On the Record: March 13, 2020


What began as a localized story of a contagious disease in Wuhan, China has turned into a global pandemic; a pandemic revolving around the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19.) Although thousands of cases have been reported around the world – with China and Italy among the most impacted – local, state, and national governments are taking steps towards flattening the curve of the virus’s spread.

The University of Iowa – not to mention over 100 other higher education institutions across the country – have taken preventative measures in the name of student, staff, and faculty safety; on the Hawkeyes’ campus, in-person instruction has been suspended for two weeks after Spring Break. In this week’s episode of On the Record, host Charlie Peckman sat down with Daily Iowan Editor-in-Chief Marissa Payne and a number of reporters from news, politics, and sports to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on the Hawkeye community, Iowa, and beyond.

Hosted by Charlie Peckman, edited by Andy Mitchell.

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