Online Tarot Reading: Top 4 Tarot Card Reading Sites Of 2021


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Tarot card reading seems to be the most interactive form of mysticism whose aim is to provide information about what will happen in the future, what went wrong in the past, and how to improve the present. Interestingly, this information from a proper reading can help you take better decisions in any area.

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By no means does a tarot card reading convey conclusive forecasts. So, you should not expect a reader to map out your future completely in any area. Nevertheless, a genuine and solid reading can provide sufficient information to make a better decision. This is the actual expectation you should keep.

Doing so will help you evade a variety of misconceptions about this kind of mysticism. It has already been slated for being away from reality. However, a big gap in terms of comprehension exists between the actual expectations and exaggerations made.

The world of online tarot card readings is not only fun but also enlightening about something that was a mystery for you. The pandemic has forced countless of us to turn digital and tarot reading is not an exception.

To make you choose the best tarot card reading service online, this post shares a comprehensive review of the top three tarot reading providers. It also explains why and how to choose an online tarot reader.

Best Tarot Reading Sites

  • Mysticsense – affordable services and great tarot experts
  • Keen – best for love tarot readings
  • Kasamba – a range of experienced, and trusted tarot readers
  • AskNow – great spiritual guides

Mysticsense: Great Experts & Customer Support
Mysticsense is a new tarot reading online platform but that does not stop it from being more and more popular. This is evident from the thousands of good reviews online. Its services are available at any time and on any day to give timely guidance, which is unlike some online psychic reading platforms.

It is easy to use its modern website featuring quick links to sign up, articles, and specialty and online psychics. It also shows a psychic’s available timings according to your local time zone so that you can connect without any time-based hassle.

It provides the initial five minutes of your first session for free. However, you are required to register and maintain a minimum deposit. If not happy with the first session, you can expect a full refund.

Types of Readings
At Mysticsense, you will come across different psychic readings, of which you can choose as per your requirements and budget. These readings include astrology, energy healing, crystal healing, and love reading.

Mysticsense seems to believe in micro categories. So, psychic readings are split into a myriad of sub-categories. For instance, you will not find the relationship category in general for tarot reading; rather, you will find its different subcategories such as love, grief, and LGBT.

How Mysticsense Works?
The working of this platform is straightforward. A first-time user is required to make some deposit to avail free trial for the first five minutes. Once you register on the site, you can easily look for the psychic reader of your choice.

The readers on Mysticsense use different tarot cards. Each of them has a profile revealing their ratings, photo, charges, skills, communication medium, and availability. They all are selected for online reading once they pass a test to prove their skills.

Flexible Search Options
This is where Mysticsense shines! Finding an online tarot reader is 100% user-friendly on this platform. This is evident from the different filtering options available in the left panel while browsing all experts. These options are rating, specialty areas, style of reading, tools in use, and status such as online, offline, or busy.

You can find your reader by selecting one or more filters to narrow down the search results. For example, to look for an online tarot card reader, you just select the right tool and status as online. Unlike other online psychic reading platforms, tarot card reading is not a specific category here. You just have to select it under the Tool filter option.

Most Mysticsense advisors conduct sessions on chat or call. You will not find the video call option.

Kasamba: Expect Free Trials, Variety of Readings, and Experienced Psychics
Kasamba is an esteemed online tarot reader admired for offering a myriad of readings. For first-time customers, it offers the initial three minutes of its online reading service for free, regardless of the kind of reading and the veteran you choose.

This is commendable, as it helps eliminate one’s apprehensiveness by giving them real-time insights into a tarot card reading session. If all is well, the customer can continue with the session. If not, the customer can end the session within the free minutes and get a refund.

For many, Kasamba is the best free tarot reading online service provider. It can be for you too.

Types of Readings
This is another cool aspect where Kasamba specializes. It offers various types of readings such as psychic reading, tarot reading, fortune telling, astrology reading, career forecast, and dream analysis. Of all, the love tarot reading seems to be quite popular.

When it comes to a tarot reading, the highly qualified advisors render their services online via chats, e-mails, or calls. They use a deck of 78 cards to bring a probable solution. There are two special techniques namely, angel card reading and cartomancy.

In the case of angel card reading, the advisor connects to a guardian angel, a spirit guide, or a deceased loved one to gain meaningful insights. Cartomancy helps if there are relationship problems, difficult decisions to make, health issues, financial issues, and love issues.

