21 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Streams & Followers

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Every industry is competitive and the competition out there prevents the newcomers from growing and gaining reputation in the market. However, the music industry is the most competitive out of all and is already saturated. Growing in the music industry takes some time and it is possible only if you get into the trending lists which again, needs time, hard work, and a huge audience. As someone that is relatively new in the music industry, growing would be difficult for you but we do have alternative methods for you. To get the boost needed, many artists take the help of third-party services from which you can easily buy Spotify plays, followers, likes, and streams for your accounts on the music streaming apps.

This article will list out the best sites to buy Spotify plays, streams, and followers as Spotify has the highest number of listeners and can give you the boost needed. So, let us have a look at all the sites that you can buy Spotify followers, streams, and plays from so that you can be recognized in the music industry as soon as possible.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays


Viralyft identifies as a social media service provider and we cannot disagree! With some of the most affordable packages for Spotify available, it is undoubtedly the best you can get. The cheap pricing rate does not mean that you compromise on the quality of engagement you get. With Viralyft, it is just the opposite as Viralyft always takes care to provide you the services from some of the most notable accounts available on the Spotify platform.

Thus, the engagement you get does not compromise with your reputation but helps build it! The packages for buying Spotify plays at Viralyft start from $4.99 for 1000 plays and go up to $750.00 for 500000 Spotify plays. In the case of packages for buying Spotify followers, the lowest available package is priced at $9.99 for 100 followers and the packages can go up to $149.99 for 5000 Spotify followers.


SocialPros is an organic service provider and provides your Spotify account with an organic audience using the most cost efficient services. Irrespective of your reputation as an artist, SocialPros’ services have been tailored so as to work for every type of artist and provide them with wonderful results!

The site runs campaigns until the number of followers/plays/streams you want have been delivered to your account. SocialPros uses large music engagement groups to help provide you the services and send email blasts to millions of users worldwide based on the genre of the artist’s music. There are three packages available for clients who want to buy Spotify plays that start at $10 for 1000 plays. Similarly, there are three packages available for people who want to buy Spotify followers starting at $20 for 500 followers.


With the increasing popularity of social media and the need for having a strong digital presence, social media marketing is in trend and a number of brands take the help of reputed service providers to boost their reputation. GetViral is one such site that helps you grow your social media by providing services for all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Soundcloud. You can buy Spotify plays, streams and followers from GetViral and the client’s satisfaction is their topmost priority.

Moreover, the site offers a range of affordable packages to help you stay within your budget but fulfil your social media requirements. Their packages come with a 24/7 customer support guarantee and the best part is that they will even build a custom package to fulfil your needs in case you don’t find an appropriate package for your brand out of their extensive list.

Thus, GetViral’s packages have contributed to its position as the best site to buy Spotify plays and all related services. You have seven packages available if you want to buy Spotify plays and they start at just $6.99 for 1000 Spotify plays. The maximum priced package is the one that delivers 500000 Spotify plays at just $750.00. All these packages start getting delivered within eight hours.


Out of all the sites that we will be discussing in this article, ViewsExpert is undeniably unique. The site has a vast network of partners on every social media platform that it utilizes to promote your account so that the reach/service you get delivered is real. This innovative method does not expose you to the risks of availing the third-party services.

Most third-party services utilize bots or spam accounts to provide you with service but in this case all the engagement you get is real which means that you are not put at the risk of being suspended or shadow-banned on the social media platform whose services you avail. You can buy Spotify plays at as low as $4.00 for 1000 plays and Spotify followers at just $9.00 for 100 followers. There are a number of packages that you can choose from, according to your needs.


Originally started as a service provider for Instagram services, SocialPackages has come a long way since then and provides services for nearly all social media platforms that you can think of! SocialPackages employs a team of experts that always stay on an alert to help the customers in case any unforeseen events take place that hampers the delivery of the service.

This guarantees ultimate customer satisfaction and you can go onto their site to go through a number of reviews left by their previous clients. SocialPackages’ services are not only affordable, they are delivered from the best quality accounts. You can buy Spotify plays at as low as $3.00 for 500 plays and Spotify followers at just $9.50 for 100 followers from SocialPackages’ site.


