How technology is changing the dating world in the 21 century

There seem to be few areas of modern life that aren’t impacted by technology to some extent. Where dating is concerned, this has been game-changing. Singles once relied on going down several tried-and-tested routes when it came to seeking love. They might hang around in bars or nightclubs, join social clubs, or rely on introductions by mutual friends. Nowadays they have access to all the tools they require to court other singles without even having to leave home. All they need do is pop Top 5 Dating Sites into their search engine, then start exploring the possibilities.

Choice of dating outlets

There are online dating outlets for every possible permutation of human desire. You can sign up for generic websites that will invite you to choose from a diverse range of potential partners. You can  tailor your search parameters accordingly and the built-in site algorithms will do much of the matching for you. Or you can go straight to sites catering for niche interests, whether you want to interact with singles based on their sexuality, or the hobbies they enjoy.

Relationships are tailored by choice

Once upon a time, many singles had long-term romance in mind when pursuing a prospective partner. Technology has made it so much more convenient to get in touch with compatible individuals, and the incredible variety of possible candidates has meant casual relationships are just as popular. With online dating, you are in the driving seat, so whether you are interested in a long-term love interest or a one-night stand, is entirely up to you. While site users are perhaps less likely to focus on monogamy when confronted with so much choice, online daters still fall in love.

Crossing international boundaries

Some of the larger websites command global memberships running into millions. The world wide web transcends borders, so when you browse through the profiles of available singles, there’s every chance you could end up chatting to a charming person from Australasia or Scandinavia as someone from your neighborhood. With video chatting technology, distance is no object for amorously-inclined couples.

Social media fills in some gaps

While online dating is mostly focused on providing a platform where single-A can connect with single-B, then strike up a rapport, these websites or apps form part of a more expansive network. When you are getting familiar with someone, you could also find out a lot about them by tracking them down on Facebook or Instagram. Is this snooping? Hardly. What’s wrong with checking out their hobbies or friendship circle to give you a more rounded picture of their personality?

Virtual dating isn’t always honest

One issue with the increased technology in the dating world is it has made it easier for unscrupulous people to misbehave. A whole lexicon of words has arisen to cover antisocial behavior. ‘Catfishing’ involves fake personas. People you’ve been happily chatting to can suddenly ‘ghost you,’ and vanish from your screen. It takes time to adjust to the negative side of technology along with the positives.

Romance has been sapped from communication

Technology improves the way we contact each other, with a dizzying area of methods now at our disposal. We can text, email, use social media messaging, join WhatsApp groups, take part in Zoom calls … that list just goes on and on. But one issue with being able to tap into such a seamless stream of communication outlets means it can become difficult switching off. Couples on a night out sometimes spend as much time staring into tiny screens as chatting to each other.