Kasamba has strict rules for taking any psychic reader onboard. It considers a myriad of important factors such as skills and experience, and does a background check.

How Kasamba Works?
Kasamba has a big psychic network, due to which you can connect with a preferred online tarot reader. All you have to do is go on its website and look for a psychic as per the sub-category of your choice.

Doing so will also reveal the profile of that reader to ensure that the skills match your requirements. Most psychics are available for chat. So, clicking chat will initiate the registration or login process, which takes a few minutes to complete.

After logging, you can start chatting. Apart from that, you can search for psychics based on other criteria such as price and tools they use such as crystal balls and tarot cards. You can also choose to receive a notification once the concerned psychic is back online.

The Kasamba platform has two means of communicating with your tarot reader namely, instant online connection and offline in-depth responsiveness. The former allows chatting with the advisor via the real-time chat tool and view them as they provide a response. The latter allows emailing your queries to the advisor and getting a reply mostly on the same day.

The Kasamba advisors remain present and interact throughout the session. You can also check their availability and set your session time with mutual understanding. For offline sessions, just look for tarot reading near me, chat, discuss the payment terms, and arrange an in-person meet.

AskNow: Expect Transparent Pricing and Readings
AskNow is another popular psychic platform with experience of more than 15 years. The main reasons behind its popularity are its consistently accurate readings, transparent pricing and offers, and easy-to-use website.

On the homepage, a toll-free number is a gateway to resolving all your doubts. Then, the next thing that catches your attention is the section of top-rated advisors or masters with photos, ratings, availability status, and other profile details.

In the first session, you can enjoy your first five minutes of reading for free. You also get tempting offers such as discounted rates per minute of reading with an elite advisor. If dissatisfied with the session, you just have to end it and contact customer support for selecting a better match.

Ask A Free Question
This is the most unique and interesting feature of AskNow, which is rather a patented functionality that no other online tarot reading service offers. Available on the homepage, this feature allows you to ask a question for free to a psychic reader.

You submit your details such as birth, name, e-mail, and the query category such as tarot after which you dial the toll-free number, provide the code, and get an answer within five minutes. You are also required to provide your credit or debit card details for getting this free trial.

How AskNow Works?
This tarot online platform is easy to use once you create your account. You just have to choose a preferable psychic from the home page list or look for the one according to price, skills, and type of advisor. Then, you just need to contact them via call or chat. If the advisor’s availability status is not online, you can schedule an appointment or use the callback utility.

To find the best reader, you can go through the profile of promising readers. The profile reveals their price, rating, skill, experience, availability, zodiac sign, language, and customer reviews too. Interestingly, you can easily spot Spanish-speaking readers.

Types of Readings and Psychics
You will find nine primary categories with their sub-categories. The former ones are spiritual, tarot, money, astrology, love, career, numerology, past lives, and dream analysis. You will easily find an expert psychic online for any of these categories.

AskNow categorizes its online psychics into masters and elite. The former ones are the most experienced, while the latter ones are cheaper although experienced. All advisors are thoroughly tested and screened before being a part of the AskNow network.

The AskNow readers communicate with their customers via live chat and phone. Although a call is more desirable, some advisors give their readings via live chat.

How to Find The Best Online Tarot Reading Website?
The Internet hosts several tarot card reading platforms but not all are equal. Each one has its distinct features to distinguish itself from the rest. Moreover, not all are candid, as there are a couple of fake sites as well.

To avoid being a victim of it and end up with a genuine one, you need to consider a couple of factors regardless of the kind of service you are looking for. So, here are these factors to keep in mind for selecting an online tarot reader:

Customer Reviews
It makes sense to first check for customer reviews regarding how reliable that particular tarot reader is. Those who wish to seek a tarot reading service online for the first time are likely to be suspicious. Thus, an ideal way to get rid of all suspicions is to go through customer reviews. Doing so also informs how authentic an online psychic platform is.

What you need to understand is that a popular website with famous or 5-star readers does not indicate that you go ahead with and buy its pack or offer. At times, even new websites are reliable. One way to find out whether a new service is good or not is to check customer reviews.

These reviews are available on the service provider’s website or review portals. Instead of just going through the reviews on the website, it is wise to check them out on portals. This is because chances are high for the former to be fake. In case of no customer reviews on the website, consider it as a red flag.

Even for choosing a reader, it is worth going through the client reviews.

It is a common practice to choose an experienced service provider regardless of the service required. This is applicable to tarot card reading services. You should look for an established online service, which has been providing its services for some years. After all, an authentic service will sustain.

