Top 3 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the U.S.

Considering progressive development of online learning, research paper writing services become more and more popular. Though there was an insignificant market meltdown about five years ago, now there is constant growth and no signs of possible crashes.

Moreover, modern students can’t imagine their college life without experienced essay writing services. Now, when the world changes too fast and the parents can’t tutor their kids, it is great to have professional assistance two clicks away. Today, we are going to present the best research paper writing services that have a brilliant reputation and can be used by students with no risks.

We have evaluated the most popular writing companies based on three major characteristics:

  • Quality. It is what makes the writing service popular and demanded. We investigated the quality of the paper, checked whether the papers are original, and found out if editing and proofreading options are available.
  • Writers. It is the main and most valuable resource any paper writing service has. They have to be professional, high-educated, experienced and mostly English native speakers.
  • Prices. It is no surprise, good service can’t be cheap, but in our case, the price has to be reasonable as we are talking about the students that are tight on budget.

Having analyzed the websites applying the mentioned evaluating scheme, we are ready to present the top three research paper writing companies.

PaperHelp — Best Research Paper Writing Service Overall

It seems there is no need to present such a popular research paper writing service as PaperHelp. It has been providing essay writing services for over 10 years and has a huge team of fans. Nevertheless, we want to overview it one more time to show why it deserves to be in TOP 3.

The quality of PaperHelp papers is high and never provoked any claims or was a reason to order a revision. The papers are original and free of plagiarism. The service makes use of the latest technologies to assure the customers the papers are grammatically correct and written from scratch. Even if the customer wants his paper to be delivered in 3 hours (it is the shortest deadline the essay service offers) they shouldn’t worry about the quality. Ordering a paper at short notice only means there will be more writers involved, so there is no risk of getting a poor paper.

There is one more reason the client can be sure they will get a high quality research paper. The writers team is strong and professional. Most of them have been for a while in writing, they know the specifics of academic writing and have great communication skills. Thus, while applying their essay writing skills and expertise to write a great custom research paper for you, they are open for fresh ideas and all kinds of suggestions.

Next, the prices. Here, you can order a research paper starting from $10 per page. In my opinion, it is a great price! Plus, first time customers get a 15% discount and can participate in a game to win an additional discount. So, you won’t spend all your money on the paper here. The pricing policy is developed with the customer’s best interest in mind.

PaperHelp Pros

  • High quality papers
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free revisions
  • Customer support available 24/7

JustDoMyEssay — Best Term Paper Writing Service

This research paper service starts writing each paper from a deep and thorough research. The paper we got from JustDoMyEssay was written in pure English and was full of strong arguments and untrite statements.

JustDoMyEssay is popular thanks to its professional writers. The company works with American and British writers and delivers academic papers of the highest quality. If you want your term paper to be written by an expert in your field, then this company is for you.

What also makes this writing company stand out is the fact that JustDoMyEssay allows you to talk to the writer directly even before you place an order. This way, you can be completely sure the writer that will be working on my paper is the one. You can specify their writing process peculiarities, get to know their views on specific topics and become confident they will write exactly the paper you need. And if something goes wrong, you have a 10-day free revision period to make your essay, term paper or research paper absolutely perfect.

The prices at JustDoMyEssay start from about $17 per page. Not all the students can afford it, but the majority can. Besides, if the price is high for you, there are editing and proofreading services that cost less but are done with the same attention to details and will improve your paper significantly.

JustDoMyEssay Pros

  • Free plagiarism report
  • Writing help of any difficulty
  • Support team available 24/7

ExpertWriting — Best for Low Budget

This is the perfectionist among research paper writing services. ExpertWriting strives to deliver the best papers on the market. They are able to complete any type of academic papers and offer free revisions if there is even a tiny thing that the customer is not satisfied about.

There is a special Quality Assurance team that checks all the research papers after the writer finishes their work. The quality assurance experts scan the paper for possible grammar errors, misspellings, typos, or any other flaws. This department is also responsible for proofreading and editing services.

