27 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (100% Real & Legit)

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One social media app that gives a platform to budding creators is Instagram. It improves chances of gaining popularity among viewers of similar interest. Creators and influencers have started banking on their creativity using these apps. But becoming a famous influencer is not as simple as gaining popularity overnight. It takes time even with the extremely high viewer counts of Instagram. Getting fame is completely dependent on followers and the reach of Instagram posts. It is a common approach to buy Instagram likes which gives a kickstart to the reach of the early posts made on the starting days of Instagram.

Just like Instagram followers, the likes on the posts matter a great deal. The reach of every post is based not only on the followers but the posts getting featured on Instagram explore page. Since more people navigate through the explore page there are higher chances of gaining more and more followers. Influencers can let the posts get listed on the explore page only when they are the most liked pictures within a specific period. Under such requirements, the best sites to buy Instagram likes come in handy to provide all the likes.

Countless websites claim to provide proper Instagram likes, but only a few are present which provide real likes from the real users. Any influencer should not lose out on time when they have a claim-to-fame opportunity in their own hands. Faster the account grows, faster will be the chance of flourishing as an influencer. Budding Instagram creators should get hold of all such websites and some of the authentic ones are listed here for convenience.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes


Becoming a viral sensation on Instagram is the dream of all the influencers. They intend to improve their business with the popularity gained and the Instagram likes and auto likes come in handy. The website offers a special feature of splitting the likes on multiple photos. This creates the chance of more than a single photo making it to the explore page.

With the highest 40,000 likes for $270.00, Viralyft is one of the leaders in providing social media promotion. It has an added feature of 24/7 customer support with an order tracking facility for every buyer who buy real Instagram likes. They have also gone overboard with a refund policy. If the buyer feels that Instagram post likes are delayed, they can claim it within 72 hours.


GetViral is dedicated to providing social media solutions to thousands of users. Starting with Instagram likes, followers and views on reels, this website has it all for Instagram. Both likes and auto-like features push the new posts to the explore page attracting new users and new followers. They have similar services for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter to provide complete popularity from all avenues.

This website provides a dedicated solution for the needs of the creators to get more likes and keep increasing their reach just from the starting stages. Attractive rates for likes and followers are listed here where a whooping 40,000 likes can be bought for a mere $270.00. Prices for buying likes start as low as $2.89 for 100 likes and all the likes reach the users within 8 hours. This makes the website perfect for the creators and one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes.


ViewsExpert provides solutions to countless influencers and content creators. Their social media solutions start at a mere $2.00 price range for 100 Instagram likes. Influencers looking for authentic likes and interested to buy real Instagram likes would be happy with the policy of this website. There is a refill guarantee for the likes which gives the provision to get hold of the lost likes.

Buying likes from this website is easy and authenticity is tested by previous buyers. The ever-increasing list of followers and likes makes the influencers famous. The perfect solution is to buy Instagram likes from websites showing authenticity at a cheaper rate like ViewsExpert. This website also ensures absolute secrecy and the likes reach within 24-48 hours.


Social Packages provides risk-free services with the refill pack for the Instagram likes bought. The packages start at $2.50 and move on to $267.00 based on the number of likes. All the likes are of premium quality and from real users as claimed by the website and reach the buyers within 48 hours. All these likes are from users around the world creating an avenue to have social media presence around the world.

Content creators can focus on their content while they buy the likes for their posts. This improves their chances of getting the much-anticipated fame faster in their field of creativity and get ahead among multiple users.


Fastlikes is a one-stop solution for multiple social media platforms. This website has gained multiple buyers as they provide the best service for all the social media platforms. The packages start with 100 likes and move up to 40,000 likes for each package. Just sharing the profile URL is enough while any user buy Instagram likes.

Getting Instagram likes packages starts from $2.89 which makes it an easy investment for newbies. All new influencers can take these packages as a way to push their content to new users who are going to like similar content. The likes are from different countries around the world which improves the chances of getting a diverse range of followers from all around the world.


Famups take pride in providing authentic likes at the lowest cost among the top websites. They separately provide solutions for Instagram and IGTV likes. Ordering costs are definitely user-friendly where 10,000 Instagram likes are provided for only $65. Along with it, buying views for the reels on IGTV brings in more and more followers.

