Online Tarot Card Reading Best Tarot Readings Services of 2021


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Everyone is dealing with different battles. Some are trying to get their finance sorted, some are dealing with illnesses, and some are dealing with relationship problems. Ups and downs are a part of life. But sometimes, the downs hit us so hard that we not only feel helpless but also find it extremely hard to find a way to end the pain we are dealing with.

The first step of solving your problems is acknowledging them and accepting that you are having a hard time finding a way out of them. The next step is to seek guidance using the online tarot card reading sites.

Some people look at tarot card reading as a form of entertainment. However, it’s much more than that. A tarot reading can help you in different ways. From helping you gain clarity to identifying the areas in your life that require improvement, a tarot reading can do it all.

Not everyone has the time and money to take in-person tarot reading sessions. This is where online tarot card reading platforms come in. There are many tarot reading platforms backed with several years of experience. Some are known for helping people with finances, while others are popular for helping people find true love.

The online tarot card reading online platforms feature hundreds and thousands of readers who help people find solutions to their problems. The online platforms are considered a better choice than in-person tarot readings because they allow you to read the reviews before booking a consultation.

Whether you are looking for a sense of direction in your career or trying to move on in your life after a bad breakup, readers at these platforms will help you with everything interfering with your peace and happiness.

The best thing is that new users can avail free reading sessions to understand how a tarot card reading online works and what to expect from it.

Let’s look at the best tarot card reading platforms known for providing 100% accurate readings.

Best Tarot Card Reading Sites for 24/7 Accurate Readings


  • A Free Trial of Three Minutes + 50% Off on the First Session
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Availability of an Android and iOS Application

Keen Psychics

  • A 10-Minute Reading Trial for $1.99
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • 24/7 Live Customer Care Support
  • Android and iOS Application for Extra Convenience

Psychic Source

  • Flat Discount of 75% on the First Session
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Live and Exemplary Customer Support

#1: Kasamba – The Platform to Get 100% Accurate Love Tarot Reading in As Low as $1 per Minute

The first platform on our list is none other than Kasamba. The platform was founded 20 years ago. Since then, it has conducted millions of psychic and tarot readings. Kasamba carries a diverse range of psychics who are available to people from all around the world.

Various features make Kasamba popular and one of the most love tarot card reading sites. A few of them are love tarot readings, secure payment gateways, and affordable prices. If you want to get in touch with compassionate readers, Kasamba should be on the top of your list.

The platform allows you to book a tarot reading online sessions through the website or Android/iOS applications. All you have to do is select a category and a reader with great reviews and readings.

One of the primary benefits of taking tarot reading online is that it takes away all your worries and helps you calm your anxiety. Tarot readers and psychics at Kasamba are known for doing so, that too at really affordable rates.

Many people feel hesitant to take an online tarot reading. The website features a detailed webpage of each reader to help you know more about the reader before booking a session with them. This allows you to connect with a reader you think has the experience to help you with your problems.

The platform has dedicated a separate web page named “how it works” to help first-timers learn more about readings and how they can book a consultation online. One more feature that we absolutely love about Kasamba is its 100% refund policy. The reading didn’t leave you satisfied? Contact a customer care agent and get your money back!

Why We Recommend Kasamba – Features that Make it the Best

  • Offers 100% anonymous and private tarot card readings
  • Cost-effective platform with tarot card reading and psychic readings starting at $1 per minute
  • Has a network of expert readers with several years of experience in helping people work on themselves
  • New customers get a 50% discount on their first tarot card reading online session
  • The best pick to seek guidance on matters of the heart
  • Availability of an Android and ios application for optimal user experience
  • Offers a free trial tarot reading for the first three minutes
  • An easy and well-protected signup process
  • Follows a strict assessment process to only welcome experienced and qualified readers
  • Features an easy to use website
  • The top categories it’s famous for include psychic readings, love readings, fortune telling, tarot readings, and personal astrology
  • Offers free daily horoscope
  • Carries a detailed bio of the readers that highlight their experience in the field and their journey
  • Safe and secure payment methods
  • Has 20 years of experience in helping people
  • The well-encrypted registration process ensures user confidentiality
  • Provides constant support and guidance to people dealing with problems
  • Tarot card reading online available 24/7
  • Offers a full money-back guarantee
  • Available to people from all around the world
  • Carries more than 5 million positive reviews

Rates and Discounts – Is Kasamba Affordable?

