24 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers & Likes

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Most people who use the internet regularly or even sparsely know of Facebook. Millions of people use this platform daily. And do you know what happens when companies find out that there’s a place where millions of people are active at a time? Well, they rush to that place and turn it into a marketplace. A place where they can promote products and services. This is because it helps them increase brand awareness and make more sales. If you want to get your brand’s Facebook page popping but don’t have enough credibility then services to buy Facebook likes and to buy Facebook followers can help.

A lot of people are already using this method and if you want to give it a try then we have a list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes and followers. We have also included FAQs that can act as a sort of guide to grow on Facebook and earn money from it. So, without further adieu let’s look at the list of best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers


Viralyft is a company that is popular among many people who like to boost their stats on social media platforms. The site promises to deliver the order fast and has cheap prices. The starting package for Facebook followers gets you, 250 followers, for $6.99. Facebook page likes cost $18 for 500 likes.


SocialPros ensures that you can buy Facebook followers, likes, subscribers, comments, etc. from it at attractive rates and boost your presence across multiple social media channels. It has one of the most exhaustive lists of social media platforms that it supports.

The cheapest packages for Facebook likes to get you 1000 likes for $15. It has many other packages helping you buy specific types of likes. Visit the website to know more.


Getviral sells services for many platforms. If you want to boost your presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. then this site can help you boost your presence on these platforms.

The price for Facebook page likes on getviral.io starts at $17. You get 500 likes for that. The starting price for followers is $18.99 which gives you the same number of followers.


ViewsExpert is a social media service provider that promises to provide high-quality stats on time by utilizing its vast network. It says that you can use its services to gain credibility on social media without much hard work. The price for 500 likes on ViewsExpert is $16.50. For the same number of followers, you have to pay $13.


FollowerPackages understands that sometimes you need a little bit of boost to establish your presence on social media platforms. It claims that its services can help you with this.

The site offers services for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud. If you want to buy Facebook likes from FollowerPackages, the minimum price you need to pay is $25 which is the price of 500 likes.


The next site is socialpackages.net. It has multiple services for different platforms but promotes itself as the best real growth service provider for Instagram. So, if Instagram is your platform of choice you can take a look at this site.

You can also buy Facebook likes and followers from socialpackages.net. For 250 likes and followers, you have to pay $10 and $9.99 respectively. You can check out other packages on the website.


Fastlikes.io is a site that sells services for many platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc. It claims to have genuine services for Instagram users. You will not get bots as followers.

There are services for Facebook as well. You can buy Facebook page likes starting from $17 for 500 likes and buy Facebook followers starting from $18.99 for 500 followers.


Famoid is a company that says that its services will make you famous. That’s what its name stands for. It has services for Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The company claims to have fast delivery and a 24/7 active support team.

The services for Facebook are not cheap on this site but it claims that the stats are of high quality. The Facebook page likes’ packages start at $28.95 for 250 likes.


Famups is another popular company used by many as their go-to social media service provider. They claims to have reliable services that you can buy without any risk. If you are looking to purchase stats for Facebook this site has many services for it. Facebook page likes cost $18 for 500 likes and the same is the cost for Facebook followers. Check out other packages on famups.com.


The next site is social-viral.com. It has services for Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It claims to provide real and exclusive followers with fast delivery. The starting packages for Facebook page likes are quite cheap on this site. For $1.99 you get 50 page likes. The starting package for followers costs $4.99 and provides 100 followers.


BuySocialMediaMarketing is another choice you have if you are looking for a place to buy stats for cheap. It also services a bunch of popular social media platforms. If you are looking for Facebook services then we suggest visiting this site. For just $2.99 you can get 100 followers while the price for post likes starts at $2.99 for 50 likes.


If you are looking for an exhaustive list of services for popular social media platforms then BuySocialBuzz is one of the sites to check out. Since you are looking for Facebook services you can find a plethora of services for Facebook that can help you boost your credibility on the platform. For $4.5 you can get 100, page likes and for $8.10 you can get 500 profile followers.


