25 Best Instagram Growth Services (Verified List)

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If you’re new to the world of social media influence, then you may not be aware of some handy tips & tricks to crank up your success-story a notch higher. Let us help you with some of the best Instagram growth services which will not just help you grow your followers and likes on Instagram organically, but will also help you out with customized social media marketing strategies. Without getting help from these Instagram growth services, gaining a large number of followers can be a tedious process.

In a world where social media is replete with influencers creating content on a daily basis, it is very easy to exhaust unique ideas and thus reduce your follower base. To combat this, using Instagram growth services can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. While this is a great idea, getting the right type of service can be overwhelming. Think of this guide as a checklist you can follow to land the best type of Instagram growth service as per your requirement.

Best Instagram Growth Services


Viralyft is yet another one of the best Instagram growth services available for anyone looking to grow their Instagram influence organically. You can get started by simply registering with them, and after you’ve successfully made your account, you’ll be prompted to choose the service as per your requirement. For an easier and effortless experience, customers can download their app which uses the same IP address as that of your Instagram account from where you can monitor all your IG account related activities.

Viralyft offers fully automated services through their app which enables them to interact with other Instagram accounts to gain more followers. The team of experts at Viralyft acts as your social media manager which handles all your Instagram related requirements. While Viralyft handles a major chunk of your work, you still need to come up with new content regularly as Viralyft doesn’t post on your behalf. Apart from scouring new followers, Viralyft also provides services like automatic direct message and scheduling your posts.


If you’re an instagrammer looking to spike up your social media presence, then pull up your socks as Kicksta helps you accomplish what otherwise would happen in a coon’s age. Kicksta builds up your brand awareness in such a way which will leave companies hauling you up for promotions, paid partnerships and more gigs. Kicksta helps you get REAL followers on Instagram who are organic and can help you hit your next best milestone. Kicksta doesn’t guarantee a specific number of followers as compared to many other companies.

Promising a specific number of followers isn’t possible because ultimately it is you who has to come up with engaging and exciting content to attract more people. Kicksta is an auxiliary tool that spreads your content throughout Instagram and assists you in building your brand awareness. Firstly, it identifies profiles similar to yours, list your competitors, complimentary brands and influencers in your niche. Secondly, Kicksta will like posts of those people whose profiles are similar to yours. They’ll keep on adding relevant profiles to get the maximum exposure. This will be very beneficial for your growth because some of the people whose posts Kicksta liked will also follow you back. The only thing you have to ensure from your end is posting quality content regularly.

Building your Instagram influence with the help of Kicksta is better than buying fake Instagram followers any day! When you buy followers, most of them could be bots, your risk of getting spammed increases and IG may even delete your account on the basis of suspicious activity. With Kicksta, you’re absolutely risk-proof and eliminate the risk of getting spammed or getting your money wasted. They’ve helped more than ten thousand brands and influencers gain millions of followers in the past and have also been featured at Forbes, Huffpost, Entrepreneur and Social Media Today.


Thinking of expanding your reach on Instagram through more followers? Just like thousands of Instagram influencers, Socialsensei is your go to Instagram growth tool which ensures upto thousands of followers per month to its clients. It has partnered with several social media stars and bots and leverages their celebrity power to bring its clients more followers each month. The ‘how it works’ page on Socialsensei’s website explains their unique way of achieving thousands of followers in just no time.

They run loop giveaways through a celebrity or influencer’s page and post about it on their feed while asking their followers that if they want to enter the giveaway then they have to follow certain accounts. Within 7 days of the loop giveaway running, the client will notice a great surge in the amount of followers depending on the plan they have chosen. The bigger your plan, the number of followers received will be more. Loop giveaway through Instagram influence marketing is one of the most effective and safest ways to gain more organic followers.

All you have to do from your side is select your targeted audience by selecting age, interests, gender, location,etc. After you’ve determined your targeted audience, select a suitable plan as per how many followers you need every month for which Socialsensei guides you thoroughly. Lastly, all you have to do is sit back and relax as Socialsensei will do the work for you. Socialsensei will run your giveaway promotion for 7 days of the month during which time you’ll see guaranteed massive growth on your account.


With a plethora of service providers on the internet claiming to expand your Instagram followers, it is almost next to impossible to distinguish the good from the bad ones. Almost every other service provider out there is using bots, scripts or automation software to grow your account and offer unrealistic growth, Ampfluence is dedicated to providing 100 % compliant services as per Instagram’s terms of services.

