Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The recent legalization of marijuana in multiple states like Arizona has offered new opportunities for users and entrepreneurs to grow their crops. Growing your own crops not only provides you with a steady supply, but allows you to control factors such as purity and potency. One of the best options out there is autoflower marijuana seeds.

As a new grower, here are a couple of things you should know.

What Are Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

Autoflower marijuana seeds get their name because they do not rely on a timed light cycle to flower. They do not rely on photoperiods for their flowering stage; instead, they grow and flower at their own time, growing according to their age and size.

Autoflower strains originate from Cannabis ruderalis, which is thought to be a subspecies of either Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. Some botanists, though, classify it as a species on its own. It is native to Russia and Asia, and given its harsh climatic and environmental conditions, it evolved so that it can go from seed to harvest in a short period. It also got the ability to flower without having to wait for the end of summer for low light levels.

The main characteristics of marijuana are;

  • They have a short vegetative and flowering period.
  • They are not dependent on light and darkness/night and day cycles for flowering.
  • Often found 50 degrees North of the equator or in higher altitudes.

In the beginning, the first crossbreeding of the species produced a hybrid that was low in THC content, similar to the original ruderalis. They were also small in stature, growing to about 1 ½ feet tall in height. However, the last decade has seen several generations of crosses bred, which has led to “super-autoflowers”.

These are taller and bushier and may grow to heights of 3-4 feet. They can be just as potent as regular photoperiod strains, coming as close as 25% with some 27% of THC. If you are in Arizona and looking for autoflower strains that yield great results, these Phoenix marijuana seeds are your best bet.

How Long Do Autoflower Seeds Take from Seed to Harvest?

One of the most appealing characteristics of autoflower strains is that they have a short lifespan. Their vegetative period lasts for two to four weeks, while most take eight to ten weeks to grow from seeds to harvest, while others take as short as seven and the longest ones take 13 weeks. The different crossbreeds create a wide variety in the time taken for growth. This will allow the grower to produce many more crops over the course of a year compared to non-autoflower strains.

Can You Clone Autoflower Plants?

Yes and no. You can clone auto flower plants, but it is not easy. The challenge in cloning the plants is that the cuttings are taken from a mother plant and follow her genetic timeline. They will only flower at the same time according to the age that she flowers. Therefore, the cuttings cannot get to a proper viable size making the yield negligible.

To successfully clone the plants, you have a short window, which can be hours at times to make the cuttings. You must watch your plants and make the cuttings as soon as the pre-flowers appear. At this stage, the flowering hormone has not spread out to the rest of the plant’s tissues.


Once you have the cuttings, keep them in moist and low-intensity light conditions until they have roots. Once they have them, they will grow to about 80% of their mother plant’s size and have a comparative harvest.

Why Are Autoflower Marijuana Seeds Good for New Growers?

  1. Autoflower marijuana seeds have a short lifespan, with most strains taking under 13 weeks to go from seed to harvest. This short lifespan offers you a chance for many harvests as you can grow them all year round.
  2. They are easy to maintain with few technical requirements. For example, you do not have to worry about setting up a light deprivation system or finding supplementing light when growing your plants outside. The plants will still produce buds regardless of the light you are getting.
  3. Flowering happens early compared to photoperiod dependent strains. It usually takes two to three weeks from germination.
  4. Autoflower marijuana seeds have simple seeds and bountiful seed production. One plant can produce many seeds even when it is a foot tall.
  5. Their short life span makes them excellent for cultivation in cold climates where the summer season is short and cold.
  6. They are cost-effective because you do not need to have a separate environment for the vegetative and flowering stages. Because the strain is not affected by lighting conditions, you can have both plants ready for harvest with those just starting in the same room.
  7. You can have the short stature auto-flowering plants if you want a degree of discreteness. This small stature allows for stealth when growing outdoors or for closet farming without drawing attention.
  8. Autoflower marijuana seeds are an excellent point to start your marijuana farm. They are hardy and easy to set up while having a good return on your investment.

Autoflower marijuana seeds are an excellent point to start your new marijuana farm. They are hardy and easy to set up while having a good return on your investment. Once you understand the simple steps needed for growing them, they can be a great way to grow marijuana commercially for your own use.