The Social Aspect of Online Slots Games


The modern world is increasingly one in which large parts of people’s lives are spent online. Around the globe, people are relying more and more on digital connections and less on real-life interactions. As we become more connected online, we spend less time socialising offline.

Technology brings people together in myriad ways, but in many ways, it is also driving us apart. When each interaction takes place on a screen rather than face to face, it can be easy to lose touch with the things that matter. Recent research from LifeSearch found a 15% decrease in “real” conversations on average over the past five years, even as our digital connections increased. People today often find it difficult to maintain a balanced social life, finding themselves never-endingly busy as well as spending more time online.

Half of the people who responded to the LifeSearch survey stated that they believed digital communication has replaced or gets in the way of meaningful, real conversation. Many people now feel more comfortable communicating with friends and family via social media, messaging services or apps than talking face to face.

Life online

As we become increasingly connected online and more adrift in real life, it becomes more important than ever before to actively seek ways of communicating and engaging with others. Humans are naturally social creatures and we need regular interactions with others to maintain our mental health and emotional well-being.

Slot machines and online slots have long been one of the most popular games people choose to play when gambling, or when playing free versions just for fun. One of the reasons slots have been able to retain and even increase popularity over the years is that they have evolved to meet the changing needs of the player.

Many online slots games are now designed specifically to embrace a social aspect and help players feel more connected to one another, boosting engagement not only with the game but with other people. Wink Slots have taken the classic slot machine template and created a world full of dazzling characters, stunning audio and endless gaming options that can be enjoyed solo or with a group of friends online.

What do the stats tell us?

Gambling demographics show that men are drawn to games that have an element of strategy to them when playing in the casino, such as poker or blackjack, whereas women are more likely to be found playing slots or bingo. Studies have shown that the motivation for men playing casino games is more likely to be based on trying to win, while women are more motivated by the social aspect of playing games.

The advent of online casinos has redressed the balance somewhat in terms of male and female gamblers. Once upon a time, casinos were dominated by male players and many women felt too intimidated to enter. Today, people feel more secure about going to land casinos as online play has made them seem more familiar. With more women involved, many gambling games have been adapted to become more social and less competitive.

The social side

Some of the most successful strategies used by social media platforms have been lifted directly from the world of gambling, and particularly from slot machines. Scrolling through a social media feed looking for something gratifying is not dissimilar to spinning the reels on a slot machine and hoping for a win. The “pull to refresh” feature of most social media on smartphones has the same addictive quality as pulling a lever or pressing a button on a slot machine – we do not know what the outcome will be until we do it, so we keep going in hope of hitting the jackpot. The only difference is that the jackpot on social media could be an interesting post or a lot of likes, while the jackpot on slots is generally cash.

Slots and social media have forged connections over the years, utilising technologies and techniques to engage more people and keep users coming back for more. Social casinos are rapidly growing in terms of popularity, drawing people in with opportunities to win without having to risk anything. Social casinos are typically linked to social media sites, which makes them fast and simple to sign up for as users of the platform.

In theory, players can access social slots for free, as part of the appeal is the constant free spins and other incentives provided. Even when players are enticed to add some of their own money to the pot, they will typically spend far less than those playing video slots for the same amount of entertainment. Social slots players will also usually be playing more than one game at a time, increasing their chances of accessing a win.

Social slots research player habits and collect huge amounts of data, which is then used to make improvements to the games based on what the players want the most. This data can also help providers to target marketing at specific demographics.

Gamification is used widely across social slots to help not only entice new players, but keep regular players coming back for more. Features such as daily bonuses, XP advancement, rewards for inviting friends and the unlocking of new games as the players advances all help retain users keep them coming back to the site.

Social slots, online video slots or slot machines in casinos can all help increase social interaction in a fun and engaging way.