Appsally has many services that it claims can help you steady your online presence to boost it. It has hand-picked marketers to give you access to services used by hyper-growth companies.

To buy Facebook followers and likes from this site you have to use the search bar. There are lots of combos and packages. You can get details about them on the website. The price of Facebook followers start at $18 for 250 followers and the price of likes is the same.


Another good site to buy Facebook likes and followers is mediamister.com. It lets you select the type of like you want and then target different countries. If you want worldwide page likes then the price starts at $6 for 100 likes. For Facebook page followers the price is $3 for 100 followers.


Trollishly is a company that is based out of the UAE. Its parent company is Rise Up Digital FZE. It sells social media marketing services for people to boost their stats on social media platforms. You can get free trial services for Instagram and TikTok on this site. If you want to buy Facebook page likes it starts at $4 for 100 likes.


The next site is instafollowers.co. It has different services for multiple social media platforms. It also sells services to buy backlinks. You can buy 100 followers for Facebook for $3.51 and get 100 page likes for $4.46.


If you are looking for a site that provides search engine optimization services and development services along with social media services, you can give some consideration to woorke.com. It has a long list of social media platforms that it serves. The services that it provides are a bit different from the general ones.

One of the packages for Facebook followers costs $3.99 per account. Yes, it is a bit costly but it has a lot of options for high-quality followers and other stats. So, do check it out.


GetRealBoost claims that its services can give you credibility on social media platforms. The Facebook likes’ packages start at the price of $11for 200 likes. For followers, the starting rate is $7 for 200 followers. The delivery will take a couple of days.


Venium has a fixed rate for Facebook page likes. You can buy 1000 likes for $23.99. The minimum order quantity is 500. The cost of post likes is $0.99 for every 100 likes with the minimum order quantity being 50 likes.


FBSkip has had 4 years in the social media services industry. As you can guess from this site’s name it focuses on Facebook users. You can buy different services to boost your presence on Facebook. The cost of post likes and page likes on this site is the same. You can buy 100 likes for $5.


Soclikes is a company that has been around for over 7 years. It promises to provide top-quality services and round-the-clock customer service.

The starting package for Facebook followers on this site costs $3.99. You get 100 followers at that price. The biggest package costs $594.99 and you gain 50k followers.


RedSocial is another alternative to look for if you want to buy Facebook likes and followers. You can buy normal likes which start at $7 for 200 likes or you can go for a targeted likes package which is priced at $15 and get you 50 likes. For followers, the starting price is $3 for 50 followers.


BoostLikes is one site that promotes itself as one of the best service providers for Facebook services. You can buy different stats from this item. 250 page likes on this site costs $23 and for 250 post likes, you need $17. If you want to purchase the same amount of followers then the price starts at $13.


If you want to buy USA-targeted likes then you can go to ibuyfans.com. The cost of 100 USA-targeted likes is €5.57. You can also buy normal likes which start at €2.79 for 100 likes. If you want to boost your follower count then the packages for followers start at 100 followers for €3.49.

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How to Get More Followers and Likes on Facebook?

Facebook started more than a decade ago and is one of the reasons why the social media industry is so big and important today. A lot of big corporations and celebrities use Facebook to reach out to their clients and audiences. Having a solid follower base on Facebook ensures that your brand will have good exposure. It will help you in the generation of more leads which will then lead to an increase in sales. Since Facebook has been around for so long it has become saturated with content.

There are hundreds of thousands of pages that are posting content to attract followers. This has made the user feed an important real estate. If you are struggling to get your Facebook page off the mark and gain a bunch of likes and followers then we have a few guidelines that may help you in your endeavours. If you so wish most of the methods can be used without investing any money. So, if you are looking for a way to get more likes and followers on your Facebook page then take a look at these tips.

● Take A Look at Your Page

Your Facebook page is your brand’s virtual identity on Facebook. This is what people will see before choosing to follow you. You haven’t got many chances to impress them. So you better make most of the first one. Many people might think that optimizing their Facebook page is obvious but you can see that a lot many pages on Facebook aren’t good. They do not have the about section properly filled, the cover or profile photo looks shabby and the overall vibe of the page looks dull.