Not only the provider should be experienced but even its tarot readers need to have substantial experience. A genuine website will always reveal the full profile of all its readers, which includes experience, skills, and certifications gained.

The service provider as well as its readers should be certified and experienced to give trustworthy answers.

Free Online Tarot Reading Offers
A genuine service provider will always give some kind of free offer. Most sites provide free initial minutes in the first reading session. The best free tarot reading online service will provide three to five minutes of a free trial, no matter which reader you choose.

Several good websites also provide discounted offers for subsequent sessions. For example, you can have a session of half an hour at dollar one per minute. Such offers can help you prevent spending a fortune.

In case of no free trial or offer, you can contact customer support and request for the same. After all, it is required to establish a connection with the reader and find out how genuine she or he is. Just keep in mind that the reading charges can differ from one reader to another as per the skills and experience.

Modes of Communication
This factor will inform you about how you will be able to connect with an online tarot reader. First-time customers are likely to hesitate to talk to a tarot advisor straight away. For them, the option of live chat seems to be suitable.

For those who want to set a profound connection with these experts, a phone call is ideal. Most reliable websites offer these two modes of communication. However, a few websites will also offer connecting with a tarot reader over a video call. This option is ideal for those who want a face-to-face reading.

Through this mode, it is also easier for the reader to attune to your aura and energy. In case you feel like getting some answers before conveying the next question, an e-mail reading session is ideal.

Well, a veteran tarot reader will ensure you accuracy and quality regardless of the mode of communication chosen. It is not necessary to see your face or expressions, as they know how to connect to you from anywhere.

Special Services
A site with maximum special services is not always the best one. It is good to choose an online tarot platform that offers some specialties. While having a couple of them is useful, too many in the list can engulf you.

A few of them are primary such as tarot reading, career advice, love and relations, and crystal ball predictions. Some are related to astrology, horoscopes, or feng shui. Choose the one with few categories to keep an overwhelming experience at bay.

This should always be in terms of plans and readers’ profiles. A genuine tarot card reading portal will always provide free access to the profiles of their advisors. These profiles reveal their rating, reviews, expertise, skills, and photo.

Such a site will also reveal payment plans based on time, charges per minute. However, you need to check that there is no wastage of time in terms of slow typing and interacting with many pauses. If such tactics happen, you can end the session and report to the customer support team.

A genuine tarot card service will always be in news for its accurate readings. The only way to check this out is by going through the customer reviews. Just do not believe blindly if the sites claim 100% accuracy.

This is another indicator of a good online tarot reading service, but not many service providers offer. A few portals will refund your money if you are dissatisfied, while some will provide extra session time (credit). If none of these offers exists, the initial few free minutes will help you decide.

Tarot Reading Near Me or Online Websites: Which to Choose?
Tarot card reading depends significantly upon the energy, feelings, and persona of the seeker. Usually, such a reading was done in person by finding a tarot reading near me. However, with the advent of technology, it has now got a new dimension of virtual reading.

This dimension is getting a boost due to its convenience and comfort, which in-person readings cannot ensure. Through a phone or online reading, the seeker still asks the same questions and renders the energy for driving the cards.

A proficient card reader has no issue in perceiving the future even if the seeker is three feet or 3,000 miles away. This is because the mystical domain does not function within the same physical arrangement that we tend to comprehend in the material world. The cards can still draw the seeker’s energy and work with it, regardless of how remote she or he is.

Even the classic readings are conducted by flipping the cards and translating the meaning, which can easily happen online. Most tarot card readers now prefer working online, as this is how it becomes possible for them to reach and interact with maximum seekers daily.

Virtual or online readings also facilitate more anonymity and more options. As a seeker, you only need to ensure that the online service chosen is carried out by an experienced reader. Only such a reader can connect with your energy and aura no matter in which environment you are and give exact readings regardless of the medium of connection.

Social distancing and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have given a boost to this online reading. Reading portals became the only way to connect to tarot readers from all over the world.

Seeking tarot reading online is more convenient than seeking the same in-person. Approaching an online reader takes away the hassle of traveling while ensuring a convenient session at the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, scheduling an in-person session needs some effort. You need to get ready and travel to the reader’s place, and then wait in the queue for some time. This could be a problem for those who are working. This is because you may not have that much time to wait. Further, you may struggle for a few days to get a time for the session, which works for both you and the reader.