Hence the website acts as a provider of a complete solution for Instagram presence. Starting with the secure way to buy Instagram likes, there are likes for the reels as well. With a higher number of views, more people find it on the explore page. In every way, buying likes lead to an increase in Instagram followers which is an additional benefit.


A dedicated website with instant delivery of likes is a choice for many users. If any influencer needs the likes and followers to increase instantly after buying, Famoid should be their go-to place. With such a high level of profile visits including real and active members, the account instantly becomes a part of the trend.

Delivery of the likes is really fast which makes people unsure about the credibility of likes from the website. But they ensure that users buy real Instagram likes from the website coming from authentic users. With 25,000 likes for $168.95, it becomes a great deal to grab for any budding Instagram content creator. They also take cryptocurrency as payments for Instagram likes.

Follower Packages

Follower Packages website has put forward one unique feature to the market. VIP premium likes from the premium users on Instagram can bring in their followers. The like splitting feature among different photos can be distributed between 12 photos. Hence instead of highlighting a single picture, multiple posts get the likes and attract future followers.

Since 10,000 likes can be bought for $95, it is a great deal for influencers. This deal is special since some of the likes are from well-known influencers alone. 24/7 live chat support and the reach coming from the famous influencers increase the exposure of the Instagram account to new people. This sets the user way ahead of their competition within a short period.


Facilities provided by the GetRealBoost website suit its name. This website provides a great boost to the users of multiple social media platforms and media platforms as well. Comments on the posts, likes, subscribers and followers are a few of the services provided by this website.

Buying Instagram likes from this website starts at a very low price of $2.50. The range of plans is extensive so that the buyers can be picky about it and only choose one as per their requirements. The website has a reliable source of real users who offer the likes. Therefore, just as the website claims, the buyers actually get the actual boost.


PlentyGram is a one-stop solution to all Instagram and Tiktok marketing requirements. This website offers unique monthly plans ranging from $39.99 to $59 for getting daily likes on posted content and followers. This increase in follower count over a period and instant likes after posting improves the Instagram presence of buyers.

The best part is that all the followers and likes are authentic and with a refill policy. With these monthly recurring likes, there are direct solutions to buy Instagram likes as well. The diamond pack is listed at $79.99 for a total of 10,000 likes. This is a huge backup for a small creator and the monthly plan is definitely one to look forward to making this website a unique one among the long list of social media marketing websites.


Goread is a website specially built for Instagram influencers. Very few websites are there which offer the extensive services as this website. They have a long list of buyers which includes some of the well-known influencers. The highest number of likes which can be bought at a time is as high as 100,000 for $279.99 which is about half the price of most other websites.

Instant delivery with the utmost safety of the buyer is their top priority. If the profile is provided, the website directly fetches the info and the likes are provided to numerous posts of the particular account. Hence fetching that level of reach is really simple and fast and there is a provision for live tracking for buyers.


iDigic claims to live up to its reviews and the expectation of the buyers. As soon as an order is placed, the account is expected to start gaining likes within just 2 minutes. This fast-liking feature is further improved with a speed of about 5000 likes per hour. The variety of packages ranges from $1.49 to $69.95.

With so many happy clients, the iDigic website is flourishing constantly and becoming one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes. They claim all these likes even if they are gained faster are authentic and from real users. Hence with Instagram likes there is ample chance of higher profile reach and more followers.


The ideal claim-to-fame moment begins with a rise in followers and likes on Instagram. Explore page is flooded with the pictures which are liked the most within a short period. Likigram proceeds with providing only real likes and directing more traffic to the posts. The range of packages starts with $2.99 for 100 likes providing the organic and true likes to each of the posts.

They are said to provide a higher level of engagement for better reach and there is visible growth seen in the analytics of the account regarding new followers. They also provide a feature of free Instagram followers trial where any buyer can fetch 50 followers as a trial for free to test the authenticity of the website.


A really unique approach is taken into account in the process of getting Instagram likes. This is the only website where an Instagram influencer can choose the exact number of followers they need to buy. They just have to pay for the specific number of likes they require.

The minimum service plan to buy Instagram likes is listed at $4.5 for 400 views. The influencers can increase the required number of likes as they tend to have higher followers with time. As per the higher likes required for the posts the payment differs. But the best part is having a personal decision about the number of likes and not depending on the websites for specific packages.