Fastlikes.io is another site that specifically aims towards Instagram. However, the range and the quality of the services it has to offer will shock you because you would never believe the price! Adhering to its name, Fastlikes delivers you its services quickly so that you can grow in your industry quickly. Fastlikes makes sure that only real accounts are used to provide you with services so that you are safe from getting banned on Spotify or any other social media platform.

For the clients that want to buy Spotify plays, the cheapest package is available at $6.99 for 1000 Spotify plays and range till $750.00 for 500000 Spotify plays. For the ones that want to buy Spotify followers, the lowest investment they could make is $9.99 for 100 Spotify followers and the maximum is $149.99 for 5000 followers.


If you want to boost your social media accounts by using promotion methods, UseViral would be a good option for you as it will let you utilise its vast network on nearly all social media platforms by promoting your account. It provides services for more than 8 social media platforms and it can help you grow on multiple platforms at the same time.

Having a good digital presence on multiple platforms will help you with branding and lends authenticity to your brand. Hence, you can avail FollowerPackages services to achieve the reputation you want. The packages for Spotify followers start from $10.00 for 500 followers and those for Spotify plays at $10.00 for 1000 plays at UseViral.


Famups is the best site to buy Spotify plays from, for people that believe in organic reach and its wonders on one’s accounts. The site takes only a few minutes to take your account to a pro account in the industry at a very affordable rate! Famups only uses real accounts to deliver its best services, planned by its experienced team of digital marketing experts.

Thus, make a social media investment with Famups to reap the benefits of a lifetime. To buy Spotify followers from Famups you can spend only $3.00 to get 100 Spotify followers and for Spotify plays, spend as low as $6 to get 1000 Spotify plays.


BestSellerMarket is a very descriptive name in itself and makes good on its promise to deliver the best services to you. The site offers some of the best services on the marketplace and is very affordable. It is not a mere site from which you can just buy Spotify services because it also caters various packages so as to promote your account as a major stakeholder in the music industry. Their services actually help you reach that position without spending excessive amounts of money.

The playlist promotion packages from BestSellerMarket are priced at $99.00 and provide the services for 30 days. To increase the number of listeners and streams on your Spotify account, the package is priced at $30.00. The site also has packages available for Apple Music and you can choose any of the packages that meet your requirements.


BuySocialToday’s site claims that its services can help you get a new virtual and it is actually true because its high-quality and affordable prices let you transform your social media into a new avatar that you have never witnessed before. They deliver small orders within 48 hours of purchase, meaning that you do not need to wait long to reach the fame you want.

BuySocialToday does not require any of your personal details such as passwords which makes it secure for any and all transactions. The starter package for Spotify plays is priced at $2.49 for 1000 Spotify plays and that for Spotify followers is priced at $0.99 for 100 followers. The site also has a number of packages that deliver all Spotify services.


ArtistBooster aims towards providing packages for providing the accounts of various artists with the boost they need to shine into the spotlight. You can avail their affordable services and track them after successful purchase. Their services will not only help you become the successful artist that you deserve to be, but will also help you gain a reputation as an artist.

You can choose Spotify plays between 500 to 50,000 plays and can set the targeting option as either international or country specific starting at just $4.00. You can buy Spotify followers from ArtistBooster starting at $38.50 and within $880.00.


StreamDigic is a site that focuses on providing services for all social media platforms that cater to video services such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. The site is very easy to use and can be smoothly used on any device.

Not only the customer support but the actual digital marketing team of experts at StreamDigic are available 24/7 for you because they believe that the delivery of services should never stop! To buy Spotify plays, you need to spend at least $9.90, the price of 1000 plays and you will get Spotify followers at just $6.90 for 100 followers on StreamDigic.


If none of the above sites caught your attention, Songlifty surely will! Songlifty is a site that is dedicated to providing promotion services for music and has a team of experts that have been actively working in the music industry for more than 15 years. Thus, the experts at Songlifty know what they are doing and design packages to help your music achieve the audience it truly deserves!

You can buy Spotify plays at just $4.00 that you can distribute to a number of tracks and can target with respect to the geographic location. However, if you want to buy Spotify followers, you can do that at just $45.00 and these follows will be from active users only.


