7 Ways to Make Money Online Now and in the Future


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A whopping 70% of workers are unsatisfied with, well…work.

But, with the digital age well upon us, that can change! There’s now no reason to remain bogged down in a dead-end job with an awful boss and hateful colleagues.

The internet offers a solution, with a plethora of ways to regain control and earn an income online instead. Interested in learning more?

Keep reading for 7 ways to make money online both now and in the future.

1. Start a Blog

First off: Blogging.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a quick way to earn cash. But it’s definitely possible.

Start a blog, gather a following, and rank highly on Google. In time, and with enough traffic, you can start earning good money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and hosting ads.

Not a fan of writing? Well, make money vlogging instead!

2. Start Tutoring

Tutoring is another great (and easy) way to earn an online living.

Anyone with expertise in one subject or another could give lessons to budding Students via Skype.

One particularly common route into tuition is to teach English. People all over the world will pay good money to learn the language. Grab yourself a teaching qualification (such as a TEFL) and start advertising your services!

3. Try Amazon FBA

FBA stands for fulfilled by Amazon.

Basically, you find popular products that people are buying on Amazon. Next, you source those items at discount prices and sell them on Amazon for a profit.

Even better, Amazon stores everything for you and handles fulfillment and customer service as well.

Obviously, a lot more goes into running a successful Amazon business, but that’s the basic idea!

4. Build Software

Do you know how to code?

Well, then, you can easily make money online. In the digital age we’re living in, there are people and companies everywhere looking to solicit your skills.

Alternatively, build the software yourself and sell it to the highest bidder!

5. Sell Your Photographs

Anyone with a knack for photography could sell their snaps online.

Create a website full of your pics with an online store attached and get your name out there via social media.

As your following grows, you could charge people for the right to download and use your photos or sell them copies via your website.

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

VAs are paid to do the digital work that other people don’t want to, such as time-consuming administrative tasks.

It might not be scintillating, but it can be lucrative! Advertise your services via websites like Fiverr to start accruing clients.

Work hard and they might recommend you to other people, helping you build a well-paying client base.

7. Write, Publish and Sell E-Books

Love to write?

Well, writing and selling E-books is another means of making money online.

Use the internet to self-publish and sell copies without ever handling a physical copy yourself!

Try These 7 Ways to Make Money Online

The answer to your professional problems might be on the internet!

Hopefully, the 7 ways to make money online above will help you forge a happier working life.

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