The Safest Ways to Use Long-Term Storage


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Are you planning on sticking some of your things into a long-term storage facility sometime soon?

Maybe you’re doing it because you’ve run out of room in your home and have things that you don’t need all the time that can go into storage. Or maybe you’re doing it because you’re making a move and want to store things you don’t need right now.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll become part of a growing trend once you rent a storage unit. Recent surveys have revealed that almost 10% of people are using storage units to store some of their personal possessions these days.

When you do it, it’s a good idea to take steps to keep your possessions safe while they’re tucked away in storage. Here are some tips that will ensure your things are well-protected at all times.

Rent a Unit at a Reputable Long-Term Storage Facility

When you’re in the market for a long-term storage facility, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. There are more storage facilities in the U.S. today than there are McDonald’s.

But with that being said, you shouldn’t trust just any long-term storage facility with your things. You should search for one that has earned a reputation for doing a great job when it comes to keeping people’s things safe.

The storage facility you choose should have an advanced security system in place that includes a combination of cameras and guards. It should also have positive reviews from those who have used their services in the past.

This will let you know a long-term storage unit is well worth your time and money.

Organize Your Things Before Packing Them Away

While you’re in the process of packing things so that you can put them into storage, you might be tempted to throw everything into random boxes to get the job done quickly. It’s all going to the same place anyway, right?

If you do this, it’s going to make it almost impossible to find things later. It’ll also make it harder than it should be to strategically place boxes in your long-term storage unit.

You could end up with boxes that have fragile items in them at the bottom of a pile. This can lead to your things breaking while you’re not around.

You’ll be much better off organizing items, placing them into boxes, and then labeling the boxes so that you know what’s in them.

Use the Right Types of Boxes to Store Your Things

If you want to store your things in cardboard boxes, you’re welcome to do it. But cardboard boxes might not be the safest boxes to store things in.

If your storage unit happens to flood, cardboard boxes won’t put up much of a fight against water. They also won’t prevent mice, roaches, and other pests from sneaking into your boxes and damaging your possessions.

Find out how you can avoid pests by investing in plastic bins to store your things. These bins can protect your things at all costs and stop pests from taking a toll on them.

Do Your Best to Keep Your Boxes and Other Items Off the Ground

If at all possible, it’s a good idea to try and keep your things off the ground in your storage unit. You can do it by sticking some pallets on the ground that will elevate your boxes.

By doing this, you’ll stop the boxes from coming into contact with a few inches of water if your storage unit ever floods. You’ll also make it more difficult for pests to reach your boxes.

Additionally, elevating your boxes will prevent them from getting dirty on the ground. It makes all the sense in the world to put a few pallets into place in a storage unit.

Place a Heavy-Duty Lock on Your Unit

In many cases, a storage facility will provide you with the lock that they want you to use on your unit. But if you’re responsible for purchasing one on your own, you should be open to spending a little extra on one that will make it hard for anyone to break into your unit.

In a perfect world, you won’t have to be too concerned about anyone even trying to get into your unit. Your storage facility will have great security in place that’ll stop people from attempting to access units that aren’t theirs.

But just in case a burglar ever does try to break into your unit, your heavy-duty lock should be enough to stop them in their tracks.

Check on Your Unit Every So Often

Far too often, people throw a bunch of things into long-term storage…and then forget about them. They go months and, in some cases, even years between visits back to their storage units.

You shouldn’t do this. You should get into the habit of checking up on your storage unit at least once every few months.

If you do happen to have a water or pest problem in your unit, checking up on it will expose the issue. It’ll also give you peace of mind when you know that everything in your storage unit is safe and sound.

Get Your Hands on a Long-Term Storage Unit Now

Do you need to store items in a long-term storage unit for any reason? Begin by looking around for the right storage facility and inquiring about the availability of storage units.

Once you’ve found a storage facility that you like, pack up everything that you want to store and make sure that it’s packed properly and organized. From there, you can stick your items into storage neatly and do what you can to elevate them off the ground.

By taking these steps, you should be able to keep your personal possessions safe and sound until you need them again. You should also be able to find things you might need over time without a problem.

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