SocialBar is a site that provides services for all social media services including Reddit, Telegram, IMDb, Tumblr, and Discord making it a complete social media service provider. The site provides services for more than 20 social media platforms at very affordable prices so that you can give your brand the identity you want it to.

You can moreover buy more website traffic to help you get a wider audience from the web that has a huge number of visitors or users. SocialBar provides all services related to Spotify such as followers, plays, or streams. It is one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays from as it has been doing this since long and their marketing campaigns are set up by their highly experienced team of marketing experts. You can buy Spotify followers anywhere between 500 and 100000 and the site shows the price accordingly. Additionally, you can buy Spotify streams anywhere between 1000 and 1000000 from the site which displays the according price.


SocioBlend is a leading digital marketing agency established in India but servicing all over the world. The site offers services for nearly all social media platforms and the user-friendly features of the site is what attracts clients.

Unlike all the sites discussed above, SocioBlend is a leading marketing agency that offers services such as PPC, Social Media Optimization, Web Design and Development, Content Writing, and even Link Building. The company has a team of leading digital marketing experts who build digital marketing schemes for your brand that help you with your brand’s digital presence. Hence, SocioBlend is a complete marketing agency for all your needs.


ArtistPush.me is another site made to promote artists and the site has promotion services for nearly every music streaming platform including Apple Music. Moreover, the site also promotes your account on other social media platforms to help you gain the audience and provide your music with recognition on the various music streaming apps. ArtistPush.me also offers services for Personal Promotion using SMM and other strategies.

You can buy Spotify Plays from ArtistPush.me at just $5 for 1000 Spotify plays with the maximum as 1 million Spotify Plays at just $1999. You can buy Spotify followers from just $4 for 100 followers which can go up to 10000 followers for $90.


SidesMedia is one of the most popular platforms available on the web for providing social media services at affordable rates. If you want high-quality and real engagement for your Spotify account, SidesMedia is the correct place for you. On using an analysis tool, you can witness the growth in your engagements after availing their services. SidesMedia has been written about in some of the top blogs and all of these only have good things to say.

Moreover, the previous clients of SidesMedia vouch for the authenticity of the site and its packages. You can get Spotify listeners at just $3.00 for 1000 monthly listeners from SidesMedia. The highest package available is of 50000 monthly listeners at just $59.00. The lowest available package for clients who want to buy Spotify followers is available at just $10.00 for 500 followers and go upto $89.00 for 10000 followers.


PlaysWiz is a site that helps you get the required attention on your Spotify and SoundCloud accounts. The site provides services to help you gain reputation as an artist and promotes your music to increase the awareness about it. Spotify is the leading platform in the music industry and has the highest number of monthly listeners.

PlaysWiz has created packages to help your tracks get streamed and gain an audience. Moreover, the site provides your account with boosts 24/7. You can start buying real Spotify plays from PlaysWiz at just $8.90 and choose specific targeting and for Spotify followers at just $8.90.


LikeService24 has a wide range of packages that you can choose from so as to help you generate social media awareness about your brand or products/services, and to help you create a good digital presence. The site delivers the orders within a few hours of purchase and has 24/7 customer support to help with any queries or demands you might have. The site has an extensive privacy and security policy and takes measures to protect your data from being stolen or hacked.

Whatever be the social media platform that you need help with, LikeService24 will have packages that you can choose from and will be able to purchase. You can buy Spotify plays from LikeService24 starting at just 2.95€ for 1000 plays and for Spotify followers the packages start at as low as 1.95€ for 250 followers.


Social Media does help your account get a boost and allows you to have a greater digital presence. Who better to help you with your social media account than experts themselves? SocialKing provides you with packages developed by a team of social media and digital marketing experts that help you get the social media recognition you want.

The company also offers consultation services so that you can plan and build your digital marketing strategy. SocialKing has an extensive refund guarantee policy and an anti-spam policy, providing its clients with services from real accounts on all social media platforms.


FollowersUp is a site that believes quality of their services is what makes or breaks their reputation in the industry and hence offer high-quality but affordable packages to their clients. The delivery of all the orders start within an hour after successful purchase and are delivered within hours. FollowersUp has provided thousands of orders and is a leading service provider in the industry. All personal information is encrypted which means that you will not be at the risk of hackers.

