13 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Followers (Instant & Active)

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Spotify is probably the most important music streaming app present in the world today. However, with changing times it has not been restricted to a place where people listen to music. For musicians, it is highly important to create engagement within Spotify just as they create engagement within platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and so on. Musicians need to maintain their playlists, update their concert calendars, and engage in various other promotional activities. To achieve this, you must make use of the best sites to buy Spotify followers and other engagement services. In the article below we have reviewed some of such services, and if you want to find out more then read on further-

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Followers


Viralyft is one of the best places to get the exposure that you deserve in Spotify. They consider themselves the number one choice for Spotify promotion, working with an excellent team of experts who are well versed in all forms of social media marketing. Viralyft comes with over 50 years of social media marketing experience that can help you reach your full potential on Spotify and increase your visibility. They can also help you create a credit account with the right number of followers, streams, etc. All these features have made Viralyft one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers.

You can buy up to 200 Spotify followers for 9.99 dollars, and a thousand followers for 39.99 dollars. Further, you can buy 2500 followers for 89.99 dollars and 5000 followers for 149.99 dollars. The company ensures that these are all top-quality followers. Quality followers would imply that they come from real and active accounts of Spotify that can engage with your content daily. Spambots and fake accounts do not provide engagement and decrease your performance as well as credibility. Therefore, they make sure that you are connected with people who are genuinely interested in the content you are creating.

The site is completely secure and does not require you to give out any compromising details like your password. The delivery time is 24 or 72 hours at maximum. This is extremely important because you need the fastest delivery system if you want to stay ahead of the competition within Spotify. Moreover, since there are so many music creators on the platform, gaining recognition at a faster rate and being visible to the audience at a faster rate would be much more important than any other feature.

Social pros are one of the best social media marketing growth services that are present today. Although this platform is relatively new, they have easily been able to garner a wide fan following because of their great services and customer support. They are extremely communicative, responsive, and assist their customers every step along the way. This has led to increased customer satisfaction, making them one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers online. A great part about this site is that they work with multiple social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Naturally, this has given them great networking that they can leverage to promote your Spotify content through various platforms.

You can buy Spotify followers from them starting at 9.5 dollars for 100 Spotify followers. You can also buy thousand Spotify followers for 39.5 dollars and 2500 Spotify followers for 89.5 dollars. Their highest plan is also for 5000 Spotify followers that can be bought at 149.00 dollars. They ensure that all of these followers come from premium quality accounts within Spotify that can naturally increase your ranking on the app. They have been approved and are recommended by known sites as well as reviewers all over the Internet.

What we personally like about the site is that they have created a very simple process of buying Spotify followers. All you have to do is pick the package that suits your needs, your financial restraints, and the desired delivery time. All you are required to do is provide your username or the URL of your song for which you would like traction. After you checkout securely, all you have to do is wait for the magic to happen.

GetViral is a site that can help you create an audience base that is both targeted as well as generalized. They engage in intense audience analysis to give you a fan base that helps you grow and increase visibility on Spotify. They create a marketing plan that is extremely impactful and distributes the word about your musical content out to the masses. The company ensures that you get an army of people that are readily available to accept and promote your music. Moreover, through their networking, they can create great interaction with your regular musical updates. If you truly want to make use of a company that can leverage great networking, then this is the company that you should go to.

You can get about 100 Spotify followers for $9, 1000 Spotify followers for $39. The biggest plans include 2500 Spotify followers for $90 and 5000 Spotify followers for $150. They are one of the fastest suppliers of Spotify followers with their order services starting within eight hours. Therefore, they will always give you an edge over the rest of the rivals within your niche making you visible to your audience before anybody else. All such features have made get viral one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers. Today, 97% of the people who have used get viral readily recommend it to other people wanting to use their services.

You can greatly increase the number of people listening to your music and benefit from their features of targeted marketing, and lead generation services with their help. They can even assist you in going outside your established target market to create a new fan base. They also guarantee wide exposure and global visibility and give you the power to connect with thousands of Spotify users.


