Letter to the Editor | How we should move forward

An Iowa City resident writes on the importance of holding officials accountable in our democracy.

No matter what we look like or who we vote for, most of us believe our elected leaders have a duty to uphold our democracy and govern in our interests. Any elected official who lies to the American people, stokes violence and division, and refuses to take responsibility for the harm they cause is unfit to represent us. We deserve leaders who demonstrate the courage of real conviction and an absolute allegiance to uphold our freedoms and rights.

Republicans must come together with Democrats to hold any elected leaders who have done us harm to account, affirm Joe Biden’s presidency, and pledge to work with him to address the challenges we face.

This is how we move forward together, assured that our leaders govern in our name and deliver what our families need, from pandemic relief to vaccine distribution.

Together, we can make this a country where justice and liberty are for all.


Patricia Bowen, Iowa City resident

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