FollowersUp has been functioning for more than 5 years with zero accounts getting banned because of their services. You can buy Spotify plays from FollowersUp at just $9.00 for 1000 plays and Spotify followers at just $3.00 for 100 followers.

Why Spotify Out of All Music Streaming Apps?

Spotify has been around since 2008 and has since then amassed a large number of users on the app. The continuous improvement of its streaming quality, usability, and the capability to share music over the app has turned it into one of the major music streaming apps. This has led to a revolution in the way we discover and listen to music nowadays. The other popular music streaming apps are:

  • Apple Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Google Play Music

Google Play Music and YouTube Music have now joined hands and there exists only the YouTube Music app. However, with all the different variations available on the other apps, why is Spotify still termed the best?

  • Spotify has a vast algorithm and offers a lot of variety. Moreover, Spotify has invested greatly in the podcast industry at a time when a large number of people prefer listening to podcasts over reading books.
  • The platform has an excellent AI that analyzes your music habits and creates customized playlists for you. The app also recommends you new music based on your music taste which means you become more committed to using the app. Spotify’s users also receive mood stations based on their favourite genres or artists.
  • Spotify analyzes songs based on the plays, genres, and your personal habits. Thus, every Monday it rolls out a Discover Weekly playlist wherein you can listen to music that you might’ve never heard of but would like (the algorithm deems so).
  • Spotify allows you to collaborate with people on your playlists. You can create a playlist and add your friends as collaborators who would be able to contribute to the playlist. Moreover, you can share Spotify playlists on other social media apps which makes it very interactive and lets you share your music.

Why Should You Buy Spotify Plays?

Well, just like we said before, the music industry is a very competitive world and it is difficult to gain popularity in such a saturated industry. If you want to grow fast, buying Spotify services to provide you with that extra boost you need to receive an audience. However, if you end up availing sites that provide you services by using bots, there is a high chance that the Spotify algorithm will ban you from their platform as these bots give you automated likes or followers but do not actually listen to the music, meaning the streams would not be counted and you would end up wasting your money.

However, this doesn’t mean that buying these services includes risks entirely. Well, if you buy Spotify services from any reputable site which uses real accounts to deliver the services to you, there is a high chance that they would discover your music, listen to it, and share it to people. Thus, going through reviews before buying any of those services is important so as to determine whether they use bots or real accounts. Hence, proceed with caution before availing these services so that you don’t end up putting your account at risk.

How to Buy Spotify Services from these sites?

You can buy Spotify services from any of the sites mentioned in this list of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, streams, and followers. There are very simple steps involved as all of these sites are user-friendly and there are not too many complex steps that you need to follow to buy these services successfully. We have drafted this guide that you should go through before buying any services from the sites mentioned so that you do not face any trouble or inconvenience.

  • Choose the best site for your needs by going through the customer reviews and reading the specifics.
  • Check the customer support availability and read whether they use real accounts or bots.
  • Choose the service you want and filter it according to the budget and service amount needed.
  • Enter the URL where you want the services delivered and click on Confirm to get redirected to the Payment site.
  • Choose the correct payment method, enter the correct details, and go to the Checkout page.
  • Enter the OTP and receive the payment confirmation. Then, sit back and relax while the service gets delivered right into your account.

Thus, you can purchase the services just by following these simple steps that are written above.


It might be difficult getting popular in the music industry but purchasing the services of these third-party apps that provide you with a boost could help you reach that extra mile and achieve what you want. There are other marketing ways that you can utilize for getting results. You could avail the services of any reputed social media and digital marketing agency to create marketing campaigns for you so that you can promote your music to people.

Another way to gain an audience on Spotify is by utilizing the Spotify Ads. With Spotify ads, Spotify helps artists promote their music to a targeted audience which means there is a higher chance that people will come and check your music which will give you more plays, shares, and likes. Another way is to utilize your social media platforms for promotional purposes. You could promote your music on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and gain views from your audience base on those platforms.

However, the faster and easier way is to avail the services of third-party apps that let you buy social media packages and help you increase your likes, streams, plays, and followers. We have already discussed the possible risks involved when you buy Spotify plays, streams, and followers from these third-party services so proceed with caution so as to avoid falling in trouble with the algorithm. We hope this article helped you explore the options that you can adopt for a good reputation on Spotify and your music gets the best it deserves!