When Could Online Bingo Be Legalized In The USA

As online bingo booms, players everywhere are rushing online to get in on the fun! Bingo offers an enticing, engrossing experience that players can enjoy from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the advent of online bingo means cash prizes can now reach high into the thousands!

In states such as the UK, there has been a real growth in online bingo site interest lately and players can check out the latest bingo offers at sites based in Britain and across the world. On the other hand, online bingo continues to be a tough ask for players in the United States. Unfortunately, in a country with so many millions of bingo players, the online version of the game is largely outlawed.

In this article, we will take a peek at when online bingo could be legalized in the USA. We will look both at the current situation as well as any potential developments slated to impact the online bingo world in future.

So, without further ado, let’s take a dive into when the practice of online bingo could become legal in the United States of America.

First, is bingo outlawed in the US?

Now, you are probably aware that gambling is largely outlawed across the US. Apart from in just a few small areas, the practice of betting is outlawed and has been for quite some time. Unfortunately, US law categorises online bingo as a form of gambling and so enjoying this beloved game on the web is also illegal in many cases.

The somewhat surprising truth is that most US states continue to make online gambling illegal. Furthermore, only three out of fifty have passed online gambling legislation that sees bingo on the web as a legal game. This means the majority of states leave bingo lovers in a kind of limbo between legal and illegal practices. No fun at all!

With that said, there are no laws in the US that say you can’t sign up to bingo sites based overseas in nations like the UK, Malta and others. As a result, many Americans are thankfully able to get their fix of online bingo fun!

The future of online bingo sites in the USA

Although the history of gambling legislation in the US makes grim reading for advocates, the reality is that the current landscape regarding gambling in the US is fairly rosy. This is because many in the nation are pressuring lawmakers to enact federal legislation that will see gambling legalised across the board.

The reality is that this is a multibillion dollar a year industry that will create tens of thousands of jobs at a time where solid employment prospects are in decline across the developed world. As a result, many predict that online bingo and other gambling forms may be legal in the US as soon as one or two years from now.

So, although online bingo sites are illegal across much of the US right now, the question of when they might be legalised is much more promising for bingo lovers. With ten states explicitly outlawing online bingo sites, three accepting them with special legislation and thirty-seven remaining undecided, there is plenty of scope for progress.

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