You need to ensure that people start feeling positive about your page as soon as they land on it. You have to complete the about section. Fill it up with all the relevant details. A page with a well-filled section is more credible. Ensure that the cover photo that you use is not only relevant to the page but also of high quality. Look at the optimal dimensions for it. It shouldn’t get stretched and look bad on your page. The same goes for the profile pic. Generally, your brand logo will work best.

If you are the face of your brand then you can put a clear picture of yourself. Once these are done pick out the top-performing post of your page and pin it to your page. This way people will be easily able to find it and may like it enough to follow you.

● Your Page Should be an Easy Find

No one will like your page or follow it if they are not able to find it. So, it is your job to make it easier for them to do so. The first thing that you should focus on is the name of your page. It should generally correspond to your business or brand name since most people will be typing your brand name to search for it. Sometimes adding unnecessary keywords can make it harder for them to find your page. So, keep it simple. Change the URL to be similar to your business name and other social media handles.

This kind of consistency can help you gain more followers since people will easily recognise your username if it is similar to the other social media handles that you have. A username in the context of Facebook pages is vanity URLs. They are the links to Facebook pages. So, if you can take some time to update your username to something legible, relevant and consistent with your business name then it will be great. Use different platforms to promote your Facebook page.

Post the link or handle to your website, other social media profiles, business cards etc. A good idea would be to share a top-performing post on these platforms. This way people will be more interested in clicking the link. The idea is to ensure that your page is discoverable by interested parties.

● Your Content Will Make or Mar Your Page

No matter what you do or what promotional strategy you use, you will not get long-term success if your content is poorly created and of low quality. If your Facebook page posts are boring people will start ignoring them and soon the Facebook algorithm will know that your page probably isn’t that great and thus, your exposure will suffer greatly.

We know that it sounds obvious when someone says that your Facebook posts need to be great to get more likes and followers. But if you have tried different methods and nothing is working effectively, maybe it is time to look at your posts and sort of revamping them. Are you a ‘meformer’ or ‘informer’? Ask yourself this question. Meformer is a term coined to describe profiles that only talk about themselves.

You just keep on mentioning your brand and your products and services then people will generally not like that. But if you choose to give valuable information and provide interesting or entertaining posts then you will receive more engagement leading to more exposure. Try to incorporate visuals that stop people from scrolling past your post.

Stop them from scrolling and create good content to hold their attention till they want to give you alike. Funny videos, infographics, facts and figures are very popular on Facebook and other social media platforms. Try to create content under these categories while keeping them relevant to your brand. Also adding a good caption can help you garner more likes and comments. Experiment with what works and then utilize them.

● Post Consistently

If you post sparsely then people will soon forget about you. This is very much true for smaller brands and businesses that are trying to generate some buzz on Facebook and gain a good number of followers. Initially, most users do not know your brand. So, if you post one day and then post again the next week, your brand will stop being relevant.

You have to post regularly to stay relevant. Try to post daily if possible. Some brands even post multiple times a day. Now, we are not suggesting that you compromise with the quality of the content that you upload. You may need to work harder to generate more good-quality content.

On days you are feeling creative and you have a bunch of content ideas, create them and then using a post scheduler schedule them so that they can be updated automatically when it’s time.

If you keep posting multiple times a day people will have more content to look at which will make more people follow you since they want interesting stuff to pop up in their feeds. But this does not mean that you will post 10 to 15 times. Just post 2 to 4 times a day.

● Know When to Post

Now, of course, if you post at random times you won’t get much engagement. You should post at the right time which is the time your followers and audiences are more likely to be active on Facebook. You don’t want your content to go unnoticed. Generally, during the day a lot of engagement seems to be happening. But to know for sure you have to dig deeper and do a bit of research yourself. You can do this by creating multiple contents and posting them at different times of the day.

