7 Need-to-Know Mac Hacks to Maximize Your Time in the Day


Macs can be incredible tools towards any business venture or personal project that you’re working on.

However, if you don’t know how to operate it properly, there can be small tasks that are huge time wasters along the way.

To avoid spending too much time on these tasks, you need to know the ins and outs of your Mac. Several hacks can be performed in order to cut down significant time on some of the most repetitive actions.

Here are several mac hacks that will allow you to spend less time on the minute actions, and more time on the project at hand.

1. Converting PDF to Word

No matter what line of business you’re in, there will always be times where you need to turn a PDF into a Word document.

Not knowing how to do so effectively leads to many people spending more time on it than they should.

In fact, the answer depends on what software you’re using (such as Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc.).

Be sure to read this article to learn how to convert PDF to Word on Mac. Once you know the quickest way with the software you use, all of the specific steps will become a lot easier.

2. Fully-Maximized Window

Apple realized a long time ago that when most computer users click the “enlarge” button on their window, they don’t want it to fill the entire screen. Rather, they just simply want to make it larger than it previously was.

For that reason, pressing the green button on the top left of your window won’t enlarge the window from corner to corner. Which most users would agree is convenient.

However, there are also times where you want it to take up the entire screen. If so, then simply hold down the shift key as you click the green button, and it will fill the entire screen on your Mac.

3. HiddenMe App

Are you tired of looking at the same cluttered desktop, but unsure of where else to store all of your important files?

The OCD in you is freaking out, but saving files to your desktop is the most accessible place to quickly open, close, and save your documents.

If so, then the HiddenMe app is the perfect solution. It allows you the opportunity to hide your desktop icons while keeping them in the same exact place.

As the name would imply, it merely hides the files to give the appearance of a cleaner desktop. Perfect for those times you’re showing your boss something on your Mac and don’t want to freak him/her out with your unorganized desktop.

4. Terminal’s Purge Option

All Mac users, or computer users in general, have the need to free up as much memory space on their device as possible.

Not only can it lead to storage complications for important files down the line, but it will also slow down your Mac’s ability to operate.

If you have Mac OS X, then you’re given an amazing option when you use Terminal. 

When you use Terminal, you’ll see an option called “purge” which allows you to kill all the apps that are holding onto RAM for no reason.

Whenever you use your Mac, there will be apps that hold onto RAM even after you’ve killed the app or restarted the computer. The purge option on Terminal gives you that RAM back by completely releasing the apps that aren’t in use.

For some of you that have never used Terminal before, that cumulation of RAM could be substantial. Your Mac might operate like an entirely different desktop after you’ve done so.

5. Cold Turkey App

Everyone reading this can agree that one of the best ways to time hack would be to remove distracting websites from the equation.

Imagine if you could work an entire day without checking Facebook, ESPN, Youtube, or other distractions… How much work could you accomplish?

The Cold Turkey App helps you remove those temptations by disallowing those websites on your Mac. It can also be a helpful app for parents out there looking to prevent your son or daughter from visiting certain sites.

6. Removing Menu Bar Icons

The menu bar on your Mac is a valuable and essential tool. However, depending on the number of icons, it can become a bit much.

You can remove whatever icons you wish at any time by holding down the command key, clicking the icon you want to remove, and dragging it off the bar.

Now you’ll be removing the temptation to click your favorite time-wasting apps simply because your eyes cross the icon while you’re working.

7. Perform Tasks Faster

Dragging your mouse around from place to place is one of the biggest wastes of your time.

You can cut down the mouse time when needing to perform tasks by pressing command, shift, and the “?” key at the same time.

When you do, a help screen will pop up, in which you can type any task that you want it to perform, such as opening your browser or a certain app.

Use These Mac Hacks for Your Mac Today!

Now that you’ve seen several incredible mac hacks for your daily life, it’s time to integrate them into your day to day activities.

Start by downloading the Cold Turkey and HiddenMe app, then take your time deciding how each hack listed above can help your daily duties.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on Mac operations, as well as many other helpful topics!