Guest Opinion: Janice Weiner is the best fit for Iowa City City Council

An Iowa City high school student endorses Janice Weiner for the upcoming city-council election.


City Council candidates Laura Bergus (left), Janice Weiner (center) and Megan Alter speak with potential supports at the UISG City Council Forum on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019. Bergus, Weiner, and Alter are running for two at-large City Council seats.

Janice Weiner has been — and is — many things. A public servant. An Iowa City native. A diplomat. A mother and grandmother. And now, she wants to be one of our city councilors at-large. I’m supporting Janice for many reasons, including the many different roles she has played, which have qualified her immensely for this one.

But I’m also supporting Weiner because I know she is the rare combination of a brilliant thinker and a considerate listener. Despite, or perhaps because of, her immense experience, she is inclusive and thoughtful, taking everyone’s needs and opinions into account. She is constantly looking for ways to help others and improve our city. She is looking to the future and making crucial issues, like climate change, her top priorities. As a diverse, growing city, we need these qualities in a city councilor.

I am 17 years old, and I am afraid for the future of our world. Devastating climate predictions haunt young people’s lives all over the planet. Our city council recently declared a climate emergency. This is a step in the right direction, but now we need a leader who will fight for local solutions to climate change while also finding innovative ways to support local families and businesses. We need someone who is the rare combination of a brilliant thinker and a considerate listener. We need someone like Weiner.

I’m not old enough to vote in this city council election, but I urge anyone who can to vote for Janice Weiner for an at-large seat on or before Nov. 5. Help Weiner safeguard our future. Our city — and our world — need her.

— Mira Kumar, Iowa City High School student

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