10 Technical Colleges in Iowa You Should Look Into


If you are focused on building your career from day one of your college, then technical colleges is the most suitable option for you. You will be focusing on the core subjects from the first year and building the necessary skills that are most coveted in your field.

According to the academic experts at Essayhub, technical colleges are one of the best ways to receive hands-on training in any professional field. There are a number of technical schools in Iowa that offer excellent education in diverse areas. Here is a list of the top trade schools that will help you make a wise college choice. Let’s dive in.

1. St.Luke’s College

The technical school at St.Luke’s offers several programs related to the medical field. You can focus on nursing, radiology technology, respiratory care, laboratory science, and more. The school will prepare you to pass any relevant certifications to become a laboratory professional. Students get to learn the occupation and master the medical skills. They also gain an understanding of ethical and professional behavior in the workplace.

2. Western Iowa Tech Community College

This community college has over 70 courses, including 2-year technical programs and a bachelor’s degree. The categories include agriculture, food & natural resources, architecture, arts, technology, and communication. There are also management-oriented courses in business, technical studies, law, logistics, and more. WIT is one of the top colleges in Iowa with a vast list of choices that help you prepare for any career of your preference.

3. Orion Technical College

Orion Education group has a dedicated technical institute that provides professional training. The programs are focused on medical assistance and electronics engineering technology. Orion Technical Institute used to be named Hamilton Technical college, which changed in August 2020.

4. North Iowa Area Community College

NIACC has a very thriving environment and an active blog that welcomes all local, international, as well as transfer students to pursue their programs. The college has five departments, agriculture, arts, business, continuing ed, health, and industrial. Whichever program you choose, the curriculum is designed to transfer to other four-year programs easily.

5. Mercy College of Health Sciences

Mercy College has a number of courses categorized into bachelor’s degrees, associate, and continuous education programs. The focus is primarily focused on medical care, paramedics, and related certifications. Mercy College has partnered with some of the country’s major healthcare organizations. This allows its students to learn from the best and gain experience in the relevant fields.

6. Southeastern Community College

With over 10 departments in certification and training alone, Southeastern Community College makes for an excellent choice for technical education in Iowa. The institute prepares students to establish their careers with enrichment workshops. You can also receive licenses for working in advanced technology, construction, and welding.

7. Allen College

Allen College is a part of Unity Point Health and has set up several technical programs in the medical industry to help students kickstart their careers. There are both online and on-site resources available for students to succeed in their respective fields. The courses will help you become a certified professional in laboratory technology, radiology, nursing, and other associated programs. They also offer assistance in time management, test-taking strategies, and general study skills.

8. Iowa Central Community College

Iowa Central is one of the prominent technical colleges in the state that offers over 60 career and technical programs. One notable aspect of the school is that the student-teacher ratio is relatively high at 19:1. This is of an advantage as each student will get personalized attention. There are over 100 programs and specializations to choose from, which includes music and theatre as well. Iowa also has a strong athletic program with as many as 30 sports, the highest in any community college in Iowa.

9. Iowa Lakes Community College

With the motto to enable students to receive education throughout their lives, Iowa Lakes has created a plethora of choices. You can pursue a pre-professional education and transfer to a four-year program. Or, alternatively, complete a vocational course to find employment immediately. Currently, the institutes offer more than 60 programs in different departments to take your pick.

10. Indian Hills Community College

Indian Hills cover a wide range of vocational courses, from arts and science, health science, and advanced technologies. They have both short term and long-term training, allowing students to find a route that most suits their schedule. Apart from this, you can also take skill-building courses. These focus on reading, writing, or maths, which would prepare you to take an advanced course.

Iowa has a long list of first-rate colleges lined up for students. Many of them have also established online lessons that fit well with the current scenario. Regardless of what your ambition is, you can find a program that matches your needs.