Do you think an online tarot card reading is expensive? You will be happy to know that platforms like Kasamba provide 100% accurate, personal, and anonymous readings at a really affordable price.

The price per minute starts at $1. The platform also offers introductory discounts to its new customers. Are you a new customer? Congratulations, you have landed yourself 3 free minutes and a 50% discount on your first reading.

Visit Kasamba Here – Start A Free Tarot Session

#2: Keen Psychics – A Reliable Place to Seek Guidance to Focus on the Areas that Require Improvement

The next platform on the list is Keen Psychics, which is known for helping people improve their relationships. Keen Psychics brings 20 years of experience to the table. It is one of the most easy-to-use platforms that offer various benefits and features. If you are new at online tarot reading, you will be happy to know that Keen Psychics has dozens of readers to choose from.

The platform is most popular for providing personal and reliable love readings. However, love tarot card reading is not the only reading it’s famous for. Readers at Keen Psychics are also known for providing 100% personal, anonymous, and accurate financial outlooks, spiritual readings, astrology readings, psychic readings, and life questions.

It’s extremely easy to signup at Keen Psychics. All you have to do is enter your email address and password. Similar to other platforms mentioned on this list, Keen psychics offers 100% secure payment methods.

Keen psychics also a few infamous readings that not every platform provides. A few include aura cleansing, pet psychic reading, Chinese astrology, and cartomancy. Every psychic at Keen Psychics have a personal profile page that highlights their experience, reviews, ratings, number of readings conducted, the year they joined Keen Psychics, detailed background, price, and available modes of communication.

You can also use the “Find your best psychic match” feature if you want to immediately connect with a reader and don’t have the time to go through the profiles. Another thing that we love about Keen Psychics is their website. The website features an easy-to-use, which promotes a hassle-free experience.

Since 1995, the platform has conducted over 35 million readings on various subjects. The website also features a blog page that contains free articles on various subjects. The platform also allows its user to get in touch with a customer care specialist to seek answers to every query.

Why We Recommend Keen Psychics – Features that Make it the Best

  • Brings 20 years of experience to the table
  • Highly rated services for online tarot card readings and other insightful practices
  • Features a plethora of trained, qualified, and experienced readers
  • Most popular for helping people build strong relationships with their partners
  • 100% secure payment methods to ensure that your billing details stay personal and protected
  • Offers 24/7 live customer care services through phone phones and live chat
  • Follows a thorough hiring process that involves checking criminal records as well
  • One of the most affordable online tarot card reading online sites with per-minute rates between $1 to $10, depending on the experience of the reader
  • Carries a “Find your best psychic advisor” feature that asks you to choose a subject, price range, and communication mode to help you quickly connect with a reader
  • Offers insights and guidance through live chat and phone calls
  • Offers a 10-minute detailed reading for $1.99 to its new customers
  • Greatly known for providing readings on the subjects of infidelity, destiny/path, money/prosperity, and career
  • Provides free daily horoscope
  • Virtual home of international psychics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Carries more than 1700 readers
  • Invites new customers to get a free reading trial of three minutes
  • Offers 24/7 live readings to users all around the globe
  • Helps you connect with international readers, which might otherwise seem impossible

Rates and Discounts – Is Keen Psychics Affordable

Keen Psychics is one of the most trusted, secure, and affordable online tarot reading platforms out there. It offers its new customers three free minutes of psychic reading along with a 10-minute long reading for $1.99 only.

Visit Keen Tarot Experts Official Website

#3: Psychic Source: The Best Place for Accurate Tarot Readers

Next on the list of the best tarot reading sites is none other than Psychic Source. The platform has over 30 years of experience in changing people’s lives for the better. It offers a diverse range of readings but is most popular for guiding people on finances.

