4 Best Subreddits To Earn Money Writing Essays for Students

There are many opportunities today for those who can write boldly and deeply. Businesses, private entrepreneurs, and students often need writing assistance. However, it is challenging to build up your active online presence fast and get a big clients base independently. It requires not only time but devotion. 

Yet, there are other effective ways to gain exposure easily. In this article, we would like to present the best subreddits where writers can earn money and find new customers. These are communities of students who seek professional academic writing help. Interested? Then let’s find out more. 

Slave Labour — https://www.reddit.com/r/slavelabour/

This community was founded in 2013, which means it already has the reputation of a reliable board where writers can earn some money completing college and other writing assignments on request. Regularly, there are about 500 writers looking for jobs and over 200 000 subscribers who potentially can offer you different kinds of writing jobs. Thus, your chances to get a well-paid order are very high.

The subreddit pays great attention to the way job offers are written. The moderators require them to be clear, detailed, and comprehensive. They do not tolerate vague descriptions and invitations to talk in direct messages. This way, writers don’t need to spend extra time texting the customer and can start writing right away. 

However, the money won’t be that big. The subreddit runners claim their rates are below average on the market. And while it is great for students and other customers, writers have to work more to get a proper reward. 

Stressays — https://www.reddit.com/r/stressays/

Stressays is one of the most popular subreddits on essay writing. Though it is a relatively young community that was created in 2019, they can offer writers plenty of assignments to complete. Since Reddit’s voting system can be manipulated, some students prefer publishing their essay tasks in essay help subreddits instead of using essay writing companies. Every day dozens of orders appear. Students come here as they are sure the community has strict and fair rules and always follows them. Usually, the assignments are not hard to complete. Mostly, there are offers to write a college paper, an essay, or a report. However, the deadlines are tight and require all your concentration.

Here, writers can’t promote themselves, so the competition is tough. No one could do any tricks to get an assignment first. The customer chooses and decides.

There are many invitations to direct messages, which is kind of suspicious. Unlike the previous subreddit from our list, it is not controlled by moderators. Most communities forbid such a way of interaction as it leads to misunderstandings that no one would be able to solve further. 

Paid Homework — https://www.reddit.com/r/paidHomework/

This subreddit is an exceptional example of the community that protects writers’ rights in the first place. Here, your hard work will bring you a proper reward. And it is not just about money.

Paid Homework Subreddit gives approval for those writers who have been taking assignments for a long time and always get good feedback. Professional and talented writers get a badge of a reliable writer that allows them to be chosen more often. 

This community mostly offers to complete high school homework or write a standard essay, thus, the order won’t take long. Yet, the requirements are high, so it is not a place where a writer can do something in a sloppy way. 

It is prohibited for students/customers to hire a writer and then disappear. Such behavior leads to a ban. So, writers can be sure they won’t spend their time on someone who doesn’t need their help actually and is not going to pay. 

Essay Writing Service — https://www.reddit.com/r/Essay_Writing_Service/

Essay Writing Service on Reddit is the largest community for users who look for academic assistance and those who can provide it. It is a place where people find each other and reach a win-win situation. Here, writers will find a plethora of interesting, challenging, and non-trite assignments and will be paid properly for completing them. 

Scamming is not allowed here, thus, everyone is protected and feels safe to provide their service. Inquires for free service are forbidden, too. The community is created by former writers, so they know better than anyone else how much their work costs. 

Yet, to become a part of this subreddit and get a verified writer status, you have to provide clients with the original content free of plagiarism, as delivering plagiarized papers is the reason to get a long life ban. The community moderators respect everyone and do their best so both parties were satisfied. 

Is Reddit a Reliable Platform to Get a Writing Job? 

The majority of writers get used to work for the big companies that provide writing service or develop their website/personal pages to attract new customers. However, the world is changing and now it is more efficient to gain an audience by surfing certain boards than sitting on your page waiting for someone to come. 

Having presented your skills on different boards, you’ll get: 

  • More chances to get noticed. Not all people look for writing assistance from a registered company. Many prefer to get a personal approach that only independent writer can give them;
  • New experience. It is one more way to improve your soft skills and understand what people are expecting from a writer they hire better;
  • New connections. It is very likely, you’ll find a customer who will come back to you over and over again, and this way you’ll get many loyal clients you’re comfortable working with;
  • New orders. No doubts, you’ll get new orders. Even if there won’t be many orders or you won’t like the kind of communication, you’ll earn money and level up your expertise. 

Among the platforms where you can find a writing job, Reddit is the most reliable and popular. It attracts millions of users every day and is considered a place where professional and involved people are gathering. There is no point to miss such an opportunity. 

Writers are in high demand nowadays. It is time to assert yourself beyond your webpage or cozy office and start earning more by doing something you are brilliant at!