Highlights from Iowa’s press conference following win over Purdue

Iowa got back in the win column on Saturday, and it shared what it took after beating Purdue.


Katina Zentz

Iowa players react to wide receiver Brandon Smith’s catch during the Iowa football game against Purdue at Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019. The Hawkeyes defeated the Boilermakers 26-20.

Pete Ruden and Anna Kayser

Iowa found a way to get back to winning on Saturday, downing Purdue, 26-20.

Both sides of the ball did just enough to help the Hawkeyes overcome a late run by the Boilermakers. Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz and his players had a lot to say following the win.

Quarterback Nate Stanley on freshman running back Tyler Goodson

“Him being a young guy doesn’t set the tone for him mentally and physically. He’s a great player, and he prepares his ass off every single day.” 

Kicker Keith Duncan on playing rock-paper-scissors with holder Colten Rastetter after field goals

“We actually tied again, unfortunately. He was coming out strong with scissors, so I game planned, watched some film, hit him with rock starting out and we went paper like three after that.”

Head coach Kirk Ferentz on taking a timeout at the end of the third quarter:

“I was not in a good mood at that point, quite frankly.”

Offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs on Stanley hitting Boilermakers

“It was pretty awesome, it was pumping us up. I’m kind of excited thinking about it.”

Stanley on lowering his shoulders on runs

“You just want to do everything you can and show that you’re invested 100 percent for your teammates and maybe show that, ‘Hey, there’s no quit in me, either.'”

Ferentz on what honorary captain Bob Sanders means to the program

“Well, to me, he just helped change the tempo of our defense back in 2000 when we put him in against Wisconsin. And he changed the tempo of special teams right off the bat. Then, when he started playing defense — I told the story to our team yesterday — same thing happened with the Colts when they went to the Super Bowl. When he was out, the scores were a lot different, the yardage was a lot different than when he was in. He just makes everybody around him better. And there’s a Jordan quote, a Michael Jordan quote about some guys want to do it, some people hope to do it or wish to do it, other guys make it happen. And that’s Bob Sanders, that’s who he is.”

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