Amateur influencers shed thousands of dollars on services which offer nothing more than bots or automation enhanced growth which often leads to termination of their account in terms of suspicious activity. Don’t risk your account’s security and years of hard work due to such shady providers. Make the switch to Ampfluence’s credible services which are very simple to understand. You begin by making a free account and consult Ampfluence’s team of professionals.

Increasing your Instagram presence can only happen if you capture the imagination of your audience through exciting and engaging content. The team of experts at Ampfluence takes time to understand your audience, your content and goals and then creates a customized strategy most suitable for you. They start by engaging regularly with your audience ensuring an organic growth in your followers and an increase in traffic to your Instagram profile and content. At last, they offer 100% money back guarantee and no questions asked policy on your most recent month in case you’re not fully satisfied. So with such tempting offers which guarantee you financial security, what have you got to lose?


One of the most unique ways to score more followers on Instagram is through Hashtagsforlikes. Using trending hashtags is a proven way to increase your reach to more and more targeted audiences. Getting started with Hashtagsforlikes includes a wide and thorough analysis of your live Instagram stats, research and creating hashtag campaigns for your profile.

With Hashtagsforlikes you can analyse your Instagram performance, discover what works best for you and make smarter choices. Searching Instagram influencers in your category, hashtags and competitors is very simple with Hashtagsforlikes. With their built in analytic features, you can identify statistically compatible tags which are going to give the most exposure. With the curate feature, you can even create test groups and save hashtag sets to increase your exposure to new and real users daily.

Seems easy to do right? Well, it’s even simpler than it looks! By using unique hashtags tailored to meet your posts, you will set a precedent that will allow users to locate you easier. The only work you have to continually do at your end is create engaging and quality content that’ll capture the minds of your audience.

Now that we’ve given you all the hows and whys of how you can grow your Instagram followers organically using Hashtagsforlikes, it’s high time you hit that subscribe button. While one-time buys boost your metrics significantly for a one-time need, they can’t really sustain the growth for a long period of time. For consistent exposure, engagement and connections, going for a long-term plan is the prerequisite for durable growth.


Combin is one of the best Instagram marketing tools out there which is loaded with powerful features like audience targeting, analysis, management and engagement. It attracts new and organic followers and helps you build a loyal community for your account.

Combin can instantly detect those who don’t follow you back and lets you unfollow them. It uses machine learning enhanced analysis which determines interaction between inefficient accounts and posts with 90% accuracy. It is a comprehensive solution for pointless interaction with accounts of spammers, shops or celebrities that don’t interact or are not interested in the content of Combin users. Combin weeds out any such account which has proven to be extremely productive and time-saving for millions of Combin users.

Another distinguishing tool offered by Combin is the ability to locate similar minded influencers and collaborate with them. Working with influencers is important for every brand’s marketing strategy to raise traffic and sales significantly. If you’re working alone, chances are you might not pick out the right influencer to work with or even if you do, you may not reach out to the targeted audience in your desired way.

With the help of Combin’s influencer search strategies, you can hunt down the perfect candidate for your brand promotion, define the language, gender and audience size of the prospective influencers’ accounts and spike your sales. Sounds too good to be true? Combin has over sixty-thousand trusted users and has featured at Search Engine Journal, Forbes, Product Hunt and many more reputed platforms. Still unsure? You can avail ‘Try for Free’ services at Combin and see what all the fuss is about yourself.


Ever wondered how so many Instagram influencers end up gaining a solid community of followers in just no time? Did you ever have the urge to choose a simpler path than going around a more difficult and lengthier one? Well, with the help of Upleap, your following can surge manyfolds in just no time! All the time, money and efforts you were previously putting in with little to no results, will finally come to fruition with Upleap.

With services starting at just $9, Upleap offers some of the most affordable services at unbelievable prices. Their basic and cheapest plan starts at just $9 for 100 followers.Other two plans also come at unexpectedly low prices like $19 for 500 followers and $39 for 1000 followers. Customers can begin by creating a free account with Upleap and deciding which of the three plans to go with. Upleap will never ask you for your Instagram account password which makes them a reliable platform if you’re looking to enhance your Instagram following.

Their delivery rates are as fast as 3 minutes and their services have an overall satisfaction rate of about 4.7/5. Apart from these impeccable services, Upleap has a robust customer support helpline which comes inclusively with whichever plan you decide to purchase.

Featured at platforms like BuzzFeed, Social Media Today, PLaybuzz, Mashable and many more, Upleap is one the best Instagram growth services out there to crank up your Instagram game to a notch higher.