GetInsta website provides 30-day, 60-day and 90-day daily likes packages. This is a unique facility which is different from other websites. Buyers can get a specific number of likes every day for prices as low as $0.29. This is perfect for the new influencers as they post every day and getting a specific number of likes every day pushes their content to more people adding new followers.

Along with it, the Auto Like feature is present on the website where likes are distributed between multiple new posts. The instant like feature starts at a low price of $2.59 and continues till $15.59. Therefore, so many varieties are there for getting Instagram likes and all are equally effective in fetching a better reach for the user.


With over 50,000 approved customers who take the service every month, this website has authenticity in its services. This is a perfect website to buy real Instagram likes because of the authenticity and the plans are divided according to the level of the influencer and the time they spent on Instagram.

InstaPromote directly helps in promoting the Instagram profiles of the buyers. From the starter pack at $2.95, the package goes up to the VIP pack at $39.95 for the old influencers who have spent some weeks on Instagram. All these likes from the packages can be split into multiple pictures.


Growth of any Instagram influencer takes time and improves the reach of all the posts. This is why varied packages for Instagram likes are offered by Instagrowing. The delivery time depends on the number of likes chosen by the buyer and it may range from 5 minutes to 72 hours.

The price range starts from $2.93 with 100 Instagram likes and the highest package goes up to 100,000 likes which are spread to multiple posts. People can buy Instagram likes of such a huge amount at a low price of $299.99.

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is a website used by veterans trying to gain Instagram likes for their posts. The veterans on Instagram require a higher push for their business model or the contents. This website offers a total of 50,000 likes for $179 which is a steal.

It is difficult for the newbies to try getting 50,000 views as the contents are not many and hence likes may get constricted in only one post. Newbies can choose the 100 likes pack for $6. Such a huge number of likes are all from real users and are offered within three days of tenure. The website claims to maintain the safety of the users and they have a refill policy to provide the given number of likes chosen.


Genuine Instagram followers are better for budding creators and businesses who tend to choose the best sites to buy Instagram likes. This is because the bots only increase numbers but the genuine users bring forth more followers. This offers better credibility to the business or the Instagram posts for which the likes are selected.

The most popular choice is buying 1000 Instagram followers which is available for $11.5. This is a common choice as both newbies and influencers with a few thousand followers would get benefitted from it. There are added free organic likes with high retention of the likes from the different users. The gradual delivery of all the likes makes it even better leading to popularity among users.


Likes.io is a marketing website especially providing followers and likes for Instagram. Instagram likes are divided here into high-quality likes and premium likes. The additional facility for premium likes is to split the likes among multiple pictures. Best value is provided for 5000 likes at $44.99 only for the high-quality likes. For the premium package, the same number of likes is available at a price of $74.99.

Influencers can buy likes based on their requirements. It suits best to buy the premium package if the influencer provides numerous posts daily. All the posts will get a higher reach and the user can get followers from multiple sources.

Social viral

With prices as low as $1.49 for 50 likes, this website is definitely the ideal spot for new users. Instagram users who have just started posting their content for a week require a backup for getting more likes. But most of the users tend to start with a smaller number of likes and hence they look forward to buy Instagram likes.

Social viral offers the perfect solution to the newbies. Apart from this for the budding influencers who are about to reach a thousand followers, there is the opportunity to buy auto-like features for the posts. The website claims to show immediate results just after selecting and buying the pack.


The Instagram likes from Buzzoid starts with $1.47 which also includes the video views. All these likes are from real users and there is fast delivery of all the likes. The premium likes are from the people who are genuinely interested in the business. These premium likes start with $3.49 and both these packages are for 50 genuine likes.

Premium likes are better for the budding users as they can both get likes from like-minded users and if the users liking it find the content interesting, there is a chance of gaining followers. Buzzoid makes it easier to buy every type of likes and also acts as a solution for increasing the reach of Instagram users who seek help.


Twicsy is a website that offers similar offers like that of Buzzoid with similar starting prices for both likes and premium likes. The best part about premium likes is that those are from active users, which means they may follow the user and further watch their content.

Premium likes genuinely increase the outreach and the exposure of the content just through likes. This increases the chances for the posts to reach the explore page and get more viewers and followers. Thus, in every manner, the content gets exposed to the world to rope in more viewers.

Social Plus

The safest website which offers a 30-day guarantee for the likes is Social plus. Social plus offers a safe promotion environment starting at $1.95 for 100 likes. The highest package offered for 10,000 likes comes at a basic price of $79.95. The payments are secure and the likes come from reliable sources.

