Who is Davion, the Dragon Knight?

With the recent announcement and success of the DOTA 2 anime by Netflix, it is natural that a new influx of players arrived in Defense of The Ancients 2, interested in the characters they have seen on screen. Fun fact: Davion is the name of the character in the Warcraft mod version of DotA, in DOTA 2 he was baptized as Dragon Knight. While his story was told faithfully in accordance with the lore, not a lot was shown of his skillsets, gameplay style, or itemization.


Breathe Fire

We didn’t see this skill used by Davion in his human form in the anime so it’s hard to imagine how it would act. But, in-game this skill does damage and also reduces the attack damage of players hit by breathe fire by 25%.

Dragon Tail

Another skill that wasn’t seen on Netflix was the ability to disable enemies. In DOTA 2, Dragon Knight can stun enemies for up to 3.25 seconds, in human or Dragon Form. While in human form the stun has instant cast, but in Dragon Form, it acts as a projectile.

Dragon Blood

This is the skill that gave name to the show and it was displayed in some manner on the show. Dragon’s Blood amplifies Davion’s armor and grants him passive regen.

Fireball (Requires Aghanim’s Shard)

Dragon Knight throws a ball of fire on a targeted area that applies damage over time on enemies that step on it.

Dragon Form

Davion’s ultimate skill transforms him into three unique dragons with different modifiers based on his level. And a final form that can be achieved by purchasing Aghanim’s Scepter

  • Green Dragon – Adds poison to his attacks, the poison work on heroes and structures
  • Red Dragon – In addition to the poison, Davion’s attacks have splash damage.
  • Blue Dragon – On top of poison and the splash damage, his attacks now apply a slow to the enemies.
  • Black Dragon (Aghanim Upgrade) – All modifiers are amplified, Dragon Knight is 30% larger, and gains magic resistance.


Dragon Knight relies on absorbing as much damage as he can, so he can enable his team to do damage. Usually going in first with the instant disable, the most important items to buy are the ones that amplify his strengths (armor, health) and alleviate his weaknesses (mobility, susceptible to magic damage).

Recommended Items:

●      Armlet of Mordiggian

●      Assault Cuirass

●      Heaven’s Halberd

●      Heart of Tarrasuqe

●      Blink Dagger

●      Shadowblade

●      Black King Bar


As a strength hero Dragon Knight gains more Health Points (HP) than Agility or Intelligence heroes, in addition to his skillsets that grant passive regeneration, reduce enemy damage, and disables them he makes up for a tanky frontliner.

The hero doesn’t have mobility spells and is very static, that’s why itemization is so important in DOTA 2, it helps alleviate a hero’s weakness. Finally, his ultimate allows him to threaten structures when unchecked, making Dragon Knight one of the best pushing heroes in the game.

Consider picking Davion, The Dragon Knight when your team lacks pushing power, structure damage, and a tanky frontline.

Of course, this is a very simplified view of the hero, and DOTA 2 is a very complex game. Even if you know all the intricacies of a hero, you can still become a victim of ELO Hell, and be held back by teammates. If you ever feel stuck, Eldorado can help you achieve the rank you deserve.