4 Insightful Advice on Picking the Right Your Horse to Bet on Racing Events


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Some people say that you can’t get enough profit in betting horses. But that is entirely not true. There are even horse racing bettors who get to become rich people. Sure, it’s not easy and takes a lot of time, but it’s possible. With enough knowledge and skills, you can definitely pull it off.

Reading tips and strategies on the internet will surely help you with your decision-making skills in picking your horse bets, especially for novices. You might also want to read these four insightful pieces of advice on picking your horse to bet on horse racing events.

Read and Understand the Race Program/Form Guide

No matter what strategy you incorporate on your parameters of picking the right horse pick, reading and analyzing the race program is crucial in betting. It provides bettors a lot of valuable data in betting. It can surely help you in assessing the horses and eventually come up with a solid horse pick.

The race program contains various information about the horses for each race they run. These data include each horse’s history of performance in races, statistical records, odds of winning, speed record, work-out runs, jockey, saddle towel color, and other important info.

Reading the race program can be a little time-consuming because of its intimidating language. But as you keep on doing it and with proper guidance, you’ll get used to it. Eventually, it will just be a piece of cake.

There are many sites on the internet where you can visit to know how to read and understand a race program efficiently.

Observe the Horse and Analyze the Race

There are various ways and approaches on how to assess the horses’ winning capacity. You may read tvg guide to racing odds for more tips. But apart from reading and understanding the race program, observing and analyzing the horse and the race is an important thing to do as a bettor.

Some of the things you need to find out are the current form of the trainer and the jockey, the overall form of the horse, distance record, fitness and stamina, speed rating, track conditions, and expected pace of the race. But the easiest to be observed is the physical appearance of the horses.

Great athletes always have a great build. This applies to horses as well. The first impression lasts in this sport so take a closer look at some of their body parts to evaluate the contenders’ capabilities.

• Ears. You can observe a horse’s alertness through its ears. If they are pricked and pointed up with its head high, it means the contender is aware of its surroundings, confident, and ready to run.

• Hair. Hair is the general sign of a horse’s good health. A fine and glossy hair coat speaks for its excellent condition. Make sure to check this out closely.

• Muscle. Just like the great athletes, a good and toned muscle defines a horse’s good condition in the race. Observe the horse’s muscles in the rib cage area if they’re defined or carry too much fat.

• Nerves. Horses may feel nervous and anxious, and that’s not a good sign. Make sure to watch the horse’s behavior in the paddock. If he’s sweating too much on his coat, he’s wasting a lot of energy already. He might get tired quickly in the early period of the race. Avoid placing your bet on him and the like.

Make a Betting and Budget Plan

A betting and budget plan will keep your betting experience going smoothly without losing much money. This can help you control only the necessary races you have to participate in with diverse possible horse picks. Don’t be scared and hesitant to be selective on the horses and races, especially if there are no ones that pay valuably.

Stick to this plan you made, and everything will go smoothly. Even if you lose, it won’t be that painful since you already weigh things ahead of time. And if you win, it will be a significant return.

Explore and Learn the Other Betting Types

Winning on straight bets won’t get you far as you want to be, in terms of money and improving skills. Backing the winning horse all the time will bring no fun at all. If you want a bigger return and know more about the possible great horse picks, you must learn the other betting types you can do in horse racing.

Although some of these types will be difficult to successfully and accurately do, you will get better and used to it with continuous experience and guidance. You will eventually do it more naturally to execute than in the past.

Some examples of these betting types include vertical and horizontal exotic bets, which will open the door for other horses that might capture you. Each has more betting options that you might like.

Final Advice

Aside from all of those serious pieces of advice, one final piece of advice to bettors is to enjoy, have fun, and trust your horse picks. Hold on to what you researched on your picks and have faith in them that they will win your wagers.