Then using Facebook’s analytics tool see which posts are getting more engagement. This will give you an idea about the periods at which your audiences are most active. You can schedule your best posts to be uploaded during these intervals. It will help you get more engagement. A starting point would be to post during the daytime between 12 to 3 pm.

Studies have found out that a lot of engagement happens during this period. You can find appropriate studies on the best time to post. sproutsocial.com and hootsuite.com have good and detailed studies on this topic.

● Be More Human-Like

You may be thinking, ‘Duh! I am a human’. Well, sometimes one may get too roped into promoting their brand and may become a bit too commercial. These brands generally do not receive much engagement. Social media is generally a place where people connect. Yes, we agree that today it feels more like a marketplace but still, social media users do not like being sold to directly. You need to behave more humanly to promote your content. Being too commercial won’t generate more leads.

You need to divide your content strategy into promotional and entertaining. The latter category should have the most posts. A good rule to follow is to have 70% non-commercial posts and 30% commercial posts. Even your commercial posts do not sell directly. Look at your competitors who are doing great or have a good following.

See how they are promoting their products. Take inspiration and come up with a way to promote your products and services. The more non-commercial your posts feel the more engagement you will garner and thus, more exposure and followers.

● Interact With Your Followers and Audiences

People who like and comment on your posts have found your content quite interesting. This is why they have taken the time to like and comment. You should try to make them feel that it means a lot to you and that they are a part of your brand’s family. You can do this by reacting or replying to their comments. If you are getting DMs then don’t leave them hanging.

Get back to them as soon as possible. Replying to all the DMs may not be possible as your page grows bigger but try to do it as much as possible. Also, try to create content centred around your followers. You can ask them to share their stories about your brand and share these as posts on your Facebook page.

Create engaging captions and ask for people’s opinion and feedback. Thank them for their feedback as well. This will make your audience feel that they are a part of the team and they will be more willing to comment on your posts and like them. Also, ask your audience to share your posts. If you have created a loyal follower base then your followers will be willing to give you exposure. So, focus on that as well.

● Giveaways and Contests

Everyone likes free stuff and everyone likes to win stuff and you can help people get experience by hosting contests and giveaways. Come up with a good contest idea that is relevant to your profile theme and brand. If you own a confectionery then you can ask your followers to show you their best cupcake designs and the winner’s design will be selected to be sold as one of the products for the next month and they can get a part of the profit from the sales. That’s just one idea to give you some pointers on how you can come up with creative ideas and prizes. Ask people to like, comment, and share the post and follow your page to enter the contest or giveaway. This is a good way to gain a good number of likes and followers.

Growing on Facebook may not be easy but it isn’t impossible. These tips that we have listed have helped a lot of people gain thousands of followers and steady engagement on their posts. You just have to be patient and focus on creating a strategy that works for you. These tips can be customized to fit the needs of different businesses and brands.

Should I buy Facebook Likes and followers?

Understanding what buying Facebook likes and followers will do for you can help you answer that question. Facebook is a social media platform. It is quite popular with over a billion users. This means a lot of content is being posted every day. Do you think a user will be able to go through all that? No, right? In general, they will look at their friends’ and families’ posts and then move on to content from their favourite pages and then possibly look at some recommended content.

You are gunning for the last two criteria and so are the other established companies and pages as well. So, you may not get as much attention as the other established pages and profiles since you are not credible enough. The thought behind purchasing likes and followers is to artificially boost your credibility so that your posts appear more credible and people may be more willing to like and comment on them since it seems that other users have done the same.

So, if you think that this method can supplement your strategy and help you gain more organic engagement then go for it. But try not to buy a gargantuan amount of likes and followers as your main aim is to gain organic engagement and followers. Buy smaller quantities to check the futility of the method for you before investing more.

How to buy Facebook Followers and Likes?

Facebook followers and likes can be easily bought from social media service providers that offer services for Facebook. It isn’t difficult to avail these services which is why it is quite popular and a lot of people use it.

If you have never used these services, you can get a bit confused but it’s easy. We have decided to list the steps to let you know the general process to follow while buying these stats.

