On the Record: Sept. 18, 2020


This week’s episode of On the Record features host and co-producer Eleanor Hildebrandt and co-producer Hailey Marx chatting with DI staff members discussing the top headlines of the week.

News reporter Rachel Steil talks about her story on the challenges the 2020 Census is facing in meeting the Sept. 30 deadline. The census taking process has looked different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the derecho that hit Iowa  News reporter Sabine Martin wrote about University of Iowa COVID-19 testing and the difficulties students face when trying to get tested for the virus. DI Managing Editor Alexandra Skores discusses the DI’s new community page, Amplify, that debuted in Wednesday’s paper. This edition of Amplify featured a story about the Latinx community’s involvement and support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hosted by Eleanor Hildebrandt. Edited by Eleanor Hildebrandt and Hailey Marx.

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