Letter to the Editor | When they go low we go Hai Huyhn

Two residents of Coralville write in support of Hai Huyhn for the vacant Coralville City Council seat.


Megan Nagorzanski

Dear Coralville Residents,

Representing some of the beautiful diversity within the Latinx community, Paola and Cristina, have the honor of working with Hai Huyhn and supporting her candidacy for the Coralville City Council seat. We have seen Hai serve the Coralville community with such tenacity and work ethic and we know it is due to her resiliency.

Coralville is among the top most diverse communities in Iowa with more than 30 percent of residents representing people of color, mostly Black, Asian, and Latinx individuals. But within this beautiful diversity is tremendous disparity. According to the American Community Survey, 46 percent of Black households and 27 percent of Asian and Latinx households receive an income below the poverty level. Whereas 62 percent of white residents are homeowners, only 36 percent of Asian and 18 percent of Black residents are home-owners. Coralville is diverse and faces racial and economic disparities that need to be addressed.

As a mother, person who migrated, and occupant of many types of housing, Hai’s own story speaks to the diversity, resilience, and challenges that many of our community members face. Hai is well-poised to better the future of Coralville. Hai is committed to a peoples first development, climate action solutions, and economic and racial justice. Her yearning to elevate different voices to the table will only make our community stronger. That’s why we wholeheartedly support Hai Huyhn as Coralville City Councillor in the Sept. 29 special election.

—In power, Paola Jaramillo Guayara & Cristina Muñoz De La Torre

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