It’s not uncommon to sometimes feel as if everything is getting out of control. Psychics at Psychic Source can help you solve the issues that keep you up at night and help you understand that not everything can be controlled. They are the magicians who can help you get rid of clouded thoughts.

The platform allows you to either book sessions using the website or the application available to Android and iOS users. The website is filled with great features that make booking a reading quick, easy, and simple.

The site features the “advanced filtering” tool that allows users to sort by reading style, tools, subjects, and expertise. Apart from the advanced filtering option, there’s a basic sorting tool available as well. The tool allows you to sort by price, ratings, appointments, and prices.

Psychic Source offers three modes of communication – video calls, live chat, and phone calls. The platform follows a rigorous screening process to ensure that the platform stays safe from scammers.

Psychics at Psychic Source offer readings on various subjects, including loss & grief, destiny, career, and relationships. They also have experience and knowledge of using different tools to enhance the reading. The tools include crystals, angel cards, tarot, cartomancy, and more.

The profile features a detailed profile of the readers to help people learn more about the readers before booking a session. Apart from details like prices, expertise, and experience, the personalized web pages also unveil the schedule of the reader along with appointment availability.

Why We Recommend Psychic Source – Features that Make it the Best

  • Bring 30 years worth of experience to the table
  • Known for providing 100% honest and accurate career forecasts and advice
  • Offers advice through video calls, phone calls, and live chat
  • 100% secure payment methods
  • Allows you to avail tarot reading online services for as low as $1
  • Features detail profiles of psychics to help people learn more about their background and specialties
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Features a “find a psychic” tool to help users match with great psychics
  • New customers get three free minutes of reading
  • Easy and well-protected registration process
  • New customers get three offers – $30 for 30 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes, and $10 for up to $10 minutes of reading (plus three free minutes)
  • Uses commercially renowned security softwares to protect the personal information of the users
  • Provides an assorted range of readings including, tarot reading, angel card reading, astrology reading, dream interpretation, cartomancy, energy work, and various more
  • Allows you to book appointments in advance
  • New customers get a flat 75% discount on their first reading session
  • Follow a strict hiring process that involves background check
  • Allows you to sort by availability, prices, and ratings
  • Readers use different tools to enhance the reading (angel cards, tarot cards, crystals, and various more)
  • Availability of an Android and iOS application for extra convenience
  • 300+ live psychics

Rates and Discounts – Is Psychic Source Affordable?

New customers at Psychic Source get 75% off on their first sessions and three free minutes of readings. There are three more introductory offers that the users can choose from. The first one allows customers to get up to 30 minutes of reading for $30, the second offers 20 minutes for $20, and the third offers 10 minutes for $10.

Visit Psychic Source Official Website

What are the Pros of Taking a Tarot Card Reading Online?

There are several reasons why people prefer taking tarot card reading online than visiting a reader in person.

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of taking a tarot reading online.

A More Comfortable Environment – Online in-person readings, people can take online tarot card readings within the comfort of their homes. They are not just comfortable for the users but also the readers too. Taking a reading in a familiar setting ensures that you feel less anxious about the session. Furthermore, it also means that you don’t have to take time off from the office to take a consultation.

Available 24/7

Online tarot card readings are available 24/7. However, this is not possible in a physical setting due to time constraints. Online tarot reading platforms allow people to book a consultation at any hour of the day.


If you have taken both offline and online readings, you must be aware of the huge price difference. Every free tarot reading site offers discounts to both new and old customers to make their experience worthwhile. These perks are usually not offered in an offline setting.

Privacy Protection

Unlike offline sources, online platforms ensure to protect user information and secure their data at any cost. You can complain to the consumer forums and support team if the website is not able to maintain user confidentiality.

Money-Back Guarantee

There’s no way you can get your money back if you are dealing with a fake reader in an offline setting. However, most online platforms offer a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure that they are only provided with the best.

How Can a Tarot Card Reading Help Me?

