Letter to the Editor | Support for ICCSD

Johnson County Democratic Party Chair writes in support of local decision making in plans for returning to school.


Jake Maish

A sign for the Iowa City Community School District is seen outside the district’s administration building on Tuesday, April 28.

The Johnson County Democrat Central Committee supports efforts by the Iowa City Community School District to exercise local control in setting the best path for the new school year.  Local leaders made decisions based on science and medical knowledge. They were elected to make decisions for our schools, and they have.

Our state legislators understood that local officials would be the ultimate decision makers when they voted to support the “return to learn” plan.  Despite the rhetoric coming from Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, the bill she cites, Senate File 2310, makes no mention of a percent of students needed in a classroom, or 15% diagnosed cases in a county to consider applying to close a school. These are all her interpretations of a law that was described by Republicans during the legislative process as expanding “flexibility” and “local control” for school districts.  The bill received unanimous, bipartisan support because lawmakers were trying to expand online learning options, not restrict them.

The ICCSD School Board is democratically elected by voters in our community to provide leadership and to make difficult decisions.  They need our support now more than ever.

Sign a petition, write a letter, and vote.

Ed Cranston,  Johnson County Democratic Party Chair

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