Full of Petals: 5 Flowers for a Colorful Garden

Full of Petals: 5 Flowers for a Colorful Garden

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Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are often gifted to a lover when one wants to show their love to another. It’s gifted to someone on their birthday, on their deathbed, graduations, celebrations, etc. Flowers give happiness to anyone who lays their eyes on them. Suppose you love giving gifts to your friends. You love arranging flowers and displaying them in your house, considering planting them since you can save money on flowers compared to store-bought.

Adding flowers to your garden can help manage weeds, lessen pests and diseases, and improve pollination. Read and comprehend the information down below to learn more about the five flowers to add to your garden:

1.     Zinnias (Zinnia elegans)

Zinnias are among the flowers that are easy to take care of. It grows quickly and flowers beautifully and heavily. It almost resembles a daisy. It has a bright and solitary flowerhead on a single standing stem; this makes it great for a cutting flower and food for insects.

It will attract bees, ladybugs, hummingbirds, wasps, and Japanese Beetles during its growing season, which is May up until October. An interesting fact about zinnias is they can grow from four to 48 inches tall, depending on what variety you plant.

2.     Fuchsias (Fuchsia magellanica)

Fuchsias are known for their brightly colored purple-red petals. Because of the vibrant blooms of fuchsia, these plants are often loved within exotic garden setups. It has bell-shaped blossoms that are drooping. It will bloom during autumn, summer, and spring.

To attain a successful harvest, you must pay attention to its soil moisture. Don’t let the soil dry out totally, keep it moist but never overwater. If you want to know when to water again, shove your finger into the earth or lift the container.

Fuchsias grow berries and flowers rich in Vitamin C. When you add its berries to your dishes, it will surely brighten the food. The most common way of utilizing fuchsias’ berries is to cook them into a spreadable jam.

3.     Morning Glories (Ipomoea)

Ipomoeas usually blooms from the start of summer until fall. It has slender stems and leaves that are heart-shaped. Its trumpet-shaped flowers come in a wide array of colors, from purple-blue, pink, white, or magenta. It is fragrant and beloved by hummingbirds and butterflies, so don’t be surprised when you see them in your garden.

When taking care of morning glories, ensure that you add a liquid fertilizer after planting it. They are usually low-maintenance, but during dry seasons, water them immediately. Additionally, add mulch to suppress weeds and retain the moisture.

Morning glories have numerous health benefits, but before digesting the flower, contact a health professional first. It has advantages that include lowering stress levels, improves skin, reduces swelling, treats stomach aches, and many more.

4.     Snapdragons (Antirrhinum)

Snapdragons are the most colorful out of the five mentioned flowers. It has various colors that range from pastel to bright colors, including red, white, bicolor, purple, orange, pink, yellow, and peach. The most common snapdragons are two petals that are puffed that resemble stacked berets. In height, snapdragons’ most small variety can range from six to 15 inches tall. The tallest type can be as tall as 48 inches!

5.     Roses (Rosa)

Roses are commonly gifted to lovers, that’s because they are one of the oldest flowers in the world. They are erect, trailing, or climbing shrubs. Its stems are well-known for thorns. The leaves of rosa are alternating, and it’s formed like a feather. If you want to plant a rose garden, take care of them well. These flowers love the sun; place them under it for an ideal time of six hours. They love rich soil that has to be appropriately drained.

Have you seen actors in movies or television series where they add rose petals to a hot bath? That’s because roses can soothe irritations in the skin, reduce the redness in your skin, heals scars, burns, and enhances mood. A bath can increase spirit, but with rose petals added to the tub, imagine how refreshed you will feel after.

Rosa is the national flower of the United States. In history, Davis Austin sold the most expensive rose for 15.8 million dollars. Additionally, you can eat the flower raw or purchase them in a perfume bottle. 


Vegetables have a lot of nutrients, but flowers have many advantages as well. Flowers are not only a gift, but it’s also a source of fruits or seeds, e.g., sunflower seeds. As you’re reading the information above, you now know that flowers help you and the planet; all plants do. Although, flowers are in a standard of their own.

It attracts helpful insects that pollinate the flowers. If you don’t know, the number of bees is dropping significantly than in the 1990s. By planting any plant in your garden, you are one step in helping the environment. Consider the five plants mentioned above to get you started!