9 Unique and Cool Promotional Event Ideas That Will Bring You More Customers


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It’s tough standing out without some cool promotional event ideas in your arsenal. In any given industry, you’re dealing with scores of competitors and many of them have a head start.

What will you do to stand out? In the following article, we’re going to dig deeper into this question. But first, let’s look at getting your mind in the right place to create. 

Revving Your Creative Engine

It takes creativity to launch an event that people will want to give their time to. Time, after all, is the most valuable commodity a person has. But you can win them over if you start with the following steps.

Look at What Makes You Unique

You already should have done this work before you ever got too far into your business. It’s your competitive advantage. The thing people remember you for (or should remember you for with the right event promotion).

It may be true to some extent that there’s nothing new under the sun. But you can find some way the people in your industry distinguish you from everyone else. Find that and build on it.

Consider Your Audience

The people you’re targeting will tell you everything you need to know about the type of event to consider. You wouldn’t book a rock band for a book club, right? Your audience’s interests and intent should be guiding principles in choosing which type of event to decide and how to promote it.

Think of a Product or Hook

A hook is that irresistible something that makes people want to stop what they’re doing and listen to what you have to say (or sell). With an event, you’re wanting to tickle that trait within the audience that makes them not want to miss whatever’s about to go down.

Check Your Budget

You do still have to act within your means. But that’s what creativity is for. Sometimes limits on what you can spend can lead to smarter, cheaper, and more memorable solutions.

Do Not Be Afraid to Come Up with Bad Ideas

If you watch movie directors like Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese, there’s a temptation to think that all they ever do is come up with great ideas. But that’s because you don’t see many of their ideas turned into movies.

All you really see is a fraction of what goes on inside their creative minds. Successful people are usually the first to tell you many of their ideas are abject failures. So don’t expect creativity to strike without first working on it and being willing to entertain some really rotten concepts.

Now that you know the mindset for creative marketing, it’s time to apply it to the event space. The selections you’re about to see have been done all over the world. But what makes them really stand out are the ways that brands have chosen to harness them.

1. Early Bird Promotions

Of the many innovative marketing ideas, the EBP is one of the easiest to pull off. All it takes is an alarm clock and a little added incentive.

A variety of businesses, from local restaurants to large retailers, use this to their advantage by picking and promoting a rock-bottom price that’s only available for a limited time and only to those who arrive extra early. The early influx of traffic starts buzz that can go well past the promotional cutoff hours.

2. Funny Videos

Many recent marketing campaigns are using sites like SnapChat, TikTok, and YouTube to flex their video muscles. The Ice Bucket Challenge was one such video-based event. And while the purpose behind the Ice Bucket Challenge was earnest, it created some viral hilarity in the reactions of people you know getting doused with ice-cold water.

3. Augmented Reality

Among the most creative marketing campaigns, augmented reality incorporates technology into real-world settings. Pokemon Go! was one of the most popular to do this. 

In this particular example, the event is the product. As long as you have an app and somewhere to go, you can find Pokemon. Talk about getting your fan base engaged!

4. Geotagging

Another big idea marketing to consider is a geotagging promotion. Geotagging uses GPS tracking and beacons around your business or your competitors to send promotional messages to your target audience when you know they’re in a position to consider buying from you.

Let’s say you run a shoe store and you know through geotagging that there’s a smartphone active at your top competitor’s store. What better time to send that device your best deal and get them thinking about paying your store a visit?

5. Get a Mascot

Some brands pull a mascot off their crazy ideas list to get the community involved. For this to work, you’ll want a mascot that plays nice with children but has a cool factor all its own.

Some of the iconic mascots that have been used over time include the San Diego Chicken, The World’s Most Interesting Man, and the GEICO Cavemen. Do you have a character you can turn into a unique creation?

6. Open the Doors

Here, we mean the doors of your business or organization. Invite the public to come to experience the things they never get to see. This can be a great way to build brand awareness, recruit, or foster community goodwill. 

7. Using Social Media

Social media is useful even if you do most of your business on other eCommerce platforms. Let’s say you’ve got this online store where you route most of your customers but you want to get traffic there without spending a lot of money.

Testing some organic posts on social media can help you generate viral buzz. It also can highlight the ideas that work well enough to deserve a paid campaign. Last but not least, you can use social media as a way to promote offers or give customers a heads-up about upcoming events.

8. Popping Up

Many downtown locations are starting to use the concept of the pop-up shop to generate new interest in the businesses and restaurants in the oldest parts of their cities. You can use this concept with playgrounds and book giveaway stations as well. It fosters a sense of community and gives individuals and families unexpectantly pleasant activities to incorporate into their days.

9. Recreations

The last of the innovative event ideas we’d like to cover is the Recreation. Philadelphia has benefitted from the Museum of Art and its use as a tourist attraction after being prominently featured in the Oscar-winning film Rocky. New York City has the Seinfeld Tour.

You also can attend events like Halloween Horror Nights or try your hand at the life-sized Pac-Man Maze. What’s unique about your business or city that will allow you to attach a clever event to it?

These Cool Promotional Event Ideas Will Help You Stand Out

Cool promotional event ideas aren’t in short supply. And the best thing is that you can look to what’s already worked (or is working) and adapt it to your own purposes. The more you meld your own creativity with proven concepts, the better off you’ll be!

Best of luck on your marketing journey. And for more business tips, check out our other posts.