On the Line: Week 8

The Daily Iowan staff makes its picks for Week 8 of the college football season.


Katina Zentz

Fans prepare for the Iowa football game against Penn State in Iowa City on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. The Nittany Lions defeated the Hawkeyes 17-12.

No. 23 Iowa vs. Purdue

Pete Ruden, Pregame Editor (16-14): Iowa — I will make sure I meet Purdue Pete this time, so we can bond over our cool names.

Anna Kayser, Sports Editor (16-14): Iowa — I really wanted to pick Purdue but much like Iowa’s recent offense, I just couldn’t finish.

Robert Read, Assistant Sports Editor (15-15): Iowa — I mean, probably?

Pete Mills, Football Reporter (15-15): Iowa — Iowa lost without Nate Stanley’s goatee, and it also lost with the goatee, so I don’t know how to predict games.

Lucy Rohden, DITV Director (18-12): Iowa — Two black and cold teams. Two dead and cold offenses.

Jon Rawson, Assistant DITV Sports Director (18-12): Iowa —  Purdue? More like Purdon’t, am I right?

Jason Brummond, Publisher (18-12): Iowa — Hawkeye offense explodes for 17 points.

No. 12 Oregon vs. No. 25 Washington

Ruden: Oregon — What’s a duck’s favorite drug? Quack!

Kayser: Oregon — Roll…. Ducks?

Read: Oregon — The Oregon Duck is an elite mascot

Mills: Oregon — I can’t watch Pac-12 games because I go to sleep too early, so I’ll just take Oregon.

Rohden: Oregon — Get your insurance needs with Aflac!

Rawson: Oregon — I have no reason as to why I’m picking the Ducks, but 12 is better than 25.

Brummond: Oregon — The Oregon Duck and Harry the Husky Twitter feud is legendary.

No. 7 Penn State vs. No. 16 Michigan

Ruden: Penn State — Penn State can be pretty good in night games apparently.

Kayser: Penn State — Ah, two weeks of pain wrapped up in a nice little primetime game.

Read: Penn State — ICYMI: Both of these teams beat Iowa.

Mills: Penn State — Beaver Stadium? Whiteout? Michigan? Please.

Rohden: Penn State — Penn State will win if it gets more than one net rushing yard.

Rawson: Penn State — My sadness continues to mount with College Football, much like Penn State up the rankings.

Brummond: Penn State — They can compare notes on how bad Iowa’s offense has been in October.

No. 13 Utah vs. No. 17 Arizona State

Ruden: Utah — Time for the Utes to celebrate at the Utah bars with their 2-percent beer.

Kayser: Utah — What exactly is a Ute?

Read: Arizona State — “You play to win the game.” – Herm Edwards

Mills: Utah — UTES.

Rohden: Arizona State — I ain’t betting against the Devil, no freaking way.

Rawson: Utah — I almost went to Arizona State, but here I am. Roll Utes.

Brummond: Utah — I’m told Utah is the Iowa of the Pac-12. Works for me.

Hawaii vs. Air Force

Ruden: Hawaii — The Air Force battling the Rainbow Warriors sounds like something you read in a history book.

Kayser: Air Force — I’m convinced Pete threw this in here to throw us all off.

Read: Air Force — Flyovers at Air Force games must be insane.

Mills: Hawaii — Good thing Air Force has planes. It had to get to Aloha Stadium somehow.

Rohden: Air Force — It feels wrong picking against a team with a mascot that’s a rainbow warrior.

Rawson: Hawaii — Colt Brennan. Don’t tell me he doesn’t play there anymore.

Brummond: Hawaii — I’ve never been to Hawaii or the Air Force.

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