On the Record: March 5, 2021


In this episode of “On the Record” host Eleanor Hildebrandt and co-producer Hailey Marx sat down with DI reporters to get an in-depth look at their stories and talk this week’s headlines.

News reporter Drew Sullivan discusses her story on Dance Marathon’s Big Event last weekend. Dance Marathon 27 moved virtual this year to keep dancers safe because of the pandemic. Grace Hamilton, a news reporter covering lower education, talks her story about a bill in the Iowa Legislature that would require schools to have students recite the Pledge of Alligance every morning. Reporter Lily Rose Marvin talks about her story on University of Iowa interns at the Iowa City senior center helping older Iowans sign up to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Finally, in a segment from the DI sports podcast “The Scoreboard” we hear from sports reporter Chloe Peterson about her Amplify piece highlighting the careers of women in sports journalism.

Hosted by Eleanor Hildebrandt. Edited by Eleanor Hildebrandt and Hailey Marx.

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