaps the best part about Psychic Source is its elaborate screening process. Experts and readers are screened for their telepathy skills, as good psychics should have incredible accuracy in telepathy to dish out correct readings.

Psychic Source does not rip customers off, as all services are provided at convenient rates. Psychic Source really takes care of all customers and their bank accounts and provides costs that are in line, and at times better, than the industry average. Their rates can go as low as $0.66 for a minute of psychic reading. Every user on the platform gets up to 3 minutes of complimentary time with their advisors.

Psychic Source even provides a money-back guarantee if the customer or user isn’t satisfied with the quality of the service provided to them. Customers can get every penny back if they feel like the readings weren’t in line with what they wanted.

Top Features Of Psychic Source

  • Over three decades of experience as mystic advisors and psychic readers.
  • Around the clock services to treat customer needs and provide quick answers.
  • A team of cooperative and caring customer care operators to help take users through their spiritual and cosmic journey.
  • A global community of certified psychics all in one platform.
  • Psychic readings are done through phone, real-time video or chat, based on which medium you prefer.
  • The platform helps link you up with a mystic advisor for your situation through their compatibility tool.
  • Different psychic reading services including astrology, angel card reading, tarot readings and zodiac compatibility.
  • Get three minutes complimentary psychic readings on your first session and 75 percent off on the remaining session.

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Keen Psychics: Explore Your Spiritual Connection With Trusted Psychics

Keen Psychics is another popular psychic reading online website that users from over the globe can access to find out more about the unseen and build a spiritual connection towards matters of the heart. The easy interface and the smooth operations of Keen Psychics allow you to explore your horizons from home, as you sip on a cup of hot coffee.

Keen Psychics is remarkably recognized and is popular with users located over the globe. Millions of delighted customers appreciate the website for its accurate readings and ability to provide actionable insights into matters of spirituality. Many people believe it to be the perfect website for psychic reading online and tarot card readings.

Keen Psychics was first launched in the year 1999 and has since then exploded with a fresh wave of psychic niches and accurate readings. The platform offers all users with a full suite of psychic reading online from psychic experts and clairvoyants located all over the globe. During the 22 or so years of its operations, Keen has provided psychic readings to over 35 million users on the platform. This exemplary figure makes it one of the most prolific mystic websites on the internet today. The website offers specialties to clients in the form of an email reading, a psychic reading online through online chat, or a telephone reading.

Keen Psychics does not offer a video chat facility as of now, but it is on the cards and is expected to be rolled out anytime in the future. They have a vibrant team of some 1700 certified and accredited professionals who have a great mystical and cosmic connection to help strengthen your spiritual bond. Users can browse through the search feature on Keen Psychic’s website to find a good reader for their needs and to make sure that they’re able to unearth the spiritual connection that they so badly crave.

The website has stamped its authority on a number of niches within the psychic reading domain and has extended its services to over 24 classifications. These classifications include a number of mystical and spiritual readings such as accurate tarot card readings, numerology, important life decisions readings, love readings, fortune readings, soothsaying, cartomancy, horoscope readings and matching, dream interpretation, energy reading, love tarot reading, previous existence reading and otherworldly reading.

Keen Psychics also has a number of metrics in place to help users analyze and explicate the efficiency of certain psychics. Users can use these filters to screen psychics and find one that best matches their description. These decisions are made based on the proficiency, user ratings, average cost and reading mediums of the online psychic. Customers and users eventually get to pick a reader based on their own inclinations and spiritual beliefs.

The built-in application for Keen Psychics takes the customer experience to a whole new level, as users can access the website and the content from anywhere and at any time. Keen Psychic acts as the perfect online medium between users and readers. The website lends authority to certain readers due to its elaborate screening process and allows users to find the best reading experts through the many evaluation metrics in place.

  • Over 20 years of experience in professional psychic reading online.
  • Easy to understanding predictions coupled with accuracy in readings.
  • An excellent online platform to predict psychic reading online or by chart or phone for tarot readings, love advice, relationship tips, spiritual connection, daily horoscopes and zodiac compatibility.
  • Connect with hundreds of thousands of psychic experts located either near you or miles away.
  • Find the best psychic reader for your needs by streamlining your search and finding filters that help make accurate readings.
  • Find your inner spirituality and the real love hidden within you through the advice and recommendation of gifted spiritual guides.
  • Register online for introductory sessions that are budget friendly.
  • New clients get introductory sessions that go for as long as 10 minutes and cost only $1.99.
  • A welcoming space that helps wandering souls unearth their internal spirituality

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Purple Garden: Best Psychic Platform To Recover From Heartbreak in Life

Purple Garden is an online psychic reading website that has shot to fame during the last few years. The online psychic reading website comes with voice, video and chat reading options with some of the most reliable, experienced and accurate online psychics on the internet present within it. The app for Purple Garden is available on both iOS and Android Devices. The application gives you fast and easy access to insightful answers to some of the burning questions related to your career, love, deceased loved ones and money.

Purple Garden comes with a number of online psychics that include tarot readers, clairvoyants, mediums and numerologists. The application was developed by Bitwine in the year 2006 and has since then serviced a number of users online. There are over 3000 spiritual psychics and guides available on the platform concerned with helping you through the healing process of heartbreak.