ViewsExpert is another one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers. They have one of the cheapest rates in this area along with a high-quality supply of followers. You can start with buying 100 followers for $9, and 1000 followers for $39. Further, you can get 2500 followers at the rate of $90.00, and 5000 followers can be bought at $148. If you would like to buy more followers, then you can repeat the package one more time. The company is great in terms of customer support and service. To ensure that their customers have the best user experience, they have provided 24/7 customer support. You can easily reach out to them through their helpline number or their official mail.

They even have a live chatbox that you can make use of to answer any of your queries that urgently need to be addressed. Their delivery time is also very fast and you can start seeing results in a matter of one day. The maximum time that they will take will be two days at most. They ensure that the followers that you get are active as well as of high quality. This means that all the followers that you will get shall have a great Spotify record, naturally increasing your position within Spotify. Therefore, you will get recommended on more people’s feeds.

One of the best services that they provide is guaranteed refill. This means that after a particular time period they will repeat the plan that you have bought without any extra charges if your followers die down and are unable to offer retention. No matter how hard you work on your own, it is near impossible to gain recognition on social media without expert marketing and ViewsExpert provides you exactly this.


Social packages simply had to be on our list of the best sites to buy Spotify followers today. They have been working in this area for quite a several years now, giving them the required experience for proper Spotify promotion. The best part about this site is that they’ve worked very closely with the Spotify algorithm to ensure that you organically get ranked higher within the platform. Just as any social media platform is driven by statistics, so is Spotify. This platform is consistently watching how its users are engaging with a different kinds of music. SocialPackages will make sure that you get recommended to users listening to similar music in your niche and thus increase your chances of being noticed.

You can buy 100 Spotify followers for 9.5 dollars, 1000 Spotify followers for $39, and 2500 Spotify followers for $89.00. The highest plan is for 5000 Spotify followers that can be bought at $149. Just as the sites mentioned above, this company also ensures that you get your package delivered within a time period of one or two days. Again, this ensures that you stay ahead of your rivals by reaching out to your audience before them. At the same time, they also ensure that you get worldwide exposure with followers connecting to your account from every part of the planet.

This is extremely important because today music can get viral in any corner of the world. They also have included other features like a refill guarantee for your package. Other than this, the company is extremely careful when it comes to the privacy and security of its users. Therefore, it is their prime concern to ensure that you do not have to reveal any confidential information. They also make use of extremely modern encrypted payment gateways.


FollowerPackages is another site that we simply had to mention in our list of best sites to buy Spotify followers. They help you to buy the best quality Spotify followers through their marketing techniques as well as strategies. There are various things that Spotify takes into account while deciding the ranking of a particular artist on their platform. For instance, the first 30 seconds of your song matter extremely to Spotify. It is highly important for Spotify that a listener goes beyond 30 seconds of your track since that establishes the quality of your content. FollowerPackages is a site that ensures that such requirements are fulfilled by the listeners who subscribed to your account.

As a result, they can help you create an account that is Spotify friendly and that can please the Spotify algorithm. At the same time, you need to remember that you have to create good content consistently in tune with your creative vision. This is important if you want to ensure great retention rates and the organic popularity of your account. You can buy thousand Spotify followers at $15 and 2000 Spotify followers at $24.00. Further, you can buy 5000 Spotify followers for $44, 10,000 Spotify followers for $56, and as many as 50,000 Spotify followers for $140.

The delivery time of FollowerPackages is between one to three days. You might think that this time is less as compared to other sites that we have mentioned before. However, it is important to notice that FollowerPackages invests a good amount of time in the market analysis as well as audience analysis to ensure that your audience is genuinely adding value to your account. Therefore, the extended time limit can be overlooked because of the quality of their marketing strategy.


Fast like is a site that understands that the more followers you have the more seriously you will be taken by your competitors, your peers, as well as your future audiences. There is nobody who likes to view a page or a profile that has very little traffic and no activity. Therefore, if you generally want to get the growth that you require on Spotify, then fast slides should be the site that you go to. You can leave all the marketing strategies and endeavor on them by you figure out how you can create further content for your Spotify. they are considered one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers because they are extremely safe, never ask for your password, and also guarantee various confidentiality standards.

