Top 10 Jobs That Serve People in Need

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In 2019, there were 7.3 million job openings in the United States. 

If you are considering switching careers or finding a new job, this may be the perfect time to do it. 

Have you always wanted to have a career helping others? You can find a job making people’s lives better by reading this list of jobs that serve others.

1. Charity

If you love serving others, working in a charity organization will definitely give you that satisfaction. 

When you work for a charity, there are all kinds of different jobs that you can do. You can also choose a charity that fits whatever you’re interested in.

You may help with marketing, campaigning, lobbying, or even fundraising. You may even be able to be an administrator or work in IT. The best part is that you can apply your skills somewhere.

Whether you’ve graduated or not, there are jobs for everyone. Search around for your local charities to see if any of them are hiring. 

2. Translator

If you’ve always had a way with words, you may want to consider being a translator. They make around $50,000 a year, and they are the go-between for people who normally wouldn’t be able to communicate. 

You may translate verbally or using written texts. It will largely depend on what kind of translator you are.

How fulfilling the job is for you will also depend on where you work. Translators work in all kinds of different places, like hospitals, schools, courtrooms, businesses, and performing arts venues. 

They help to build a bridge over cultural and linguistic barriers so that people can better understand and communicate with each other. 

To do this job, you will need to speak at least two languages and most likely have a bachelor’s degree. 

3. Mental Health Counselor

Being a mental health counselor can be a very rewarding job, but it can also be very demanding. 

This job is expected to grow a lot in the upcoming years. As a mental health counselor, you will be helping people with things like grief, anxiety, depression, and stress. 

You will asses their needs and figure out how to best treat them so that they can find some relief. 

Many of these people work in hospitals, their own practices, prisons, or schools. You will have to determine what type of people you would like to treat and would be most rewarding for you. 

4. Nurse

A career in healthcare will also give you the opportunity to serve people, and a nurse is a perfect occupation to do that. 

As a nurse, you will see all kinds of patients and make sure that they are okay. You can work in all kinds of different departments, and you will basically help the doctor and the patient to make sure everything goes okay. 

Nurses do need a degree, and you will have to go to a university for it. You may also need some experience as a nurse before you can become a full registered nurse. 

5. High School Teacher

If you love helping people learn, being a high school teacher may be a good option for you. High school teachers can often leave lasting impressions on the students they teach. 

As a high school teacher, you have the ability to not only teach your students about academics but about life lessons as well. 

A high school teacher’s salary will vary depending on the state you teach in. 

6. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are kind of like nurses for dentists.

They will examine patients, clean their teeth, take X-rays, talk about treatment plans, and teach their patients about how to properly take care of their teeth. 

And these are only a few of their responsibilities. 

To do this job, you will most likely need an associate degree, but you can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. 

7. Personal Trainer

If you’ve always loved fitness and nutrition, you may want to help other people attain their physical goals and become a physical trainer.

As a trainer, you will help people achieve the goals and the body they’ve always wanted. 

You can make sure that you keep them motivated and teach them how to safely work out and diet. 

8. Lawyer

If you want to help people, being a lawyer is a great way to do it.

You will be in charge of knowing the law and defending people (on either side) to the best of your ability. You can fight for them when they may not know how to. 

There are all kinds of different lawyers, so you will need to figure out which one is perfect for you. 

9. Dietician 

If you wanted to focus more on the diet aspect of health rather than fitness, you may want to look into being a dietician. 

They will help people get their diets on track which can help with their overall health.

As a dietician, you will help create meal plans, teach them about diet, and maybe even do food research. 

These people work in hospitals, their own practices, nursing homes, and for the government. 

10. Pediatrician

If you love kids and love helping people, becoming a pediatrician is probably your dream job. 

Pediatricians are doctors that specialize in medical care for kids. You can have the same patients from the time they’re babies until they’re grown adults, and it can be incredibly rewarding to work with them.

You will treat them for almost any common thing, and you will make sure that they are growing and progressing at the right rate.

While this comes with a lot of schooling, you could make around $200,000. 

Find More Jobs That Serve

Finding jobs that serve isn’t difficult; you just have to know where to look. The ones on this list are only a few of the many out there. 

Figuring out your career can be really tricky, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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