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Social media has been termed both a blessing and a curse by the world. The actual discussion over that can be long and it is not the right place for that. Regardless, social media is one of the biggest platforms on the internet today that hosts billions of people. Other than just a pastime or a networking medium, social media has also been the claim to fame for many. How it is done is both simple yet not quite simple. The simple part is that you just need a good fan following. The hard part is how you get that fan following. There are many websites that make it easy for you to buy Instagram likes, followers, views, etc.

However, not all that glitters is gold. Many people out there are getting scammed by opportunistic individuals while trying to buy social media promotions. There are some websites that are not straight-up scams but provide inferior services to take your money. is seen as one of those names that must be avoided. Let us take a look at and the reasons behind these allegations. is a website that works for social media promotions. You pay them and in return get your social media platforms marketed for growth. It is one of the relatively unknown names as the company hasn’t been around for a long time. We don’t know the exact time frame of when it came to existence as the company has decided not to disclose it.

Services Offered only works for Instagram and you won’t find anything else here. For Instagram, you can buy instagram followers, likes, auto likes, and views. is not big in terms of what they offer and their customer base hasn’t had an impressive increase either. There must be reasons behind that and it is more than just them being new.

Why Not Buy From is not among the most popular websites that sell social media promotions. But they still manage to pull people in. If you are planning on buying anything from here, there are many reasons you shouldn’t. Firstly, it is always advisable to only spend money at places you can trust. is not one of those. Their detailed information is not known to the public and you wouldn’t know whom to hold accountable if something goes wrong. They have included some user reviews on the website but they look fake as well. Made-up names are used in the reviews and the content of those doesn’t look anywhere near legitimate. They also don’t speak of any safety precautions for payments or any kind of encryption to protect your money.

Aside from security purposes too, doesn’t seem too promising. First of all, if you want anything else than Instagram you won’t find it here. Then even on Instagram, there are way better options that provide better service at better prices.

Better Alternatives To

The question now remains; if not then who? These four names mentioned here are the answer to that. They have got everything has plus everything else it is missing.


Just like GetViral, Viralyft is a globally renowned social media firm. They deserve to be referred to as a firm because of the status that they have reached on their own. With thousands of satisfied clients in their check, Viralyft aspires to keep doing better, setting itself apart from others.

Here too, a large array of 8 different platforms are available for you to buy promotions for. They have covered everything that misses. Be it higher retention rates or the presence of SSL encryption for safe payments. Viralyft also scores by having actual customer support that is available 24/7 for everyone.

GetViral is the epitome of credibility and legitimacy. This social media agency has been active in this field for over 7 years now. With an expert team and nearly a decade of experience, GetViral is one of the most obvious and safest choices for online promotions. The experience they have gathered is not just limited to years.

They have served more than 150K users all over the world which is incredible. GetViral’s services are available across all of the major social media platforms. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and TikTok.


Next up is ViewsExpert which can be termed expert without hesitating. This website has both quality and quantity under its control. There are way more options than where you could only buy metrics for Instagram.

ViewsExpert makes its services available across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube etc. Their quality products are paired with fast deliveries and a refill guarantee to get you the most out of your investment. The plans aren’t any expensive either but you get most of it back through the results in the future.

Thanks to their affordable prices and impressive features, ViewsExpert is one of the best places to do your social media shopping.

SocialPackages is a social media marketing agency that has been active for years in this field. They possess every feature that a good service needs to have in order to succeed. One of the most unique and useful pros of using Social Packages is that they let you order custom packages. If their present plans don’t suffice you in any way, you can opt for them to create a custom order for your needs.

Unlike, Social Packages has protected all payment gateways with SSL encryption to eliminate any risk of monetary loss. Social Packages also has a refund policy that is available for eligible orders. If the order is not right, you can contact their 24/7 live chat to help you with it.

These four websites have been tested and proven by experts to be not only safe but effective as well. Thanks to their exceptional history and quality, these websites deserve all the praise in the world. They are not just alternatives to but quite superior to it in every area.

Cons of

● Lack Of Variety

One of the biggest drawbacks of is the lack of options you get. The website is exclusive to only Instagram and there is nothing to offer for users of other platforms.

It renders useless for a big majority of social media users. If you want to buy promotions for multiple platforms, it is preferred to find a place where you can get it all. Wandering across different sites for different products is just inconvenient.

● Includes Fake Promotions
The lack of variety here would not make a difference for those who only seek to use it for Instagram.

But they fail to deliver in the one single focus of their work. claims to provide only real followers and such but that is not the case. We found that a lot of the likes or followers they send you, are bot accounts that were generated for this sole purpose. Not only does it do nothing for engagement but can put your account at risk as well.

● Lower Retention Rates

By retention rate, we refer to the lifespan of the products one buys from such websites. provides below-average retention rates, be it in likes, views, or followers. It doesn’t take them long to start disappearing. Probably the company knows of it, due to which they promise refills.

Their claims of 24-hour drop checks are far from reality as well. We don’t know if they perform checks or not but at least it is confirmed that most of the time they don’t take action.

● Segregated Plans

Whoever came up with the packages for their products nailed it from the business’ point of view. But for the customers, it is anything but beneficial. They have divided their products into two categories; regular and premium. The premium plans cost way more than usual but the regular plans are still not cheap.

You are enticed to buy the better and more expensive product as the price difference between the two isn’t significant at all. The “premium” tag has led many into spending more than they had intended to.

● Lack Of Experience

The sheer lack of experience and solid portfolio is probably the biggest enemy of We don’t know exactly when the company started and took off. But it is safe to say it is one of the newer ones as nobody had heard of them a few years ago.

A lot of customers only shop online from a source that is reputed enough which is not the case with Their lack of experience shows in their lackluster service and poor execution overall.

● No Security Measures

Security is one of the most important aspects needed to be taken care of while shopping online. People already find it hard to pay online, especially to sources that don’t have a positive global reputation. is terribly lacking in that. The company hasn’t even implemented SSL encryptions to ensure the safety of transactions made with them.


Paid promotions are a norm and so is paid social signal. There are tonnes of reliable websites from where you can buy metrics for any platform that you use. Unfortunately, is not one of those. We and many of their own users have found the website to be riddled with shortcomings on all fronts.

The inferior quality of promotions, delivery, and customer support makes them unworthy of your attention and money. This is not the end of the world for you, however. Unlike, there are many names that you can trust which include GetViral, Viralyft, ViewsExpert, and Social Packages that we have mentioned here.