Letter to the Editor | Iowa City needs late night and Sunday transportation services

The advocay intern for the Community Transportation Committee writes that the Iowa City City Council should consider adding night owl and Sunday service to improve the city’s transit system.


Ayrton Breckenridge

Iowa City Transit bus as seen on Sept. 21.

This past month, the Iowa City City Council reviewed recommendations to improve the city’s transit system known as the Preferred Alternative Scenario. These recommendations were constrained to Iowa City’s budget as is. The Preferred Alternative Scenario is a series of changes that include consolidating the number of routes in half by moving from loop routes to more direct routes, eliminating the unnecessary policy that limits those with discounted fares from riding during peak hours, and more direct routes to popular areas of town. These recommendations did not include night owl or Sunday service, one of the community’s most desired improvements. During the Oct. 6  Iowa City City Council work session, the council generally agreed on their approval of the Preferred Alternative Scenario and Geoff Fruin, Iowa City City Manager, said the city would be looking into how to find funding to provide some type of Sunday and night service. They will also begin discussions with Coralville City Council to discuss improving the Universal Pass.

While it is likely the recommendations from the Preferred Alternative Scenario will be implemented sometime next year, we are requesting the city take immediate action to fund a pilot program for Sunday and night owl service. These are services that are desperately needed; the weather is getting colder and those whose employment is located on the outskirts of town often find themselves walking along the busy highway. Workers deserve Sunday and evening service because not all of us work a weekday, nine-to-five job but we all deserve adequate transportation to and from available employment.

Maya Sims, advocacy intern for Community Transportation Committee

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