3 Ways to Launch Your Career in Sports


You’re so passionate about sports that you can’t imagine finding a career in any other field.

Don’t listen to naysayers who think it’s not possible to find full-time work in sports. Even if you don’t make it as a pro-athlete, there are many ways to build yourself a good career in sports.

Read this article to learn about 3 ways to launch your sports career.

1. Sports Management

If you want to combine your passion for sports with great business acumen, a career in sports management could be ideal for you. Golf colleges in particular offer you a path to entering the industry.

To become a sports manager, you’ll need to earn a degree. It will teach you skills related to finance, marketing, management, and law pertaining to the sports industry.

You’ll become familiar with the business side of sports organizations and develop proficiency in critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving.

After completing your bachelor’s degree in sports management, it is possible to continue with a master’s degree.

There are three types of master’s in sports management:

  • Masters of Science in Sports Management
  • Masters of Science in Sports Medicine
  • Masters of Business Administration in Sports Management

A master’s degree will allow you to become an expert in your chosen field.

2. Sports Analyst

Sports analysts favor analytical and communication skills. They research and report on sports for media outlets.

Sports analysts usually work for online media, newspapers, print publications, television and radio stations. Some sports analysts work as independent contractors and sell their stories to various publishers.

This job offers a lot of variety in sporting events and locations. Sports analysts must be dynamic and innovative to thrive in their ever-evolving work environment.

To become a sports analyst, you’ll need a degree, but also experience and skills. After earning your bachelor’s degree, you’ll want to get some experience in the field and build a portfolio.

3. Sports Agent

As a sports agent, you represent athletes when negotiating contracts and endorsement deals. Your goal is to maximize value for your clients. You also promote the athletes you represent and strive to keep them in the public eye.

Sports agents can work for agencies alongside other sports agents or directly under their clients.

Sports agents are charismatic, persuasive, outgoing, and professional. Additionally, they are willing to travel a lot for work and have strong communication skills.

There are no formal education requirements when it comes to being a sports agent. However, a degree in law, business, or sports management is highly recommended.

After earning your degree, you’ll have to get licensed and registered in your state.

Launch Your Career in Sports

With enough determination, a career in sports won’t be a mere pipe dream.

Sports studies allow you to work in various sports-related fields. If you like the business side of things, then a career in sports management is perfect for you.

If you’re passionate about analyzing data and love traveling to different sports events, you should consider becoming a sports analyst.

Lastly, if you love negotiating contracts and keeping a high profile, being a sports agent could fulfill your dreams.