A writer’s block isn’t just limited to a writer but any creator who creates content for the purpose of information and entertainment. Manier times you may feel that you’re running out of creative ideas to keep your audience engaged. We understand that the struggle is quite real! That is why with Trendhero you can search, discover and check Instagram influencers and creators so that you will never run out of ideas ever again. You can search for influencers and opinion leads by demography, their subscribers and by active accounts. You can even monitor which influencer has the highest engagement rate, posts regularly and has the most interaction with followers.

With the help of Trendhero you can monitor how often your competitors promote their profiles and when they start active ad campaigns. You can even see ad posts’ amounts of likes, comments and views of videos. Trendhero is a one-stop solution for digital agencies, business owners, SMM marketers and Influencers.

Trendhero offers several plans for people with different requirements. Their most unique and famous plan is a whopping $0 which is inclusive of services like: Influencers engagement rate, followers growth and favourites. Other affordable plans range from $9.99 to $99.99 which offers clients wide services to get started with their journey as a successful Instagram influencer.


Gramista is yet another highly coveted Instagram growth service which uses full automation to increase your followers, likes and comments. Signing up on Gramista is super simple; you have to enter your name, email and Instagram account name. Their pricing starts at just $49 for basic plan which ensures followers growth, video onboarding and targeting the audience. Their premium plan comes for $99 and offers a lot more than the basic plan. Customers receive a great spike in their followers, receive VIP email support, get a better targeted audience, live chat support and much more.

All you have to do is provide Gramista with hashtags to target the desired audience and then their bot will imitate human behaviour in the best way possible to get likes, follow, unfollow and so on. Although there are bleak chances of getting caught by Instagram under the premises of suspicious activity but rest assured, Gramista bots are designed in a way to minimise suspicion.

Firing Table

Trying to figure out how to grow your Instagram handle organically? Tired of wasting your money and time on sham service providers? Then gas up your car because we’re going to take you on a ride to Firing Table where you’ll learn about how to grow your followers organically and become a social media superstar!

It takes less than a whopping sixty seconds to get started with initial registration at Firing Table after which a client gets to choose the plan of their preference. For personal use, the plan comes for $29.95 where you receive organic followers, an account, one week term, increased interaction rates with the ease to cancel anytime. Other plans are for professionals and businesses which come for $ 49.95 and $79.95 respectively.

After you’ve laid down your preferences about the kind of plan you want to choose, the team of experts at Firing Table will get in touch with you regarding the kind of content you create, the users you engage with, their interests, age, location and so on. Your sole work is to focus on the quality of content to come up with to keep your audience grappled. Once you’re all set from your side, Firing Table will then work day and night to boost your Instagram account and scale up your influencer game. so, if you’re still on the hunt for some of the best Instagram growth services in the market, then your search ends here.

Tree Frog

One of the best Instagram growth services available in the market, Tree Frog is an organic social media growth service managed by experts and professionals in the field. They’re a team of social media marketing gurus who have made millions of customers happy and continue to strive towards delivering results.

Once you securely login to your Tree Frog account, the team of experts will receive a list of accounts similar to yours. They’ll then target those people because the chances are any one who follows those accounts will also follow yours. The team at Tree Frog will interact with them via likes, comments, DMs to grow your Instagram account effectively and organically. No matter what profession you’re in, if you want to build and enhance your brand awareness on Instagram, then the answer is Tree Frog.

Nearly half of Instagram growth service providers online sham their clients for money and untimely delivery. Tree Frog guarantees value for money along with timely delivery and their customer satisfaction rate has been noteworthy in the past. Tree Frog realises how painful customer support services can be, that’s why they have a robust customer support team in place to make your experience smooth while working with Tree Frog. Offering services for as cheap as $29.99, Tree Frog is extremely affordable for anyone who is new to any sort of Instagram growth services. Their $1/day subscription plan offers customers daily insights and value added advice to grow organically on social media.

Social Captain

If you’ve been hunting for the best Instagram growth services, then we assure you that your search ends here. With services starting at just $2.49 for 250 followers, $0.99 for 50 likes/posts and $1.48 for 250 views/post, Social Captain offers some of the most affordable services to increase your social media influence. Ideal for small, medium and large-sized brands across different industries and niches, Social Captain is a helpful Instagram growth service for influencers and also boosts your ecommerce business using Instagram marketing automation.

