Taking A Brief Look At The History Of The T-Shirt

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T-shirts have been a part of our history for over a century now. The garment has been popular ever since, with many types and designs have been introduced like polo tees, round-neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, etc. The chic look of a classic polo is a favorite of many, and the casual look and comfort of a cotton round-neck can seldom match other pieces of garments. Overall, T-shirts have taken the world like a storm since they were introduced. Nowadays, many new designers are also introducing T-shirts with fantastic themes like movie-themed T-shirts. These include minion prints, Avengers prints, and many more designs. Army T-shirts have also become a craze these days because the camouflage design looks trendy and imposing.

Looking into the history of T-shirts, below are a few key points that helped shape the ardent love for this garment.

  • The t-shirt was introduced by the navy. It was supposed to be worn like a vest under the shirt.
  • T-shirts owe their fame to famous Hollywood stars. Early greats like Marlon Brando and James Deen loved t-shirts and started wearing them as an outer garment. This changed the global perception of t-shirts, and people went crazy about this new piece of apparel.
  • The popularity of t-shirt has gone to such magnanimous proportions that it is estimated that if all the t-shirts produced to date were lined up, they would encircle the earth more than 230 times!

As we delve deeper and look into the history of t-shirts more elaborately, we see that the US navy started using t-shirts in place of Long Johns – the two-piece inner wear consisting of a top and a bottom. The Long Johns were suited to a cold environment. But for warm places, nothing could beat t-shirts as innerwear. The initiation of t-shirts happened when an underwear manufacturing company started marketing these as bachelor undershirts. The US Navy was impressed by it and changed its uniform regulations to allow t-shirts to be worn by sailors and officers as undershirts. Later on, the US Navy made t-shirts mandatory. With the influx of t-shirts in the market, Hollywood also took note of this apparel. As mentioned above, leading actors started flaunting their physique in biceps-hugging t-shirts. As years passed, this piece of garment has become a mainstay of both male and female wardrobes. Whereas men prefer to stick to the word t-shirts, women have converted the basic tees into various styles of apparel, collectively calling them Tops.

T-shirts were first made famous in the market by an underwear company called the Cooper Underwear Company. Before the surge of t-shirts, men used to wear shirts as an outer covering for their upper body. The fabric of choice nowadays is cotton, although initially, it was supposed to keep people warm as innerwear and was made of linen or wool.

Now, the most intriguing question and its answer follow: Why is it called the t-shirt? If one looks at a t-shirt, the shape resembles the letter “T” and hence the name.