Most Useful Tips for Writing Impressive Articles

Most Useful Tips for Writing Impressive Articles

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The art of article writing has attracted attention in the wake of continued interest to get information. Besides journalists and bloggers, other businesses and industries (alike) are keen on article-writing. Strategic businesses, for instance, are inclined to ensuring that they have enough and experienced article writers whose contents adhere to quality, as a qualifying metric. Higher education stakeholders are keen to post their articles on the most visited sites like, for marketing purposes. Thus, certain important tips are ideal when one wants to write an impressive article.

The Meaning of an Impressive Article

When people are asked to write an article, they tend to deliver different versions expressing a divergence in the understanding of the required task. However, Sternberg (2018) asserts that an impressive article should have the following qualities to capture the reader’s attention:

  • Focus, where each paragraph contains a topic sentence or main point that is clearly explained
  • Development; every paragraph should expand or support the paper’s central idea. Here, there should be adequate illustrations through the use of descriptions, examples, and details.
  • Unity; there should be a relationship between each paragraph and its main point.
  • Correctness; where the grammar should be relatively free of any error and the sentences should be complete
  • The article should have an overall coherence characterized with a generally logical and flowing essay that the reader finds to make sense.

Make a Writing Plan

This tip highlights two main sub-areas that help an individual to construct a captivating article. The writer should be sure to know who the audience is as well as what they intend to write about (Williams, 2014). In knowing who the article is meant for, one gets the idea of the sought information and the reason for knowing. If, for instance, somebody wishes to deliver a custom essay in sports, it will be critical to answering vital questions that take the form of “who; what; and why”. In this sense, a typical article would probably be “rugby fans; actual game and each team’s performance; and the need for the event’s informed analysis, respectively.

Therefore, you are more likely to write a better-quality article; one whose vocabulary resonates with rugby games such as tries, conversion, and foul, among other rugby terminologies.

Search for Essay Samples

Temple, Ogle, Crawford, and Freppon (2017) recognize searching for essay samples as one of the essential essay tips. Besides increasing a student’s grade point average (GPA) and enhancing efficient time management, they help in the following:

  • They enrich already-created content
  • Creates an ideal platform for idea expansion
  • Helps to guarantee well-researched research content

These advantages may translate into useful tips for a person who intends to write an excellent article since the latter is equally meant to appeal to a specific audience.

Minimization of your Barrier to Entry

While everyone can write something and post them articles, it takes content and technique to consider one as being topnotch. The techniques come in handy in ensuring that the reader maintains the urge to continue with the essay after a few sentences. According to Frankman (2017), the technique applied can either make or break the article. Thus, the author stresses the inevitable need for breaking any barrier that a reader is bound to experience when they start to read an essay.

Such barriers are typically created by the use of long opening paragraphs. It is critical to ensure that the reader does not struggle through long texts before they finally realize the articles’ worth. More often than not, people ignore messages that require them to spend extra effort. Rather, an article should have a punchy and short opening that easily engages the reader.

Do Research

Researching the topic of interest makes the writer well-informed on the article’s subject area. An individual should allocate sufficient time to find information that they intend to pass (wikiHow, 2019). This information may be readily available as physical books or online libraries. The hint to finding the most appropriate and relevant research database is to use leading words that may consist of certain words within your article topic. For example, if an individual is looking for articles to guide them on how to write an appealing resume, they could search for words like Resumethatworks from online platforms. Also, the research guarantees the authenticity of the content and makes it reliable to the audience.

Passionate Writing

In many scenarios, articles are written for knowledgeable and informed audiences. Therefore familiarity with the terminology used is a safe assumption to make. However, the aspect of passion and writing from one’s heart comes through stating one’s position strongly within the article (Sternberg, 2018). Some of the indicators of passionate writing are:

  • Well-developed ideas.
  • Appropriate and relevant quotations.
  • Relevant images and data.
  • Other materials relevant to the article

Proofreading and Editing

The major importance of proofreading is to check on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There are different guidelines on the use of grammar for various types of papers. This article should be based on the underlying rules and purpose for which it is written. For instance, the intended audience may be American or British, with each option having respective spellings and punctuation conventions to be followed. Also, concentrate on the use of tenses and edit accordingly for grammatical consistency. There are various sites, like Grammarly, that people may use to ensure that their grammar is free from any mistakes that could compromise quality.

Check Plagiarism

Whether another author allows other people to use their ideas or works, the ramifications may be far-reaching. Thus, reference should be done appropriately whenever another person’s ideas have been used. Otherwise, the article should be 100% original because they are typically published by people or institutions. Various institutions of learning use certain software and sites to ensure that all works that are presented are original. For example, Turnitin is widely used because it is common for learners to copy assignments on familiar topics like ‘write my essay‘.

In conclusion, it is essential to adhere to the various tips for captivating and informative articles. Other than proofreading and checking plagiarism, it is significant to ensure that there is a knowledge pool that comes from research results. An audience characteristically rates an essay based on whether certain critical questions have been answered. Since the purpose of a certain article may be specific, people (including content writers) should be certain to follow the tips above. Moreover, they should not hesitate to seek the help of professionals through advice or hiring them to do the actual work.