The professional writers at ExpertWriting are one of the best in business. This writing company has a strict hiring process for them, so there are no random people. All the paper writers have a degree in Creative Writing, Arts, Literature or more narrow fields. If the writer doesn’t have a degree in writing (for example, their main occupation is Politics), the essay writing service offers professional courses to boost writing creativity and check if an expert could be a good writer as well. If not, ExpertWriting will deny the expert’s application to join the team.

The prices are affordable, but a little bit less flexible than at PaperHelp. The starting price per page is also $10. Yet, the first time customer can get only a 5% discount. Anyway, considering all the advantages, the service is worth it.

ExpertWriting Pros

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Affordable prices
  • Mostly favorable customer reviews

Are Research Paper Writing Services Worth It? 

This is a common question each potential research paper service’s customer asks themselves. You invest your money and entrust your reputation to the service. Can you be sure the investment will pay off?

Yes, in case you are cooperating with reliable paper writing services that have earned their good name by years of hard work and keep improving their performance every day. If you order your paper from the best paper writing service, you have the guarantees your paper will be written from scratch, will be delivered on time and won’t need any edits. If it won’t meet your expectations, your money will be returned. So, you are protected. And lose nothing ordering a research paper from a reputable company. All you have to do is to conduct your own research or use a guide like this one.

Are Paper Writing Services Legal? 

Yes, they are. Otherwise, students won’t use it, as it would cause too many risks. If you are doubting whether it is safe and legal to use a research paper writing service, go through our list to calm down and do what you was planning to:

There is a Terms and Conditions page on every reliable essay writing service.

On this page, you can learn which guarantees the research paper writing service offers and what are the conditions of your cooperation. Here, you can find the registration documents of the company and check whether it has all the necessary rights to provide its occupation. Thus, you can be sure your cooperation lies in the law field and doesn’t break any rules.

The ownership of the research papers is yours

The research papers that you receive from the paper writing service are yours after the paper is completed and delivered. The professional writers don’t want you to credit them. It is your paper and you can use it for any purpose you want. It is a unique and only copy of the paper so you can be sure no one has the similar one.

Can I Pay Someone to Write a Research Paper?

Yes, today, you shouldn’t look for some tutor on campus, or ask your friends about professors or experts who can provide you with professional writing assistance. No need to spend your resources on searching for an appropriate option to solve your problems. Instead, you can visit one of the websites we reviewed and order a research paper easily and fast.

The paper writing service is a better option than freelance paper writers as they provide you with the guarantees and the service on the legal basis. They are stable and real. Moreover, they will help you with an assignment of any kind. Different specialists are gathered in one place.

While writing a research paper might be a disaster for you, for them — it is a job they are great at and passionate about. So, all you have to do is to find a writing website that will fit your requirements the most and place an order.

What are the Dangers of Using a Research Paper Writing Service?

Research paper writing service might be a great solution for students’ everyday challenges, and yet it is a niche where many scammers and frauds look for easy money. So, it is crucial to be alarmed and know what to pay attention to.

There are two things you have to be extremely careful with:


Reliable and reputable research paper services guarantee their customers complete anonymity. Yes, clients share their details with the paper writing service but they should be never passed to third parties or be disclosed.

If you don’t see any information related to your privacy protection on the website, it is a sign you need to think about not using it at all.


You have to be completely sure the essay you are ordering is original and free of plagiarism. To check if the service delivers unique research papers, try to read as many reviews as possible. Look for mates who made use of a service and ask their impression. Make sure the service has a full refund option, often it is a sign they have nothing to be afraid of and are ready to return your money if you are not satisfied.

All our new beginnings and experiences need to go through a so-called probation period. We are afraid to change something in life and dive into new impressions. Yet, sometimes it is the most effective solution to our current problems.

Having done your research and made sure the service is reliable, you can place an order with a light heart and discover how your life is changing and becoming more bright and content.