● Getting In Touch With a Company

The first step is to find the right company to buy from. One of the reasons that this industry has got a bad name is because it is filled with scammers waiting to take advantage of desperate people trying to grow on social media platforms. This is why you need to find the right company to buy Facebook followers and likes. Our list can act as a sort of guidance or rather a starting point for you to start your research. Always check out the customer service. A good company has decent support for customers.

The representatives are responsive and honestly resolve your queries. Ask questions about refunds, risks and stuff. Once you are okay with everything you can move on.

● Choose Facebook as the Platform and Likes or Followers as the Service

Most social media service providers sell multiple services for many platforms. If you want services for Facebook then you need to select it as the platform. Now, you will get a list of services from which you need to select ‘buy Facebook likes’ or ‘buy Facebook followers’ as the service you want to buy.

● Choose Appropriate Package and Enter Relevant Info

Now, you need to decide on the quantity you want and the amount of money you want to spend. This will help you pick out an appropriate package for your strategy. Once you have selected the package the company will ask you to enter your email id and other info that will help them deliver the likes and followers to you.

● Purchase the Service

The last thing that you need to do now is, can pay for the service. Choose the payment method that you are comfortable with and pay for the likes or the followers that you chose.

That’s it! You are done. Now, the rest is up to the site. It will take some time to process the order and start delivering the stats to the appropriate location which may be your profile or your post as applicable.

Can I Earn Money From Facebook?

Yes, you can earn money using Facebook as a platform. Think of it this way – Facebook helps you connect with people all over the world. If you want to sell something or promote something on Facebook it will be seen by your friends, followers etc. This way you can generate some leads and make some sales. You can easily create groups and sell on the Facebook marketplace and earn some cash.

But in this section, we decided to mention some ways to monetize your content on Facebook and earn money on the platform. So, let’s take a look at the four ways to monetize your content on Facebook.

● In-stream ads

These are ads that play on your video posts. It can either play before, after or during the video. Facebook can automatically choose the placement of the ad or you can explicitly put it in as well.

Depending on the adviser and the number of views you accumulate your earnings will be calculated. These ads work best for videos that are longer and have content suitable for advertisers. Of course, there are eligibility criteria for this. Search for In-stream ads eligibility criteria.

● Fan Subscriptions

This is similar to Patreon and Twitch subscriptions. People who love the content of your page can subscribe and pay a monthly fee to support the page. Now, similar to how you would treat your Patreon supporters you have to give your backers some exclusive stuff. Facebook provides badges that can help identify supporters of your page.

You can create exclusive content for them. Do one-to-one interactions. Give them something that they wouldn’t get if they weren’t subscribed to your page.

● Branded Content

Facebook has created a tool called Brand Collabs Manager. This helps Facebook users and brands connect. Brands and businesses want exposure and they are ready to collaborate with content creators and sponsor their content.

These posts will mention the brand or its product. You get paid for promoting a brand via your posts. Of course, you need to have a decent follower count and a good engagement rate on your posts for better deals.

● Subscription Groups

Last but not least is subscription Groups. This is another way you can generate some revenue using Facebook. You create a community or a group and members can get access to that group if they pay a fee.

For example, if you have created a group where you teach people and share your insights on the stock market helping them diversify their portfolio and understand the market. You may not have any to give all this information for free which is why you can create a group that charges people to enter.

We have just mentioned the different ways you can monetize your content on Facebook. We suggest you research more on these and find out the eligibility criteria. You need to look for the Facebook Creator’s Studio as that is one of the starting points of starting your monetization process. Well, we hope you are able to create a revenue stream using Facebook.

It is easy to grow on Facebook because the competition is high. But if you are patient enough and keep adjusting your strategy via trial and error you will end up with an optimal strategy for your growth. It takes time and it will happen for you as well. Take help of the tips that we have provided in the above section and if you want to buy Facebook likes and followers then you can use our list of some of the best sites to buy Facebook followers and likes. We wish you all the best.