Dating for Seniors – How to find love later in life

Of all the misleading preconceptions surrounding relationships, one of the most enduring, and least accurate, is that older people lose interest in dating. Why is this nonsense? Statistics show 20% of over-50s are regular site users, and these numbers are rising all the time. For increasingly tech-savvy seniors, using dating websites or apps is so convenient. There’s a whole demographic of older women out there who relish the opportunities to socialize virtually. These women seeking younger men online revel under the term ‘cougars.’ And they can be even more vivacious than 20-somethings!

Choose from a diverse range of sites

There are numerous outlets where you can come across a range of prospective partners in the real world, regardless of age. You can join sports centers, social clubs, book cruises, or other types of holidays, or simply pop down to your local bar. The Internet gives you access to even more openings for social interaction. One thing you might initially be somewhat overawed by is the sheer scale of potential dating outlets, but you’ll soon be able to narrow down this down into the most suitable ones. If you join a site and aren’t happy with it, simply move on to an alternative.

Be realistic about your expectations

When you embrace online dating, the last thing you should entertain is fixed expectations of the likely outcome. Are you going to meet the love of your life again, making up for the disappointment of a marriage breakup or loss of a partner for any other reason? Will you form a strong bond with someone quickly, or will this take some time? The fact is, there are no cast-iron answers to any of these questions. Far better to keep that old song lyric in mind, ‘que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.’ It’s the not knowing of where connections could progress to that makes the experience so exciting.

Leave the past behind

When many people reach middle-age, they will already have lived a full life. They may have been involved in marriages or long-term partnerships, and have family. There could still be ex-partners in the background whose lingering influence isn’t always positive. If you want to give yourself the best chance to find love in later life, you need to be prepared to draw a line on the past and look to the future. Treat the potential candidates for romance you encounter online as an opportunity for a fresh start. Don’t dwell on previous experiences – and never be tempted to make comparisons between old flames and a new love interest.

Look for the most compatible individuals

Take advantage of the functionality of dating sites, and their ability to introduce you to kindred spirits. Previously, getting to know prospective partners could be fraught with issues. It sometimes took time to truly connect with someone, as you unpeeled aspects of their character in stages. With online dating, you can find out so much more about the other site users simply by studying their profiles. You are in the driving seat, so it’s up to you who or who not to connect with.

Progress to the next level sooner rather than later

There can be a temptation to over-rely on the comfort and security of the online environment. Site users get used to the regular messaging process, and pay less attention to the longer-term implications. At the end of the day, this is all about dating, not surfing the Internet. Aim to take your relationship to the next level as soon as you feel comfortable.