Not just affordable prices, they even offer various discounts if you’re a newcomer or loyalty discounts if you’re a regular customer.

A customer can get started by clicking on the ‘get started’ tab after which you’ll be prompted to choose a service. There are three services offered: Instagram followers, Instagram likes and Instagram views. All you have to do is select one of the three, enter your Instagram handle name and make the payment. The team of experts at Social Captain will get in touch with you shortly and right after you’ve made the payment for the service you want, you’ll see the desired results on your Instagram profile. The entire procedure from getting started to getting the desired results at Social Captain is absolutely effortless and simple to follow for anyone embarking on this journey for the first time.

Hype Planner

With over five thousand happy clients, Hype Planner has clients like Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, Spotify, Entrepreneur, Vogue and Variety. Such a gem studded list of clientele speaks volumes about Hype Planner’s proclivity for 100% customer satisfaction.

Hype Planner is one of the leading Instagram growth service providers which provides organic increase in number of followers in just no time. All you have to do is get started by choosing the most suitable plan, fill out your basic details like Instagram username and email and you’ll be contacted by experts at Hype Planner shortly. They have three types of plans, namely: Standard Plan for $99/month, Premium Plan for $149/month and VIP Plan for $499 inclusive of on-call consultation. All plans ensure quality daily growth, targeted growth, real followers, full customer support and the ease to cancel anytime.

After you’ve specified a plan, the team of experts at Hype Planner will research your account, niche and goals to come up with the best marketing strategy for your account, they’ll research similar accounts to yours and find the target audience. After identifying the target audience, they’ll engage with the targeted audience 24/7 and invite relevant users to check out your account. On an average, be ready to receive a spike of hundreds to thousands of new followers. If you’re looking for more, Hype Planner has methods to get you upto 150,000 real followers.

So hurry up and start marketing your new brand in the right and effective way with Hype Planner today!

Viral Race

With a customer rating of 4.75/5, Viral Race is one of the most trusted Instagram growth services in the market today. It’s true that there’s a lot of muck on the internet when it comes to availing Instagram growth services. For anybody who’s new to this kind of business, availing credible services can be a tricky thing. On the other hand, Viral Race offers 100% credible ways to ensure you receive organic growth on your Instagram account which will help you build more brand awareness and popularity.

Viral Race offers three kinds of services: Buy real followers, buy real likes and buy real views. With services starting at just $2.99 for 100 followers, Viral Race offers a safe and secure way to get real followers instantly. To buy more likes, their services start at a whopping $1.49/50 likes for your posts. In addition, they have a robust customer response team which helps you through the entire process hassle-free.

After you’ve purchased the plan of your choice, you’ll notice over 10x the growth, engagement and retention on your account.

Using Viral Race is completely safe and easy. Get started by entering your Instagram handle name and making the payment, Viral Race never asks you for your Instagram password or any other sensitive information. Viral Race offers one of the simplest means to your end! Place your order today and avail amazing discounts.


BigBangram is one of the leading Instagram growth services that provides various growth tools to promote your Instagram handle quickly and effectively. They offer many services for this purpose, one of which is the Instagram Hashtag generator. It is a particular system which generates desired hashtags from a keyword, image or a post link. A hashtag is a significant navigation tool which makes it possible to find the right post among a plethora of posts. Using BigBangram’s Instagram tag generator you will have the opportunity to find the content that will be useful and interesting for your users. The tag generator is a fully automatic artificial intelligence system that will do all the work for you.

Secondly, BigBangram uses Instagram bots to enhance your growth on social media. Many people may be sceptical about using bots for their growth and fear Instagram may ban them. But BigBangram fully backs up the use of bots with factual evidence on their site. As per their website, it is safe to use bots as they provide better customer support, wide range of comfortable work on Instagram like promotion, communication and sales. Lastly, BigBangram provides their customers with an auto unfollow option for Instagram. Unfollowing is a time consuming process when done manually. The unfollow bot at BigBangram will help you unfollow those accounts with which you have very minimal interaction or don’t serve any of your purposes.

Additional features provided by BigBangram are scheduled posts for Instagram, font generator and direct messenger. The scheduled posts feature will take care of your time posting a video/photo, the font generator will make your Instagram text attractive and unique, and the direct messenger feature will help you with your DMs, control their flow and attract customers with individual approach.


Trusted by influencers, brands and agencies widely, Krootez is another metonym for credible Instagram growth service provider. With the help of their services, you can boost your rankings, enhance the growth of your account with increase in likes, shares, comments and overall profile engagement.

