6 Key Steps to Becoming a Radiologist


Are you thinking about becoming a radiologist? It can be a great choice to make.

Statistics show radiologists earn a median salary of a little more than $62,000 per year. The job outlook is positive and is growing faster than the average. There are a variety of employment opportunities, as well as many opportunities for growth in the field.

In a nutshell, becoming a radiologist is a great choice for someone who loves the medical field, has great communication skills, and has a natural mechanical aptitude.

Fortunately, the path to working in this field is uncomplicated. By taking a few steps and getting the training you need, you can find yourself working as a radiologist.

If you are considering a radiologist career but aren’t quite sure how to start, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Graduate From High School

The first step to becoming a radiologist and working in a hospital is to obtain your high school diploma. A diploma is a requirement for getting accepted into a reputable higher learning program. If you did not graduate from high school, consider getting your GED.

2. Obtain Your Bachelor’s Degree

The next step is to attend a 4-year college and obtain your bachelor’s degree. Like your high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree is required to continue to medical school. Maintain a high GPA, obtain letters of recommendation, and score high on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to take the next step.

3. Attend Medical School 

The next step for becoming a radiologist is to attend and complete medical school. During this time, you will learn all you need to know to earn your M.D. or O.D. degree and apply for your medical license. During medical school, you will need to apply for your post-graduate internship and residency program.

4. Become an Internship and Residency

After you have completed medical school, you need to complete your internship and residency. This is radiology school, the place where you will learn the skills you need to work as a radiologist. To move on to the next step, you will need to pass a series of examinations on what you’ve learned.

5. Complete Your Fellowship

A fellowship is a type of second residency that offers targeted training. These programs last for about two years and involve hands-on training, as well as lectures and classroom training. This is an optional step, but one that is completed by nearly all radiologists.

6. Become Board Licensed and Certified 

After you have completed your fellowship, you are finally ready to become a licensed and board-certified radiologist. This involves passing your state board exams and any certifications you may want to add to your credentials. You can boost your career by adding the POCUS certification to your skillset.

Use These Tips for Becoming a Radiologist

By using these steps for becoming a radiologist, you can start a new career you love.

Start by graduating from high school or earning your GED. You should also obtain your bachelor’s degree, attend medical school and complete your internship and residency. Make sure to complete your fellowship before passing your licensing and certification exams.

Follow these steps to become a successful radiologist.

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