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From the outside in, the world of academia and science is driven by the pursuit of knowledge. The only thing that you have to do to be a good physicist, is to learn physics, right? Well, no.

Similar to any other endeavor, you will have to go through a maze of bureaucracy, or keep knocking on doors for someone to finance your project. Many of history’s great scientific innovators had a knack for socialization and business. Meanwhile, many geniuses died as poor men, because they could not convince others of their visions.

Or, as an alternative, they were independently wealthy and did not have to ask for permission or funding.

Odds are that whatever pursuit you may have, you will have to write a research proposal first. The primary option is to write it yourself. Or, you can attempt to find the best research proposal writing service, and outsource your work to a professional writer.

Although there are multiple quality paper writing websites, today we will focus on the top three.

#1. PaperHelp

Amongst the myriad of paper writing websites, it can be hard to determine which of them offer quality service. PaperHelp is one of the only services that are almost universally recognized as not being a scam.

Even though our main topic for today is focused on research proposal writing services, PaperHelp’s versatility extends beyond one type of paper. Here, you can get any type of research proposal help, including dissertation proposal writing.

This site is meant to provide research proposal writing help to students of any age and from any academic sub-specialization. They cover every research topic under the sun, from research proposals to dissertations, essays, reviews, and even cover letters. It does not matter if you study literature, you are applying for a job, or writing a research proposal.

Dissertation writing is no mean feat, but writers at PaperHelp are qualified enough to handle theses and dissertations of various difficulties. For this reason, it’s safe to say that PaperHelp provides high quality dissertation proposal writing services.

There are a few watermarks that any paper site must achieve, and this site passes with flying colors. It delivers quality work, on time, for a reasonable price. Also, the content is not plagiarized.
Take away any of the aforementioned features, and your paper would be useless.

Similar to other services of its kind, it charges you on a “per page” basis, with the cheapest being $12. The price will increase in direct proportion to three factors: urgency, length, and academic level.

#2. WriteMyPapers

The owners of this website seem to understand that academic writing is a respectable craft, and not just anyone can be a writer.

Expert writers are very hard to find, and the temptation to become one is huge. Most of the planet has been stuck at home for over a year, leading to a flood of freelancers hoping to earn some money on the side.

However, most freelance writers offer substandard academic papers or fail to deliver on time. Also, since everything is online, there is little accountability.

WriteMyPapers is a professional phd research proposal writing service and it’s very stringent when it comes to hiring new writers. Each new contributor goes through a thorough vetting process before they receive their first task. A lot can depend on your research proposal paper, so it is best not to risk working with some less meticulous service.

At any point during the writing process, you can request to see and review what is being written. The more involved you will be, the more the paper will resemble and reflect your vision. However, even if you only invest money in the process, you can expect a good research proposal as a result.

And, if for any reason you consider the paper to be substandard, you can request a refund.

The cost per page will increase depending on the difficulty of the subject, the number of pages, and the urgency of the deadline. The standard timeframe for a “no-rush” situation is about two weeks.

#3. Studdit

Ok, so it should be noted that Studdit has a distinct name. It seems that essay sites rush to adopt extremely similar naming schemes, to the point where they all blur together. Due to its unique and simple name, Studdit is more distinct and memorable.

This may not seem like much, yet building brand recognition is a multi-billion dollar industry.

This site doesn’t seem to want to reinvent the wheel, and that’s not an inherent flaw. It offers what you would expect from such a service.

Studdit has a guaranteed refund policy and a solid base of research proposal writers that rarely make any mistakes. While some may worry about information security, this platform guarantees anonymity.

All of your credit card and bio information is safe and protected, and nobody will find out that you’ve bought your papers. Also, the service is free from one of Academia’s cardinal sins: plagiarism.

Getting caught with plagiarism is like getting caught stealing money in a bank. It can ruin your reputation and get you in trouble.

While I would like to say that essay writing sites do not engage in such practices, that is not true. Only the best services can be trusted with your future. Thankfully, Studdit is entirely trustworthy.

What You Are Getting

Depending on your level of experience, this may be your first research proposal paper submission. It is entirely possible to be a master of your field of interest, yet to lack a predilection for verbal and written communication.

In plain English: being a good writer and a good academic often do not overlap (especially in STEM fields). So, due to this fact, you decide to hire a research proposal writing service.

Or, it may be the case that your schedule is filled to the brim, and cannot afford to spend much time on anything else. Regardless of the actual reason, you need a high-quality research proposal writing service.

Even though you will be outsourcing most of the work, it is still important to know what you want. You have to be aware of what a good research paper looks like, just so you can evaluate the finished product when it is delivered.

This will also serve as a basic walk-through of the steps that the writer will take at the time of writing.

What’s a Research Proposal Paper?

The simplest definition claims that a research proposal paper is a well-written summary of your entire research paper. To put it in forum internet slang: it is a TLDR (too long, didn’t read) version of the essay.

This brief snippet and summary is the elevator pitch for the whole study. At its best, it should convince the reader to invest the time necessary to read the entire research paper.

Overall, the professional research proposal writing service will include a summary of the concept, in addition to the major questions and highlights of the work. It should be like a cover letter for a job application.