You can start by buying 100 Spotify followers from them at 9.99 dollars. These followers come with extremely fast delivery, complete privacy, as well as a guaranteed refill for your account. You can also get 1000 followers for 39.99 dollars and 2500 followers for about $90. The highest plan is that for 5000 Spotify followers that can be bought at about $150. various features come along with all of these packages. To start with, you get extremely fast delivery and you can start seeing results within a matter of 30 minutes.

Other than this, they ensure that the process of buying Spotify followers remains extremely safe so you can comply with various guidelines put down by Spotify. The company also ensures that you can get 24/7 customer support to solve any queries or questions that you might have during your collaboration with them. At the same time, they work with people from all kinds of demographics and ensure diversity in the audience that views your content.


If you are looking for a highly affordable place to buy Spotify followers, then GetRealBoost will be the perfect site for you. They come with a range of features such as fast delivery of Spotify followers along with worldwide exposure. This establishes high credibility for your account on Spotify allowing people to trust your account for further updates on the content that you are creating. This is probably the best site in terms of prices. However, some people could find it troubling that they do not have a starter pack for less than 1000 followers. However even these thousand followers can be bought at as little as $14.00, making them a very desirable site.

We consider GetRealBoost to be one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers today. Just as other sites mentioned above, they also provide 24/7 customer support. You can easily reach out to them through their helpline number or their mail. The best part about the site is that they also have a live chat feature present on their website that you can get in touch with to solve any immediate queries.

Talking about prices, you can get 1000 followers for $14.00 and 2000 followers for $22.00. Other than this you can get 3000 Spotify followers for $30, 5000 Spotify followers for $40, and 7000 Spotify followers for $45. they have some extremely big packages available on their site as well. These include 10,000 followers for $51, 20,000 followers for $75, and 40,000 Spotify followers for $125. The highest plan includes 50,000 Spotify followers for $135. As you can see, till now get a real boost is the only site that can provide 50,000 Spotify followers at one time.


PlaysWiz offers you the best products as well as services that can boost your Spotify. They ensure that you get real followers that can actively engage with your account on a long-term basis. Therefore, if you use PlaysWiz you are also guaranteed great retention rates. Other than this, they are a highly communicative and responsive site. This means that they provide 24/7 customer support as well as a helpline number that you can reach out to at any time. They claim that they provide safe delivery of all Spotify followers which means that you will always comply with the guidelines of Spotify and never alert its algorithm.

To start with you can get 500 Spotify followers for 8.9 dollars and 1000 Spotify followers for 14.90 dollars. Other than this, you can get 2500 Spotify followers for 29.90 dollars and 5000 Spotify followers for 49.90 dollars. In the end, you can get 10,000 Spotify followers for 79.90 dollars. Unlike most other sites, this company also has a facility that allows you to buy Spotify playlist followers. These also start at 8.90 dollars. They can target your audience based on your country or the worldwide audience. The packages and prices are the same as normal Spotify followers.

On PlaysWiz you can also buy Spotify monthly listeners at the same rate. To date, they have been able to serve more than 25,000 people. There are various companies today that talk about instant delivery as well as extremely fast processing of your order. However, PlaysWiz takes time with its orders so that it can perform accurate audience analysis for your account. Therefore, their methodology is different and highly versatile as compared to most other sites.


GetMusicPlays is a site that caters particularly to musical social media platforms. Therefore, they have services available for places like SoundCloud, audiomack, as well as YouTube. Because they work particularly with a musical community, their range of expertise is extremely high and specific to the music industry. In totality, they have five plans that you can make use of to get your Spotify followers. The most popular plan is for 5.20 dollars that can give you 1000 Spotify followers. This site is extremely fast with its delivery system and can increase your follower count within a matter of six hours. Sometimes it takes as little as three hours for the complete order to reflect on your account.

The next plan is the premium plan which starts at 8.90 dollars and gives you 2000 Spotify followers. Needless to say, all these followers come from extremely high-quality accounts. As mentioned before, high-quality accounts can provide active engagement for all your content through consistent time periods. As a result, your account can maintain credibility over large amounts of time. The next plan is the platinum plan which starts at $25 and gives you 5000 Spotify followers. Like the other plans mentioned above, you get high-quality followers, extremely fast delivery, and other features.

