On the Record: April 25, 2020


This week’s episode of On the Record features host Charlie Peckman and producer Andy Mitchell taking calls from DI staff to discuss the top stories of the week. DI Managing Editor Sarah Watson talks about her story concerning the topic of rent and how students out of work and out of town are struggling to pay it. News reporter Riley Davis discusses her story about the the future of Iowa City Pride during the pandemic. News reporter Mary Hartel goes into her story of a former ICE detainee and how ICE is being requested by legal advocate groups to release their detainees to help flatten the coronavirus curve. Finally, Charlie interviews DI arts editors Maddie Lotenschtein and Josie Fischels about their story of UI MFA students finding new ways to present their theses amid the pandemic.

Hosted by Charlie Peckman. Edited by Andy Mitchell.

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