Creative video marketing ideas for your college or university

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There is intense competition in the global education industry, and educational institutions are in a rat race to attract the smartest and wealthiest students. In the modern-day scenario, they cannot rely on their reputation alone to fulfill such aspirations. Today, most students turn to online resources to gauge their higher education options.  In such a situation, colleges and universities are looking for ways to incorporate video as a part of their marketing initiatives. 

However, a look at the marketing videos of most educational brands will illustrate a straightforward approach that gets mundane after a point. If you can come up with creative ideas to target students at different stages of their decision-making journey, you will be more likely to attract the best lot. The planning of marketing content for an educational brand will also involve careful consideration of means to distribute the video content. Here are some tips that will assist you in strategizing.

Virtual Open Days

In the conventional world, open days are an excellent opportunity for would-be students to take a tour of the campus and interact with faculty and students. Sometimes, educational institutions allow potential students to attend sample lectures to showcase their facilities. The challenge with open days is that it is infeasible for prospects who live in other cities to attend such sessions.

In the wake of the pandemic and the social distancing norms, most colleges have given up on organizing open days. With the right technical expertise and thorough planning, you can mimic the on-campus open days in a virtual medium and stand ahead of the competition.

For example, you can live stream the open-day presentation and have video testimonials from existing students and faculty. You can also use video to share sample content and conduct live sessions to answer student queries in real-time.

Individual Achievement Videos

If you are confident of the capabilities of your educational institution, you can let your students’ achievements speak for themselves. Create videos where you take individual achievers and illustrate their journey with your institution and the subsequent achievement. Try to restrict each such video clip to about a minute.

Ideally, you can pick multiple achievers from different domains and compile such video clips into a video. When a potential guardian sees such a video, they visualize their ward as the achiever. That way, they are tempted into enrolling the student with your institution.

Research Spotlight Videos

Most universities indulge in active research. Considering a good fraction of potential students see themselves as future researchers, highlighting this aspect of your university will boost its image. Create a short video where you throw light on a project and explain the plausible, practical applications of the same.

Understand that nothing is too silly to explain and what may seem obvious to you may not be so for undergraduate students. The purpose of creating a research spotlight video is to establish your institution’s image as a research center and boost the video’s mass appeal. There are multiple online video editors that you can use while creating such videos.

Personalized Video Messages

Despite the rapid changes in the world of digital marketing, email remains an effective marketing tool. However, the average internet user has taken to video, and textual email communications can come off as cold and impersonal. As an educational brand, you can create video content that will be enjoyable to your email broadcast list.

For example, you can create an email list of students who applied to your undergraduate courses. If you send them video brochures of relevant master’s courses at a time when they are likely to graduate, you can expect a good ROI on your video initiative.

Studies show that merely embedding a video in an email increases its click-through rate by a whopping 300%. Merely adding the word video to the email subject line increases the chances of the email being read.

Social Media Video Content

The popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram is the highest among millennials. 72% of international undergraduate students turn to social media to research their options of higher education. This makes it essential for colleges and universities to have a powerful social media video strategy in place.

Start by creating a brand page on popular video-sharing platforms. That way, you can cross-promote your video content across the different platforms for maximum reach. Understand that the human brain is highly receptive to video, and younger people are more likely to listen to you if you use this medium.

Classify your target audience on their interests and demographics. That way, you can create target videos to cater to their interests. For example, you can create informative videos to appeal to potential students who are weighing their higher education options in a specific field of study. Listicle videos where you illustrate the available options or talk about the advantages of an area of study also fare well in social media.

Live Stream Special Events

Ideally, you must plan your digital marketing initiatives in such a way that your education institution remains on the minds of people all year round. That way, you will build a brand image, and potential students will prefer you during the admission season. Live streaming of sports matches, guest speeches, and theatre productions are effective ways of involving the community in campus activities.

Such digital events will allow your college to stand out from others. It illustrates the organization’s initiatives at allowing families and alumni to be a part of the celebration. While you can resort to sharing recorded clips of such events, live streaming the event makes it more authentic, and the audience is three times more likely to engage with it.

With the pandemic bringing classrooms to the bedrooms, educational institutions need to convey their digital adaptability. Investing in any of the above video marketing initiatives gives out the message of inclusive education. Such efforts will help to attract new students to join the college or university to give flight to their digital dreams.