The research proposal must accomplish two major goals: to prove that the subject itself is worthy of attention, in addition to demonstrating that your arguments or procedures are sufficient in achieving this goal.

A more official definition would say that a research paper is meant to demonstrate the need to research a particular subject.

Why Worry About the Process?

“I am paying someone to write my research proposal paper for me. If I keep worrying about its content, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of outsourcing work?”

The answer is no. If you manage to find the best research proposal writing service, you will still have to talk to the writer. He/she cannot read your mind, and cannot know exactly what you are looking for.

First, you have to order your thoughts before you can explain them to someone else. It is advisable to provide as much detail as possible to the writer. Otherwise, the final work might not match your vision.

Also, depending on the service in question, you can review every step of the process and give feedback. It goes without saying that you cannot correct what you do not know.

A Basic Outline

Having correct information and putting it in a pile is not enough. Many students make this mistake, and their research proposal paper looks messy and unorganized. A good Ph.D. research proposal writing service will follow a determined and ordered structure while writing.

The basic elements of a paper will be the title, abstract, intro, literature review, descriptions of the research method, results, discussion, and citation.

It is refreshing to outsource this task because even seasoned academics can find it tedious. Students will struggle to get it right while lacking experience.

Picking a Title

Cheap research proposal writing services can ruin a paper from its very beginning by choosing a bad title. But instead of talking about what a title shouldn’t be, let’s look at a good title:

First, the title cannot be unnecessarily wordy. The writer’s curse has always been to try to maximize the word count without diluting the content with filler words.

You are not getting paid by the word, so you can afford to keep the title brief, catchy, and informative. With just a glance, it should summarize your entire research paper.

This isn’t interpretative literature, you have to make yourself understood and leave no room for abstraction. Of course, a seasoned writer from a research proposal writing service online has mastered his craft and will have no issue writing a good title.

What’s an Abstract? Why Bother With It?

A research proposal writer will often include a section calling an “Abstract”. In essence, it will be a brief description spanning 100-300 words. It should present the main question or pursuit of the paper, the basic assumption, a mention of the methodology, and the findings.

There are many types of research proposal papers, but most will include an Abstract section.

Intros: First Impressions Matter

Regardless of culture or academic background, humans will take the same approach towards reading. We tend to read the beginning lines, the title, and the intro first. Only if those sections catch our attention, we continue to read the rest.

This is why the infamous “clickbait” titles have appeared. They desperately want to convince you to read the entire piece, even while exaggerating or misrepresenting what is written. So, even if someone just stubbed their toe, the title would talk about a disastrous accident.

The basic takeaway is that nobody reads past a poor title and intro.

The companies that provide research proposal writing services and help will always try to set up the rest of the paper during the intro. The writer will attempt to frame the question.

The basic question of the research proposal is the central piece. Everything will revolve around this key assumption. If it is not specified and left vague, the paper will seem aimless, derivative, and poorly written.

A more specific question will make it easier for you to construct an argument.

The very first sentences should contain information about the problem and a justification regarding its study.

This entire section will guide the reader, explaining the purpose of the study. It should also present relevant background info, and identify key variables. Finally, your basic hypothesis should be presented in a cliff notes version.

Relevant Literature Mentions

When you are being assigned a task, nobody is under the illusion that you will rent a laboratory and do the experiments yourself.

Where did you get the materials used for research? What authors or sources influenced your conclusions? These are important questions that your paper must answer. As it is with any other aspect, you can choose to let the writer work on auto-pilot, or ask for specific sources yourself.

It also depends on your teacher. Some may demand that you dedicate an entire section of the research proposal paper towards exploring the literature. In this section, you will be obligated to mention other studies that helped you reach your conclusions.

Also, it can demonstrate to the teacher that you are well-read and knowledgeable regarding the topic.

Many student’s literature mentions are very scrambled, lacking coherence or organization. This unstructured approach can make the work seem sloppy, even though the information content is good.

Remember that this is the teacher’s area of expertise, as well as yours. He/she has most likely already read the papers you are mentioning. Misquoting and poor citations will most likely be caught and penalized.

Trivial citations will be seen as filler content and time-wasters.


Always remember that the purpose of this paper is to explain yourself. The online writer should include an explanation of your methodology and practice. People should not only understand your conclusions but how you got to them in the first place.

Quantitative research will aim to gather research data from as many research subjects as possible. It is mostly used for the humanities, psychology, and medicine. Raw numbers and sample size are very important in these fields of activity.

Meanwhile, the qualitative approach is best suited for extremely exact sciences such as physics. Every comma, every slight variation needs to be measured and recorded.


For those who do not have an affinity for writing, or cannot spare the extra time, research proposal writing websites exist. Some of the best online services include PaperHelp, WriteMyPapers, and Studdit. So, if you’re looking to pay someone to write research proposal, these sites can help you come up with a quality research proposal.

Still, even if you are hiring someone else to write the paper, that is no excuse for ignorance. You may be asked to present what is written, and you should check the final product when it is delivered. If something doesn’t add up, you can ask for a revision or refund.

Either way, the student/researcher should be aware of the structure and purpose of a research proposal paper.