Letter to the Editor | Celebrate Hawkeyes who give back

The University of Iowa Center for Advancement encourages others to attend a virtual event that celebrates fellow Hawkeyes’ accomplishments.


Daniel McGregor-Huyer

Climate Action Engagement Specialist Sarah Gardner stands outside Iowa City Hall on October 7 2020. Gardner and fellow Climate Change Ambassadors have a primary goal of bringing the issue of climate change to an individual level.

The University of Iowa has a long tradition of excellence in education, research and patient care, and that excellence is fueled by the generosity of generations of Hawkeyes.

While it’s easy to recognize philanthropy at work in buildings and campus monuments, our alumni, friends and donors make a difference in many ways by offering support for our faculty and their cutting-edge research, sharing their expertise in the classroom, providing resources for innovative programming throughout campus and creating scholarships for students.

We know that philanthropy, in all forms, is a powerful tool for leveraging change. This is true both on campus and throughout the world. That’s why it has become a bi-annual tradition for us to gather and celebrate Hawkeyes who give back.

Today at 4 p.m., we will celebrate UI professors Gregory Carmichael and Jerald Schnoor and hear how they have dedicated their careers to combating climate change through research, education and advocacy. You can attend this virtual event by visiting https://www.foriowa.org/events/.

I hope you’ll join me as we celebrate Hawkeyes who give back and be inspired to continue the tradition of giving back on campus and in your community.

Lynette Marshall, President and CEO of UI Center for Advancement

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