The other two plans include the diamond plan for $45 and the star plan for $84. These give you 10,000 Spotify followers and 25,000 Spotify followers respectively. Given the number of followers that this company provides, these prices can be considered to be some of the most competitive in the market. They want to work with varied demography; therefore, they have made sure that you can access their plans no matter what your budget constraints are.


Social viral is the one place where you can get real and exclusive Spotify followers, and likes. This is the place that has been working with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, etc. Because of their wide networking and diverse platforms, they are easily able to leverage most accounts. We have to stress that this place is perfect for people who are beginning on Spotify and adjust emerging artists. For them, it is extremely important to establish credibility as well as authenticity on Spotify which is something that social viral can provide to them.

Social viral has extremely high standards about the way they provide services. They only give you followers that are real as well as active on Spotify. As a result, you get the number of monthly as well as daily listeners that can greatly improve the statistics on your account. Spotify detects the high traffic you are getting, and naturally starts placing you within other people’s recommended music artists. There could be no better place to improve your reach and gain visibility on Spotify than the site mentioned above. All these factors have made it one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers today.

You can start by buying 50 Spotify followers for about 1.5 dollars. This is the only site that provides a minimal package for people who are looking to slowly increase their followers count. Next, you can buy 100 Spotify followers for 2.99 dollars, 200 Spotify followers for 4.99 dollars, and 500 Spotify followers for 6.99 dollars. Other plans include thousand of Spotify followers for 13.99 dollars. Needless to say, these are some of the best quality followers that you will find on Spotify. The site is completely secure and takes full responsibility for your privacy.


Sides media is another site that we simply had to mention in our list of best sites to buy Spotify followers. The site can leverage the visibility that your account already has to increase your outreach and create an influx of listeners into your account. They believe in a completely organic method of promotions and engage in the targeted advertisement along with other marketing strategies to promote your account. As a result, their Spotify growth services are highly compliant with the guidelines laid down by Spotify. Your account will never risk the possibility of being flagged or banned due to spam accounts or artificial engagement.

Their plan starts at $10 for 500 Spotify followers. For all their packages they provide 24/7 customer support, active and high-quality accounts, as well as extremely timely delivery. Next, you can buy 1000 followers for $15 and 1500 Spotify followers for $19. There are three big plans included within the site as well. These include 2000 Spotify followers for $24.00, 2500 Spotify followers for $29, and 5045 followers for $49. Recently they have included a mega package that can give you 10,000 followers for $89. As you can see, till now we have had the most versatile packages available online. Therefore, no matter what your needs are they shall be able to fulfill them.

They can increase the credibility that your account has on Spotify by creating a profile with authentic listeners. Sides Media understands that Spotify is all about the statistics present within the site. Therefore, they ensure that your account can garner a large number of followers along with high interaction including things like shares, etc. Once you can make use of these engagement metrics, your account will naturally get ranked higher on Spotify.


As the name suggests, the artist booster is the one place that can greatly help all musicians and artists across the globe. With the help of this company, you will be able to take your music to the next level by expanding your reach and visibility. If you want to grow your audience, then this is the place you ought to go to. They are clearly one of the best sites to buy Spotify followers. Not only this, but you can also buy high-quality plays, views, likes, tags, sales, etc. from their services. To help you grow as an artist, they can also promote your content on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

This site will help you increase your Spotify followers with the help of increased plays on Spotify. To start with, you can buy premium Spotify followers for 39.99 dollars. The plan goes up to $6245 as well. You can buy any number of followers from 100 Spotify followers to 100,000 Spotify followers. You can buy 1000 followers for $154, 10,000 Spotify followers for $949, and 30,000 Spotify followers for $2249. Smaller plans include 250 followers for $69 and 500 followers for 94.99 dollars.

Other than this, we are very much impressed with the site that they have created. We are sure that they have collaborated with the top website designers of the world to create a great user interface to ensure the most comfortable experience for everybody who visits their site.


Leveraging your Spotify account on your own can seem like a daunting task at first. However, with the right assistance and help, there is nobody who cannot improve their social standing and visibility on Spotify.

If you are an upcoming artist, then we are sure that the sites above will be a great help to you. Even if you are an established artist and want to expand your reach then the sites above can be of immense significance to your career. Make sure you go through the list of the best sites to buy Spotify followers above to pick the site that perfectly fits your needs.