One-on-One with Iowa offensive guard Kyler Schott

Daily Iowan Assistant Sports Editor Robert Read caught up with Hawkeye offensive guard Kyler Schott, who talked about fishing, video games, and his favorite burger in Iowa City.


Katie Goodale

Iowa offensive lineman Kyler Schott blocks Miami (Ohio) linebacker Myles Reid during Iowa football vs. Miami (Ohio) at Kinnick Stadium on Aug. 31, 2019. Iowa defeated the Miami (Ohio) 38-14.

Robert Read, Assistant Sports Editor

The Daily Iowan: What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Kyler Schott: I love fishing, ice fishing too. I play video games here and there. Nothing too crazy, but I like to play those. Fishing is my favorite though.


DI: Since you like video games, what are your thoughts on a potential NCAA Football comeback?

Schott: I mean, I wouldn’t be against it. I always played it when they were out. Once they went away, I kind of got away from playing football video games. I play Madden every here and there, but I play more of the Call of Duty stuff, all of that.


DI: What song or artist do you listen to before a game?

Schott: I listen to a lot of AC/DC before games. Also “Something To Be Proud Of”  by Montgomery Gentry. Tthat’s a good song.


DI: What’s your favorite TV show?

Schott: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Good show. Love that show.


DI: What’s your favorite movie?

Schott: Major League. That’s my favorite movie of all time easily.


DI: Do you have a favorite food spot in Iowa City?

Schott: Stella’s. I get the dundee burger. It’s got a fried egg, pickles, everything is on that. It’s so good.


DI: You used to wrestle. If you weren’t playing football, is that the sport you’d want to be playing in college?

Schott: Yes, no doubt. In high school, I probably wouldn’t have told myself that, but once I got here I realized how much I really missed wrestling. So, I would definitely be doing that.


DI: Did you have a favorite NFL team growing up?

Schott: Packers. I’ve been to like five Packers games, and I still watch them every week when we’ve got time.


DI: What’s the most interesting class you’ve taken while at Iowa?

Schott: I took this history of policing class — it was interesting. It was a lot about how policing was started back in the 1700s and what it was revolved around. It was an interesting class.

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