Tracking the rise of the cannabis industry

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The cannabis industry is massively popular, worth a whopping $20.5 billion and that number is expected to grow significantly. The legalization of cannabis has given rise to a lot of innovation in the industry and new and exciting things are being introduced into society such as cannabis tourism where people can enjoy an activity such as a city bus ride while being served cannabis and cannabis products. Even athletes are now admitting to using cannabis and since the stigma surrounding this substance is starting to fade, things such as edibles and dab rigs are on the rise, and many online stores like MagicVaporizers selling wide selections of products like dry herb vaporizers. Things haven’t always been this progressive though, cannabis used to be viewed in a very bad and stigmatized light in society because it was illegal to possess and use the substance. This article will show how the cannabis industry has managed to escape this negative attachment and be embraced by society.

First, the stigma
Even though historically, cannabis was used for medical reasons in many parts of the world, for the longest time, cannabis users were seen as a menace to society and generally, cannabis use was looked down on and people who associated with cannabis were judged harshly. There was also not much information available about the various health benefits of cannabis and the fact that cannabis use was illegal all around the world did not help perception at all. In 1970, marijuana was labelled a schedule 1 drug which would place it in the same category as cocaine, heroin and LSD. In 1937, something called the Marijuana Tax Act was imposed and banned the sale of cannabis by placing heavy taxes on possession, transport, and sales of hemp. Nobody ever imagined that this substance would become as mainstream as it is today.

Medical marijuana
One of the reasons why marijuana eventually became so widely accepted in society is because of the various medical benefits of using the herb and another part of the stigmatization being shedding is because medical marijuana started to be acknowledged in the medical industry as a substance that can help people deal with many illnesses and conditions, there is even reports that marijuana can be used to relieve chemotherapy symptoms in cancer patients, things such as nausea, pain, and appetite loss are being treated with marijuana. This is good because marijuana is a healthier option that can be used to treat sick patients as opposed to pharmaceuticals which carry many side effects.

California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana when it introduced the Compassionate Use Act in 1996. Proceeding that, but still in the 1990s, medical marijuana began to be legalized in other states including Washington D.C, Oregon, Alaska, and Maine. By the turn of the early 2000s, more states started legalizing medical marijuana including Nevada, Montana, Hawaii, Vermont, Montana, and New Mexico. Amsterdam is very famous and popular for its marijuana use and it is used as a tourism attraction with things such as cannabis cafes being a commonplace for tourists to want to experience. Another popular tourist destination, Thailand, is also now legalizing marijuana and all of these legalizations are helping get rid of the stigma that was attached to marijuana because it is no longer seen as criminal.

CBD is one of the main active ingredients in the marijuana plant and it is on the rise. CBD does not have any psychoactive effects but when consumed, has many health benefits. You can consume CBD in a multitude of ways including capsules, topicals, edibles, and sublinguals. CBD can help you medically in many ways including:
• Pain relief
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-anxiety
• Anti-depressant
THC is the other active ingredient in marijuana and is responsible for the high that you experience. CBD is responsible for fuelling the rise of the cannabis industry.

New ways to consume
There are many ways that you can consume cannabis including:
• Smoking/vaping
• Edibles
• Tinctures
• Topicals
• Pills
Smoking is the unhealthiest but oldest method of consumption while tinctures and topicals are fairly new. If you want a stronger high you should try vaping or consuming edibles. The innovation in how cannabis is consumed has opened up the market and there are much safer methods available that reduce any health risks.