Everything You Need To Know About Shooting Sports At Olympics

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Shooting sports have come a long way since targeting pigeons live in Paris in the 1900 Games. The price, pistol, and shotgun event form the shooting program at the Olympics.

Shooting is a sport that demands precision and focus and is the marquee discipline at Olympic Games. It is also part of one of the original nine, which was featured in Athens in 1896.

Let us explore the fun part of the shooting sports at the Olympics: the basic rules and the different shooting events.

Gun Used For Olympic Shooting

In Olympics, shooters use three guns that are, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. While in rifle and pistol events, shooters shoot indoors at stationary targets, in shotgun, they shoot outdoors at the targets thrown up in the air.

All three shootings are done from the prescribed distance of 10, 25, and 50 meters, respectively. The rifle is single-loaded in a 5.6 mm caliber. The pistol is single-loaded in a 4.5 mm caliber in a 10 m distance event and 5.6 mm caliber (Rapid Fire Pistol) in a 25 m distance shooting event. In the shotgun, there is a 12 gauge of 18.5 mm caliber.

Materials And Equipment

Shooters use particular jackets or coats that offer them stability while performing. It is because the surface of the jackets is non-slippery, thereby ensuring a good grip, primarily for rifle shooters. The extra padding in these jackets helps shooters in improving their precision and offers them a firm base for a perfect position.

Another piece of equipment used by the shooters is blinders. They keep the shooters focused on their target. Shooters are allowed a prescribed width of blinders during shooting.

Olympic Shooting Event

Since Athens 1896, discipline has grown in stature of Olympic Games, featuring fifteen rifle, pistol, and shotgun events.

Rifle Event

In rifle shooting, shooters have to fire at ten concentric circle targets within a prescribed distance. The event is then divided into two subcategories, namely 50m Rifle 3 Positions and 10m Air Rifle.

Pistol Event

Pistol shooting is divided into three distinct subcategories that involve 25m Rapid Fire Pistol, 25m Pistol, and 10m Air Pistol. In every category, shooters have to fire with only one hand without any support.

Shotgun Event

There are two shotgun events, namely, skeet and trap. In these events, shooters have to fire at an object of diameter 10cm called clay flying. The object is thrown at a speed of 100 kph.


These are the rules and events held in shooting sports in the Olympics. Moreover, if you are a true shooter, you know the frustration of cleaning the guns. Gun cleaning mats are specifically made for this reason. Gun owners can clean the mess without worrying about anything. These gun cleaning mats wipe off the oil and grease from your gun effortlessly as these are made of non-absorbent and leak-proof material. Carry one with yourself at any shooting sports to stay away from any mess caused due to your pistol, rifle, or shotgun.