On the Line: Week 9

The Daily Iowan staff makes its picks for Week 9 of the college football season.


Jenna Galligan

Iowa players run onto the field before the Iowa football game against Purdue at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. The Hawkeyes defeated the Boilermakers 26-20.

No. 20 Iowa vs. Northwestern

Pete Ruden, Pregame Editor (20-15): Iowa — Northwestern practices on a beach and plays in a high school.

Anna Kayser, Sports Editor (21-14): Iowa — Don’t make me regret picking you again this year, Hawks.

Robert Read, Assistant Sports Editor (19-16): Iowa — First team to 10 wins.

Pete Mills, Football Reporter (19-16): Iowa — Northwestern now has competition for toughest home field in Illinois, so I’m not worried.

Lucy Rohden, DITV Director (22-13): Iowa — You can email me at hashtag I don’t care.

Jon Rawson, Assistant DITV Sports Director (22-13): Iowa — Will there be more touchdowns or safeties in this game?

Jason Brummond, Publisher (22-13): Iowa — This is basically another bye week before Wisconsin.

No. 3 Ohio State vs. No. 13 Wisconsin

Ruden: Ohio State — The Badgers are going to be BADgers against the Buckeyes.

Kayser: Ohio State — S/O to Illinois.

Read: Ohio State — Wisconsin won’t be jumping around.

Mills: Ohio State — Bucky vs. Buckeye. This would be confusing to a European (or someone from the East Coast).

Rohden: Ohio State — I-L-L

Rawson: Ohio State — Guys, I found Wisconsin’s gameplan! It says, “Give ball to Taylor.” Big if true.

Brummond: Ohio State — Gophers take a (brief) two-game lead in Big Ten West.

No. 8 Notre Dame vs. No. 19 Michigan

Ruden: Notre Dame — I get made fun of for not having seen many Disney movies, but I’m still taking the hunchback here.

Kayser: Notre Dame — Even Jim Harbaugh’s khakis can’t save him from a higher power.

Read: Notre Dame — The battle of teams that are annually ranked too high in the preseason poll.

Mills: Notre Dame — SMH, Michigan has a weak schedule.

Rohden: Notre Dame — Lovie Smith got a top 10 win before Harbaugh did.

Rawson: Notre Dame — Jim Harbaugh. More like Jim HowDoIBeatATopTenTeamBaugh, am I right?

Brummond: Notre Dame — Good to see Harbaugh quell those NFL rumors.

Purdue vs. Illinois

Ruden: Purdue — Update: I did not meet Purdue Pete last week, so we didn’t bond over our cool names.

Kayser: Illinois — Illinois beat Wisconsin, but Illinois is still Illinois. I’m conflicted.

Read: Purdue — It’s about time Lovie Smith beat a team from Wisconsin.

Mills: Illinois — Call me a bandwagon. See if I care.

Rohden: Purdue — Lovie already got his one big year of the year.

Rawson: Purdue — Illinois had their fun, but reality is about to hit harder than the color gray to Lovie Smith’s beard.

Brummond: Purdue — Illinois needs to be 31-point underdogs to win.

Nebraska vs. Indiana

Ruden: Nebraska — Iowa corn’s better, though.

Kayser: Indiana — This is a PRIME midwestern matchup. Cornhuskers vs. Hoosiers.

Read: Indiana — Scott Frost did the responsible thing and took Maurice Washington out of the lineup. After seven games.

Mills: Indiana — Indiana shut out Rutgers. Wouldn’t it be sad to see Nebraska fans hold on to those balloons all day?

Rohden: Indiana — For once the bad guys won’t win.

Rawson: Indiana — Scandals aside, I haven’t picked Nebraska all year. Why start now?

Brummond: Indiana — Is it basketball season? Asking for both teams.

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