Since there can be a high volume of likes, the time required to provide all the likes differs from one package to another. Fast delivery of the likes starts at first and then the higher volume packages are gradually provided.


Highly liked pictures are the ones that bring new followers. These posts induce the engagement of the specific Instagram profile and the facility provided by Instapple is to improve engagement. The most famous plans chosen by the buyers to buy Instagram likes include 1000 likes for $9.89 and 5000 likes for $39.89.

Safety of the payment info of the buyers is maintained and Instagram information of the buyer stays 100% safe. This evidently makes the website an ideal place for getting the likes so that fame can be attained on Instagram based on these likes.


The best part about Friendlylikes is that a massive 10,000 likes are available for a cheap price range of $59.90. These likes can be split among multiple posts which helps in making more than a single post famous for the user.

If multiple posts of the same user are available on the explore page, then there is a chance of more followers approaching the Instagram profile. The higher the frequency of likes, the higher can be the presence of the posts on the explore page. Therefore, influencers get the exposure they desire and, in some cases, even more than they expect.


Upleap is the website for getting immediate likes and it takes pride in providing the instant delivery of likes. If an influencer posts something and immediately wants it to get on the explore page and remain for a longer period, they must choose Upleap.

The most popular among the instant-like packages on this website is the one providing 500 likes for just $19. The website also offers a 24/7 support system for buyers.

Goldstar Social

Goldstar social is an authentic website offering Instagram likes starting at $3 and the package continues till $50. This is really cheap considering there will be 10,000 likes for a mere $50. It is good for the new people at the intermediate stages of reaching Instagram fame as they get the shortcut when they buy real Instagram likes.

Goldstar Social provides the ready solution to getting listed on the public domain like the explore page. It also does not burn a hole in their pocket as the amount for getting the likes is limited to a really low amount. These low rates bring more buyers to this website.

Why do we need to buy Instagram likes and not depend on general likes?

General likes are from the people who closely watch the content or in the starting stages those are mainly from known people. Like-minded people find content from the explore page of Instagram and to grab their attention it is important to get the content listed on the explore page.

Most liked pictures and reels are listed on the explore page and that is why people who buy Instagram likes to get their content listed on the explore page. This brings more followers and keeps increasing the reach.

Which website to choose among so many Social Media Marketing websites?

Buying Instagram followers, views or likes must be from the websites which provide authentic users and not bots. Bots are just responsible for increasing numbers and do not add to the reach of the Instagram account properly.

People face problems with the decision about the best sites to buy Instagram likes. But all the websites that offer likes from real users at the best prices can be chosen as the website. It is all about the results that the buyers get and the reviews for the people who previously used the facility.

How to increase engagement on the Instagram post?

The engagement on the different Instagram posts depends on the likes of the post. It is also based on the number of followers of that individual as those people get an update about the post.

The authenticity of the people is the reason behind the engagement of the Instagram post. This engagement is further increased when influencers start to buy real Instagram likes and get complete help from newcomers who are liking the content. Engagement can skyrocket if any of the content goes viral among the users.

How to build an Instagram presence for business or personal content?

Content created by an influencer on Instagram or building up a business on this platform is easy. But bringing the same Instagram content to more and more people who are associated with it is difficult.

Building an Instagram presence depends on increasing the follower count and the likes on the posts, even if it is bought from a website. It is also great to create posts related to the recent trends as these posts gain popularity among common users on Instagram.


It is going to be tough to create an online presence on a social media platform which has a billion user or more. But when a person stands out among the crowd it is difficult to miss their uniqueness. The creators and influencers make their content unique to stand out among such a huge crowd. This uniqueness brings them popularity and as there are billions of users, it is not too difficult to get like-minded users who are fond of the content created.

Constant content creation is not the ideal solution as clearly evident right now since many people struggle to get followers and likes for years. Buying likes from the best sites to buy Instagram likes can be a good shortcut towards success especially under the condition where making a social media presence can be beneficial for businesses. More people getting to know about the contents makes the posts even more appealing and famous to new users. As new followers usher in the creator or influencer becomes famous and they can bank on the fame to get associated with brands endorsement deals. This is the positive side of becoming an Instagram influencer which is why people are tirelessly working on building their Instagram by buying likes and followers to get fame faster.