Many people fear tarot and psychic readings for various reasons. However, they offer an array of benefits that people are clueless about. Before getting into the benefits of tarot reading online free, here’s something that you need to know:

Free tarot readings are not what you see in the movies. They are not scary. In fact, more insightful than you can think.

Get a Clear Perspective in Life – A tarot reader can look into your present and past to give you incredibly detailed information regarding what’s happening in your life right now and what you have been through. Not all of us have our lives figured out. A tarot reading helps you gain a new perspective in life and develop a better understanding of your dreams.

Helps you Work on the Areas that Require Improvement – It takes a whole lot of courage to admit that you are not and can never be. However, what you can do is work on yourself to make your life happier and more peaceful. A tarot reading online service is a great way of identifying the areas in your personality and life that require changes.

Offers the Peace You Deserve – Tarot readings are good for your spirit. The primary reason why people take free tarot reading is not that they are struggling with something. It’s because they want to get rid of the anxiety they are feeling. That’s exactly what a tarot reading does. It plays an important role in restoring good mental health and relieves you of the worries that keep you up at night. Furthermore, it helps you get rid of the clouded thoughts and gives you the mental clarity you need to make more informed decisions.

Helps You Make Better Decisions – Have to decide whether or not to switch jobs? A tarot reading can help you settle on the right choice. An online tarot reading cannot predict the future or tell you which path is right for you. However, it can inspire you to make more informed decisions and understand what’s best for you.

Nurture Relationships – A tarot reading online service helps eliminate negative energy and identifies the areas in your relationship that require improvement. It helps couples build strong relationships, and singles find the true love they have been waiting for.

What are the Steps to Choosing a Reliable Site for Online Tarot Reading?

There are dozens of online tarot reading platforms. Settling on one can be more difficult than it seems. If it’s your first time taking an online tarot reading, follow these steps to find yourself the best and most trusted platform:

1. Explore and Make a List of the Best Tarot Reading Sites
The first step of choosing a free tarot reading online accurate site is to list the best ones out there. If you don’t have the time to go through each website, consider the four platforms mentioned above.

2. Try to Understand Your Needs Better
If you are seeking answers regarding your love life, you should consider a platform that is known for providing accurate love tarot readings, for example, Kasamba or Keen. However, if you are seeking advice regarding your career, we would recommend you to choose a site that is famous for conducting detailed and thorough career forecasts. This approach is simple and works great for people who don’t have the time to go through each site before making a decision.

3. Look for Features Like Introductory Discounts and Secure Payment
This one is more of a tip. While choosing a free tarot reading site, it’s of utmost importance to settle on a platform that offers various benefits to make the customer’s experience worthwhile. A few benefits include live customer support, secure payment methods, discounted rates for both new and old customers, and the availability of a mobile application.

4. Start Cutting off Sites From the List
Now is the time to start cutting off sites from the list, so you are left with one. If you want to go with a site that offers a 100% money-back guarantee, cut off those that don’t. If your priority is nothing but the availability of video calls, eliminate the sites that don’t offer video calls. This filtration process will leave you with one site that matches your needs and expectations.

A Final Word

A free tarot reading makes it easier for people to make difficult decisions. It identifies the areas in your personality that require changes and makes it possible for you to transform your life for the better.

According to Herald Net there are various online tarot reading sites that offer various benefits at great prices. three of them include Kasamba, Keen Psychics, and Psychic Source. Every site mentioned on this list offers different perks. However, each of them provides insights into different concerns and problems that people are dealing with. These are the sites that are backed by decades worth of experience in helping people find a light at the end of the tunnel.

The online tarot card reading platforms provide flexibility to both users and readers. They provide users with the freedom to take a free tarot reading at any hour of the day and give a platform to readers to help people from all around the world.

What we love about these sites is that they offer discounted rates, not only to the new customers but to the old ones too. They offer secure payment methods and an encrypted registration process to maintain the privacy of the users. These sites follow a very rigorous and detailed assessment process to ensure that only the highly-trained experts are provided with a platform to encourage people to improve and transform their lives for the better.

Have you tried any of these sites? Do share your experience with us in the comment section down below!