Begin by choosing the most suitable package as per your requirement. If you’re not sure about which package to choose, simply contact Krootez’s customer support and they’ll guide you. Next, make your purchase through a secure payment gateway and lastly, sit back and relax! Krootez will work around the clock to ensure you quick delivery and guaranteed satisfaction. Although their prices are a little on the higher side, that is because they don’t sell bots to their clients like other service providers. They guarantee genuine, 100% real followers to their customers. Their plans start at $3.99 for 20 Instagram followers and go up to $129.99 for 10000 followers.

In a world where there’s a plethora of influencers out there, there’s nothing wrong in receiving a slight push by buying a few followers every now and then. You can significantly advance your career as an influencer using Krootez and reach wider audiences in a short span of time.

Krootez’s response time is very quick and generally a customer is contacted within 3-10 minutes of making their purchase. Their quick-reaction customer support system is extremely user-friendly and will guide you through any grievances you might have.


A one-stop solution to all your social media related toil, Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content and manage all your social media accounts from one place. With over 19 million users worldwide, Crowdfire is one of the most leading Instagram growth services in the market today. With their help, you can curate amazing content suitable for your audience and can even curate images which are shareable for instagram. Simply enter the topics you want to curate and get relevant articles and images to post without having to search for them yourself. Another great feature is you can create content in bulk in advance and then pick a schedule to publish it later. Lastly, Crowdfire will provide you with regular analytics for your Instagram handle’s performance. Crowdfire will provide you with PPTs and PDF reports which can be downloaded by you for clearer understanding.

They have monthly as well as annual plans and the option to even try it out for Free. Their plans begin at just $7.48/month and go upto $99.9.


Have you ever wished to get your Instagram handle verified but couldn’t get it done! With Skweezer, it’s possible to not just get your account verified but also try tons of other exciting services. You can buy real followers, likes, views and comments using Skweezer which are safely delivered to you without any hassle.

You can get started by choosing a plan, entering your Instagram handle name and making your purchase. Yes, it’s that simple! Their new feature of ‘Free Instagram Followers’ is a hit among new-comers and delivers up to 50 organic Instagram followers. The plans at Skweezer start at $11.99 for 500 followers and go up to $84.99 for 5000 followers. Too good to sound true? You can check some real testimonials by satisfied customers on Skweezer’s website where about 94% of their customers have rated them ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Apart from this, Skweezer’s 24*7 customer support enables customers to address their grievances hassle-free and at any time. You can even avail exciting first-come-first-serve discounts and loyalty offers across all services. So hurry up and embark on your journey to becoming successful with Skweezer today!


Is buying Instagram followers safe?

This is the question that is on every buyer’s mind when they purchase followers for the first time. Yes, buying Instagram followers is as safe as doing online shopping from any trusted online market store. Just be mindful of how many followers you’re purchasing as buying bulk followers may increase suspicion among your competitors and they may report it to authorities at Instagram.

In how much time will I receive my followers?

The delivery time may depend on the type of service provider you’ve chosen. Some take minutes to deliver while others may take upto a few days time. Be sure to check out thoroughly on the website before you make your final purchase.

Can I become successful after buying more followers?

There’s no guarantee of success if you don’t do your end’s work. After growing your followers, your responsibility should be to look after the quality of the content of your brand. You must continually come up with exciting and unique content in order to keep your audience grappled. If you do your end’s work combined with purchasing more followers, you will surely meet your desired goal.

Can I lose my purchased followers?

Since the companies listed in this guide only provide real and organic followers, so yes, it is a possibility. But you can keep their interest going by regularly creating exciting content and increasing your engagement rate with your followers. You can even go for a service provider who provides refill services. In this way, you can keep replenishing followers you’ve lost out on.

Can I get Instagram followers for free?

There are plenty of Instagram growth services that may claim they can get you, followers, for “free”. But you need to be mindful of their malicious intent as no good service provider will offer such services for free.


Now that we’ve curtailed a thoroughly researched list of some of the best Instagram growth services, we’re sure your journey to becoming the next Instagram sensation won’t be a difficult one! We understand that growing your account manually may demand efforts worth a few years.

Even when amateur influencers or small-scale brands think of availing of Instagram growth services, they may get in disarray quickly seeing many providers only selling sham products. The list of frauds is a long one because of which we’ve scoured the internet to find you the right Instagram growth service providers.

So why waste so much time when you can achieve your dreams hassle-free in just no time!