On the Record: Oct. 9, 2020


In this episode of “On the Record” host Eleanor Hildebrandt and co-producer Hailey Marx sat down with DI reporters to get an in-depth look at their stories and talk this week’s headlines.

Lower education news reporter Natalie Dunlap talks about her story on what schools in Iowa City are doing to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus in classrooms and how much they’ve spent on protective equipment. News reporter Brian Grace discusses his story on who’s responsible for stormwater management in Iowa City. According to Grace’s story, the City of Iowa City isn’t responsible for stormwater management, the homeowners association is. News reporter Clinton Garlock sat down with us and talked about his story on the University of Iowa’s annual Iowa Climate Statement and the response the Iowa City Climate Strikers had to it. Finally, EPI editor Caleb McCullough discussed the making of The Daily Iowan’s 2020 election guide and when we could see election results.

Hosted by Eleanor Hildebrandt. Edited by Eleanor Hildebrandt and Hailey Marx.

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