10 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Marriage


Did you know that some of the happiest marriages are between people who are best friends? If you’re looking for some marriage tips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go answer the question, “What does a healthy marriage look like?” We’ll offer some insights on how you can strengthen your marriage.

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1. Learn How to Become Intimate

Intimacy in your marriage will help you become closer to one another. Intimacy doesn’t always have to do with sexuality. There’s also emotional intimacy.

You should strive to create a safe space so your partner can share their emotions or thoughts. Don’t make your partner feel ridiculed or judged during this time.

Emotional and physical intimacy are helpful for a marriage. You want to know when each type of intimacy is appropriate and needed.

2. Discover Common Passions or Interests

Couples tend to do well when they have some shared interests. You won’t necessarily love every activity your partner loves. Yet, having shared interests will allow you to spend meaningful time together.

You might enjoy eating new cuisine together or playing cards. Find an activity you enjoy doing together.

If you don’t have a shared interest, try some new activities together. Check out thehotspot.com.au.

3. Focus on Listening and Communicating

Listening and talking to your partner is essential for a healthy marriage.

Don’t assume that you know what your loved one is feeling or thinking. Sometimes, you need to discern between listening to your spouse or sharing what’s on your heart.

There’s a difference between listening and hearing. You will need to practice to learn how to hear what your partner’s communicating.

You can take online courses or workshops on improving communication in your marriage. Communicating effectively will benefit you and your partner.

4. Forgive Your Partner

Your partner might do something that offends, hurts, or annoys you. You will end up doing the same to your loved one. Often, it’s a misunderstanding, but sometimes in an argument, it’s on purpose.

Aim to forgive your partner. You both will make some mistakes. Make sure you move fast after making a mistake to apologize and work on fixing the issue.

Forgiveness will strengthen your marriage. If you hold onto past wrongdoings, you will end up feeling bitter and resentful toward your partner. Holding on to unforgiveness can negatively impact your marriage.

5. Remain Appreciative and Thankful

At the beginning of most relationships, people focus on positive attributes.

Over time, your view of your partner could change. Perhaps you thought they were kind at the beginning, but now you see them as passive.

Make sure you give your partner the benefit of the doubt and don’t get critical. Make a list of all the things you love about your husband or wife. This list will help you remain thankful for your loved one.

6. Create a Financial Plan

A lot of people tend to lie to their spouses about different purchases they make.

Yet, money problems can negatively impact marriages fast. Money tends to be one of the main reasons people end up fighting.

You should set aside time to discuss your finances as a married couple. Talk about and decide on specific financial ground rules.

If you’re able to, discuss these things before you get married. You want to resolve any problems beforehand.

Decide who will pay the bills and track savings. What are your financial goals? How much leisure spending will you have for the month?

7. Spend Quality Time Together

A married couple will need to spend time together so they can remain well-connected. Try to plan regular date nights and weekend getaways.
You’ll have a chance to talk more and discuss any issues you have.

If you go weeks without quality time together, you’ll begin to feel the strain in your relationship. Work hard to guard your date nights.

8. Resolve Conflicts Fast

Most relationships have a certain level of conflict. Conflict can become intense, and people can feel emotionally or even physically unsafe.

Work out problems right away. Understand what the issue is, and talk about how you can resolve them as a team.

You could look into marriage counseling. The counselor will teach you different ways to cope or deal with conflict.

9. Respect Your Partner

Sometimes, couples will slowly stop respecting one another and can develop bad habits.

Put-downs and critical comments damage a relationship fast. Make sure you always treat your partner as you would like to get treated.

Encourage your partner by complimenting them or thanking them for their hard work. If you notice you’re tempted to complain, think about how you would feel if they said that to you.

10. Learn More About Yourself

People go into marriage without knowing enough about themselves.

Often, this makes it difficult for them to learn about their partner. Begin to learn more about yourself. You will become a better partner and individual.

As you learn more about who you are, you will be able to support your partner better. Ask your partner about their dreams or fears. Work hard to discover new things about your loved one.

Build a Healthy Marriage

We hope these tips for married couples are helpful. Foster a healthy marriage by communicating, forgiving one another, and spending quality time together.

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