While an appointment is required for both offline and online readings, chances are high for you to get a quicker appointment in case of the latter. Another benefit of an online tarot reading service is that you can choose from a variety of expert readers.

If you approach a tarot card reader near me, the reader may not necessarily be specialized in what you are looking for. You may end up accepting what she or he is specialized in. However, if you choose an online website, you have different types of readers to select from. Thus, you can connect with a reader as per your requirements as well as comfort.

Most of the time, you as the naïve seeker would be hesitant to sit in front of a stranger (reader). However, if you attend the session via chat or on call, you feel more comfortable. So, an online tarot reading session is more beneficial in the above-mentioned ways than an offline one.

I feel apprehensive about my first tarot card reading session online. What should I do?
It is perfectly fine to be apprehensive about a tarot card reading, as you have never experienced it before and that this form of mysticism strikes to accomplish clairvoyance to some extent. This can happen with any other kind of mysticism.

Nevertheless, once you get acquainted with this reading, you will recognize it as a fun medium to ascertain a few aspects of your future. Keep in mind that it will not predict your future directly but will give a good insight so that you can take informed decisions.

Tarot card reading could be overwhelming for the first time but you can address this easily by starting patiently. Choose the most reliable website and tarot reader.

Also, consider starting with only the basic spreads of three to four cards in your first reading. Once you feel good, you can proceed to have more cards. That is how you can get rid of your apprehensiveness and get the most out of this kind of reading.

Is a free online tarot reading as accurate as a paid one?
A free tarot reading session online is an ideal indicator of finding out how reliable and authentic the service is. It is fine to say that a paid session will give more value, as it has been set after going through stringent processes to deliver the result.

On the other hand, a free online reading session may not necessarily give you a full result. This is because it is a trial period that aims to make you familiarize with the service before you pay for a full session. While it offers genuine interaction, the result will not be comprehensive. Thus, it will not be fully accurate. The paid ones are usually more comprehensive as well as accurate.

Is an online tarot card reading accurate?
When it comes to an online tarot reading, it is common to doubt the accuracy of its reading. It is anyways hard to believe that tarot cards can depict our past, present, and future. So, it is even harder to believe when it is done online.

However, genuine online reading services have made it easier to believe in them through their accurate and timely readings. For those who may not know, online tarot readers are experienced, screened, and licensed professionals who have passed a meticulously planned screening process. These skilled professionals decrease the chance of any kind of dissatisfaction for the seekers.

Even their free offers are fairly accurate. The outcomes are persuading enough to rely on an online tarot reader.

Are there any important tarot cards?
Each of these cards has different weights and meanings, the former relying on your energy. Knowing the most important cards can make your online sessions quite valuable. A few most important cards wheel of fortune indicating an optimistic change, death indicating the beginning of a new life chapter, and eight of swords denoting dilemma and fear.

Which are popular tarot card decks?
Tarot cards are no longer just used for a recreational game; they have evolved into mystical media to predict results based on your energy. As you are looking for a reliable online tarot reader, it is essential for you to know about their basics.

Today, there are different tarot card decks. However, the standard deck is of 78 cards categorized into two sections, namely Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The former has 22 cards and handles life-changing incidents such as contemplation, spiritual, birth, and death. The latter one has the remaining cards and deals with daily life situations such as wealth and relations.

Apart from this standard deck, some more popular decks are the deck by Rider-Waite, for Modern Witches, for Everyday Witches, and of Santa Muerte. You may also come across Mystic Mondays, Ethereal Visions, and Forest of Enchantment decks.

Why is it so that two psychics will reveal two different interpretations for the same card?
Yes, this is true! The main reason for this variation is the reader’s perception. How a specific reader views a card governs how that card reveals in a spread to give the best solution or answer. The tarot reader reads the cards in her or his language, and that the energies driving the spread need to be in line with the one who is reading. Thus, different psychics tend to have dissimilar meanings of the drawn card.

Are tarot cards wicked?
No! They are impartial when it comes to making divinations. In truth, tarot cards are a reflection of ourselves and act as an annex of our will. Through the reading, if you feel more optimistic and lighter, know that their positive energies are flowing into you.

Finding the best tarot reading online service offering genuine aid and accurate readings is not challenging. Rather, several such services offer free minutes, search tools, and newbie credits to help find the best reader as per the requirements, availability, and budget.

Each of the top three websites for tarot reading has its distinct benefits but is genuine and well-established. You can start with any one of them to experience tarot reading online.