Purple Garden has gained its reputation as a reputable psychic platform online, due to its exceptional screening process and the ability to have only the best of the best psychic experts on its platform. In addition to this, Purple Garden allows customers to make payments through the safe and secure payment gateway of PayPal. Customers hence tend to transfer complete amounts to their account, without worrying about the element of fraud in the process.

As Purple Garden comes with a refined network of some 3000 online psychics and readers, there is literally nothing under the sun that you won’t be able to discuss with their psychic readers. These experts can help guide you through all aspects of relationships and give you guidance in astrology readings, numerology and tarot cards to name a few.

Some of the common psychic reading services offered by Purple Garden include love readings, tarot card readings, career advice, spiritual advice, pendulum readings, chakra cleansing, angel readings, twin flame readings, clairvoyant, life coaching, oracle guidance, clairsentient and energy healing.

If you like the model followed by Purple Garden, you will also like the special offers they provide and the pricing strategy they follow. All users get a bonus of up to $10 for signing up on the platform. You also get a limited amount of conditional minutes when you sign up, after which you will be charged at a distinct rate of $1 per minute.

Purple Garden also keeps providing regular discounts to customers. The pricing structure is convenient for different users as different online psychics charge different rates based on what they prefer.

Top Purple Garden Features:

  • Face to face live video sessions along with live chat and phone features.
  • Psychic profiles help make selection easier so that you work with the right individual.
  • Numerous professionals working across psychic reading styles, methods and tools.
  • Psychics get to decide their own rates. The competition can help bring rates down.
  • New users get a bonus of $10 after they join the platform

Your Guide to Online Psychic Reading

Consumers and online users are expected to examine a number of things when they first experience an online psychic platform. Some factors and points of consideration are mentioned below for your inference.

Trial Minutes

You’d be glad to know that almost all prominent online psychics and platforms provide some kind of promotional benefit when you first sign up. The benefit could either be in the form of free psychic consultation time, or in the form of extra dollars in the kitty.

In any case, this means that you get to enjoy free minutes during your trial session. You can wish to keep reading until the trial minutes are over, or you can just terminate the session and keep away from logging any paid minutes. This way you will get a brief exposure to what the experience feels like and whether you see yourself paying for it in the foreseeable future.

Mediums Of Contact

Most online psychics and their platforms today realize that customers would like to get in touch with them through different mediums and modes of contact online. Most of the top platforms, hence, include a number of psychic reading options to help customers out. You can email a psychic, ask them a question in live chat and even get near them on a video call.

The mode of contact you choose needs to be one that you feel most comfortable with. While it is the most recently updated medium of contact, many users believe that video psychic readings are most convenient and easy to keep a track of. A video chat is often the closest thing to face-to-face interaction and may give you a chance to communicate with your psychic in a professional manner.

Years of Experience

Almost all of the top 4 online psychic platforms we have mentioned in this article have years of experience under their belt. Three of these four companies have been in operations for over 20 years now. With this exceptional experience, these organizations know the strategies they should follow for screening readers and the right pricing strategy. Due to the length of their service, each of the four platforms above will have psychics with a range of expertise; some young, some old. You can opt for experience or freshness, based on the complexity and the nature of your problem.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The psychic platforms and reading websites mentioned offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee to customers. These options can vary from a refund of the session fee to a five-minute free session up next. Hence, if you aren’t satisfied with the service for some reason, you can always make up for lost time and money in one way or the other. It is always good to study this policy before you decide to work with online psychics.

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback standards set by the online psychics you work with also matter. You can check and run through customer reviews and testimonials to understand the type of experience each individual had with a psychic website. If you find red flags in the customer feedback, you should preferably avoid the experience. The psychic websites and platforms mentioned above have decent customer feedback and provide customer support and service around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose An Online Psychic Over In-Person Interactions?

Online psychics are definitely the better and more convenient option between online interactions and in-person interactions. You will feel better working with a psychic online, as they oversee your complications whenever you want and show you a cosmic glance into life without the extra commitment of going to meet someone in person.

What Are Some Acceptable Questions?

Some of the acceptable questions you can ask your love psychic include:

  • Will I get married?
  • Will she ever call me?
  • Will I ever come across a true soul mate?

These are close-ended questions that have a one-word answer to them. Your psychic will be able to answer them and guide you to the best possible route.

How Many Types Of Psychic Readings Do We Have?

Psychic reading platforms, of the likes we have reviewed in this article deploy a number of reading techniques. Some of these techniques include:

  • Astrology: These readings allow you to gain a better understanding of your personality and what can be done to improve relationships.
  • Love Psychic Reading; These readings help identify your true partner.
  • Crystal Reading: Crystals are drawn out subconsciously and point towards your future.


We have looked at a number of online psychic reading platforms within this article and hope you are satisfied with the research and the efforts we have put into this guide. The online psychics in this article have been recommended after due consideration and deliberation and we hope you like them. Many of the platforms have been operational for over decades now and have authentic means to screen psychic readers and ensure a smooth experience for all users.

We recommend that you go through the recommended platforms above and make your own decision based on what feels right to you. By the end of this review, you should be able to decide the best possible course of action for you and the online psychics that you should preferably visit. Before you know it, you will understand how online psychics can benefit you.